The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Image  c1920s  This very rare photo, taken by a member of the Russell family shows JOSEPH L. RUSSELL at Oswego in the mid-Twenties. At left is the Erie Canal steam barge "M. G. PHELPS". Courtesy of Capt. John Leonard
TURRET CAPE unloads flour at Pier 4, Toronto 
Image  c1936  TURRET CAPE, during her short career as a barge, unloads flour at Pier 4, Toronto. Photo, probably taken in 1936, illustrates shape of a turret's harbour deck.
Clark Bros. burning off Sunnyside Park. 
Image    Photograph of the TTC ferry CLARK BROS. burns off Sunnyside Park. At left is the fireworks barge.
The Wharves, Montreal, Canada 
Image  1915  Stereoview of Montreal Harbour 10625- The Wharves, Montreal Canada; Lat. 45 N; Long. 74 W; Montreal is the great commercial center of the Dominion of Canada. It is situated on the north side of the St. Lawrence River and is 625 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the leading port for the...
Kingston City, Modern Elevator in foreground 
Image  c 1907  Black and white postcard of the Kingston waterfront featuring a concrete grain elevator. Clustered around the elevator and the neighbouring wharf are schooners, barges, tugs and a larger freighter. At the head of the wharf a barge is either under construction or being repaired. A barge is being...
One Million Bushel Grain Elevator, Windmill Point, Montreal 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of the industrial portion of Montreal near the bottom of the Lachine Canal featuring the Grand Trunk grain elevator, a long line of railway cars. Lumber is piled along the wharf below the lock. A number of barges, some filled with coal or dredgin spoil lie in the lower right of...
Montreal Harbor looking East, Montreal, Can. 
Image    Coloured postcard showing a crowded Montreal harbour. Two ocean-going vessels, probably of the Allan Line lie on the further side of the basin. Four or five steamboats and unpowered barges are tied up abreast. One is the CONDOR. Coloured postcard. Divided back "Montreal Harbor looking East,...
Moonlight on the Harbour, Port Hope, Canada 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of a moolit Port Hope harbour. One of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats is heavily lit up on the outside of the pier. A tugboat and barge (possibly carrying coal or dredge spoil is inside the pier. A third vessel, possibly a dredge is to the lower left. The...
Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, N.Y. 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of a busy harbour scene in Buffalo, New York in the early 1890s. The postcard probably dates from a decade later. In the foreground on the left hand side is the WILLIAM H. BARNUM of Buffalo which sank off Mackinaw City in the spring of 1894. At least eight other vessels are in...
[Oswego] Harbor from Upper Bridge 
Image  c1870  Stereoview of the Oswego harbour from the upper bridge. In the centre of the harbour is a two masted schooner. The sail of another schooner is hanging to dry beyond the railroad trestle. There are a number of barges along the far side of the harbour. E. H. T. Anthony & Co., 591 Broadway, New...
The steam barge D.R. VAN ALLEN 
Image  c 1873  Photograph of the steam barge D.R. VAN ALLEN probably at Oswego Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Port Hope from the Lighthouse 
Image  c 1905  Black and white postcard of Port Hope harbour. One of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats is heavily lit up on the outside of the pier. A tugboat and barge (possibly carrying coal or dredge spoil is inside the pier. A third vessel is the government dredge NIPISSING. The original...
Mouth of the Erie Canal, Buffalo, New York 
Image  c 1916  Stereoview of Buffalo harbour and the western terminus of the Erie Canal. A wide array of barrels is various conditions dominates the foreground. Wooden and steel lakers stand by the grain elevators. A boom loads barrels into an Erie canal barge. 48 6835 -- Mouth of Erie Canal, Buffalo, N....
Vessel in Lock Erie Canal, Buffalo, N. Y. 
ImageComments  c1890  Stereoview of a two masted schooner and tugboat in Buffalo harbour and the western terminus of the Erie Canal. "331. Vessel in Lock, Erie Canal, Buffalo, N. Y." "Union View Co, Publishers, Rochester, N. Y." "Buffalo, N. Y."
[1000 Islands] 
Image  1912  Panoramic photograph of the Thousand Island. A number of steam yachts can be seen to the left. A tug tows a barge down river.
Steel Canal Boats on Erie Canal 
Image  1899  Steel Canal Barges and tow on Erie Canal Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great Lakes. Volume I, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1899
Scene at the American Canal 
Image  1899  Three tugs raising the water in the lock, by the working of their wheels, to lift a barge too deeply loaded. Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great Lakes. Volume I, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1899
Freighters in Welland Ship Canal, Ontario 
ImageMysteries  c 1930  Postcard of three large freighters tied up in the Welland Canal. A fourth freighter can be seen in the middle distance. In the foreground is a Canadian Dredge & Dock tug and barge. First freighter in line Paterson's FORT WILLDOC and the following two have Misener/Colonial steamship stacks....
Mary I. Robertson 
ImageMysteries    Black and white photograph of the tug MARY I. ROBERTSON, with a scow and sawmill in the background From William Lafferty: Mary I. Robertson 131187. Single screw wooden steam tug built 1914 at Glen Ross, Ontario, by Fred A. Robertson & Co. for Fred Ashton Robertson ("contractor") and Paul Joseph...
Oswego grain elevators 
ImageMysteries  c 1865 -1880  Black and white stereoview of Oswego harbour featuring, from left to right, the Continental Elevator, C. Ames & Co.'s Reciprocity Elevator, and Howlett Gardner & Co.'s Lake Ontario Mills. Two unidentified two-masted schooners lie unloading into the elevators. The hull of a third vessel, possibly...

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