The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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YUKONDOC below the Soo Locks 
Image  1927  ...YUKONDOC, seen below the Soo Locks in this 1927 Young photo, is obviously in some sort of trouble, as shown by her deep draft and the derrick scow alongside....
JASMINE preparing to leave Centre Island dock 
Image  1927  ...JASMINE, showing her years, is seen preparing to leave Centre Island dock in 1927. Toronto Transportation Commission photo....
Aground on Ile Parisienne 12/10/27 
Image  10 Dec 1927  Photographed four days after her stranding, the ice-shrouded wreck of LAMBTON rests on Ile Parisienne. Aground on Ile Parisienne 12/10/27
WM. F. FITCH in Spring ice above the Soo locks. 
Image  1927  ...The date is 1927 and the camera of A. E. Young has caught WM. F. FITCH pushing her way through Spring ice above the Soo locks....
EDWARD E. LOOMIS downbound at Little Rapids 
Image  1927  ...The camera of A. E. Young caught EDWARD E. LOOMIS downbound at Little Rapids in 1927, seven years before the collision that was the undoing of both herself and W. C. FRANZ....
MACASSA at the foot of Yonge Street, Toronto 
Image  1927  ...MACASSA prepares to land at the foot of Yonge Street, Toronto. Photo appears to date from 1927, her last year of Lake Ontario service....
Image  late 1920s  Photograph of KIPAWA showing her downbound in the Galops Canal.
Image    Photograph of MAPLEHILL at Little Rapids Cut after her upper pilothouse and cargo booms had been added.
Image    ...ALTADOC was wrecked on Keeweenaw Point in December 1927....
Clark Bros. 
Image    Photograph of the Toronto Ferry Company ferry CLARK BROS. taken from the deck of the DALHOUSIE CITY.
"The Honeymoon Channel" Honey Harbor Geo. Bay 
Image  c1921-1933  Real photo postcard of the MIDLAND CITY running into the Honeymoon Channel and Honey Harbor "The Honeymoon Channel" Honey Harbor Geo. Bay" "J. W. Bald Series Midland" Reverse: "J. W. B."
Oswego Palladium-Times (Oswego, NY), Tuesday, March 8, 1927 
TextNewspapers    *Oswego ship chandler.
New York Times, March 8, 1927 
TextNewspapers    BELIEVED TO BE DEAD, STARTED LIFE ANEW ______ Canadian Reported Drowned on Sinking Ship Lived 10 years Thereafter in Oklahoma. ______ BELLEVILLE, Ontario, March 7 (AP). - A letter received today notified relatives of Captain John Wesley Smith that their kinsman was not drowned ten years ...
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY), April 10, 1927 
TextNewspapers    *Other accounts state the vessel left from Oswego. #Records show the vessel, built at Muskegon, Mich. in 1882, was 205 net tons. The passenger steamer "City of Dresden (C. 126197) Built at Walkerville, Ont. , 1872, 193 tons, 93x23x9 wrecked near Port Rowan, Ont. , Lake Erie, Nov. 18, 1922.
Daily Palladium (Oswego, NY), Wed. , April 13, 1927 
TextNewspapers    Old Sailors of Ciscoe Chasers - Four of Them Are Making Home at Henderson ________ Of the old seamen who sailed the Great Lakes when the Ciscoe Chasers plied a brisk trade, only a few are left, says the Watertown Times. Four old sailors, all of them past 80, are still living hale and hearty...
Oswego Palladium-Times (Oswego, NY), May 28,  1927 
TextNewspapers    Daryaw Steals Into Port Like Ghost of Past ______ Rochester Writer Sees Schooner In Light of Fading Romance ______ Close hauled it seemed on a wind of dream to those few who were fortunate enough to see her, the old lake windjammer, Mary A. Daryaw, two-master, 125-foot topsail schooner, ...
Oswego Palladium-Times (Oswego, NY), Oct.  19, 1927 
TextNewspapers    Built as Kewaunee , US14065, Port Huron, Mich. , 1866 by J. P. Arnold, last name April, 1921 when purchased by Daryaw brothers of Kingston.)
Intelligencer (Belleville, ON), Monday, March 7, 1927 
TextNewspapers    TEN YEAR OLD MYSTERY OF WRECK EXPECTED TO BE CLEARED UP NOW ______ Captain Smith of " George E. Marsh " Reported Drowned _____ BODY NOT FOUND _____ Son Thinks That His Father Has Just Died in Oklahoma _____ The ten-year-old mystery of the disappearance of Captain John W. Smith of...
Daily Intelligencer (Belleville, ON), Tues., March 15, 1927 
TextNewspapers    Saw Capt. Smith after The Wreck _______ Mrs. Luscomb Recognized Him in Toronto But He Avoided Her _______ "It is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard and it is easy to understand that it came from some one not responsible." Mrs. Keegan , 29 Wharf Street, a cousin of the late...
Intelligencer (Belleville, ON), Friday, March 18, 1927 
TextNewspapers    There Were No Identification Marks On Smith _____ Relatives and Friends Discount Stores of Search For Treasure _____ Since the arrival of the post mortem photograph of John Smith of Harrah , no personal belongings or other marks of identification have been received by relatives or...

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