The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Baltic (Steamboat), 12 Dec 1846 
TextNewspapers  1846  launch, Buffalo
Baltic (Steamboat), 17 Jun 1847 
TextNewspapers  1847  new boat
On Board Steamer Baltic, Number III 
NewspapersText  "On Board Steamer Baltic, Number III," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 5 Jul 1847, p. 2  One of a series of letters from the Courier's editor while on a trip from Buffalo to Chicago to attend the Harbor and River Improvements convention there.
On Board Steamer "Baltic" 
NewspapersText  "On Board Steamer "Baltic"," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 14 Jul 1847, p. 2 
On Board Seamer Baltic, Number V 
NewspapersText  "On Board Seamer Baltic, Number V," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 8 Jul 1847, p. 2 
On Board Steamer "Baltic", Number VII 
NewspapersText  "On Board Steamer "Baltic", Number VII," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 9 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Baltic (Steamboat), 1 Apr 1848 
TextNewspapers  1848  new engine &c.
Baltic (Steamboat), 13 Aug 1849 
TextNewspapers  1849  pleasure excursion
Baltic (Steamboat), 31 Mar 1849 
TextNewspapers  1849  line and officers for sea
Baltic (Steamboat), sunk, 31 Jul 1850 
TextNewspapers  1850  Reason: sunk
Baltic (Steamboat), aground, 6 Jun 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  Reason: aground Remarks: Got off
Baltic (Steamboat), damaged cargo &c., 7 Dec 1852 
TextNewspapers  1852  Reason: damaged cargo &c. Lives: nil Remarks: Repaired
Baltic (Steamboat), 1 Dec 1853 
TextNewspapers  1853  to become a propeller
Baltic (Steamboat), broke wheel, 1 Jun 1853 
TextNewspapers  1853  Reason: broke wheel Lives: nil Remarks: Repaired
Baltic (Steamboat), 1 Jul 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  ex Side/prop.
Screw propellers 
TextNewspapers  "Screw propellers," The Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review (New York, NY: Griffiths & Bates, 1855), March 1855, pp. 407-11  SCREW PROPELLERS. It has been contended for a considerable time by engineers, that the submerged propeller, as a mode of propulsion, was not the best adapted to the higher rates of speed in navigation, and that whatever might be the form, whether that of the regular, that of the ...
Whittaker's Substitution of Side Screw for the Paddle-wheel 
TextNewspapers  "Whittaker's Substitution of Side Screw for the Paddle-wheel," The Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review (New York, NY: Griffiths & Bates, 1855), April 1855, pp. 53-54  WHITTAKER'S SUBSTITUTION OF SIDE SCREW FOR THE PADDLE-WHEEL The entire success of the steamer Baltic since the removal of the side paddle-wheels, and the substitution of screws, having more fully come within our reach since our last issue, we propose to furnish the facts relative to her ...
Baltic (Steamboat), broke her wheel, 1 Apr 1861 
TextNewspapers  1861  Reason: broke her wheel Lives: nil Hull damage: $300 Remarks: Repaired
Baltic (Steamboat), aground, 1 Sep 1861 
TextNewspapers  1861  Reason: aground Lives: nil Hull damage: $75 Remarks: Got off
Baltic (Steamboat), 17 Oct 1864 
TextNewspapers  1864  converted to barge

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