The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 19 May 1857 
TextNewspapers  1857  new vessel
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), collision, 1 Jul 1857 
TextNewspapers  1857  Reason: collision Lives: nil
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), aground, 1 May 1858 
TextNewspapers  1858  Reason: aground Remarks: Got off
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 15 Sep 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  vessel sale
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 14 Sep 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  new owners
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), struck Pier, 24 Nov 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  Reason: struck Pier Lives: nil Hull damage: $7,500 Cargo: $9.500 Freight: copper & iron Remarks: Repaired
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 16 Apr 1861 
TextNewspapers  1861  repaired
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), broke machinery, 1 Sep 1862 
TextNewspapers  1862  Reason: broke machinery Lives: nil Hull damage: $250
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), collision, 1 Oct 1862 
TextNewspapers  1862  Reason: collision Lives: nil Hull damage: $1,500
From Ontonagon 
NewspapersText  "From Ontonagon," Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH), 16 Jun 1862, p. 3 
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 23 Dec 1866 
TextNewspapers  1866  open port of Cleveland
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), broke her wheel, 1 May 1866 
TextNewspapers  1866  Reason: broke her wheel Hull damage: $800 Remarks: Repaired
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), lost her wheel, 1 Oct 1866 
TextNewspapers  1866  Reason: lost her wheel Hull damage: $1,000 Remarks: Repaired
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 2 May 1867 
TextNewspapers  1867  made lumber vessel &c.
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 2 May 1871 
TextNewspapers  1871  first through Sault 1862
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 15 May 1881 
TextNewspapers  1881  officers
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), collision, 1 May 1883 
TextNewspapers  1883  Reason: collision Remarks: Damage slight
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), U126333, 9 Sep 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  launch, Wyandotte
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), U125808, 24 Feb 1885 
TextNewspapers  1885  renamed CITY OF ALPENA
City of Cleveland (Steamboat), 7 Jan 1892 
TextNewspapers  1892  new lighting plant
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