The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Clark Bros. at Ward's Island dock 
Image    Photograph of the TTC ferry CLARK BROS. at the wharf at Ward's Island. Captain McSherry is second from the left on the upper deck.
Moonlight on the Harbour, Port Hope, Canada 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of a moolit Port Hope harbour. One of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats is heavily lit up on the outside of the pier. A tugboat and barge (possibly carrying coal or dredge spoil is inside the pier. A third vessel, possibly a dredge is to the lower left. The...
Port Hope from the Lighthouse 
Image  c 1905  Black and white postcard of Port Hope harbour. One of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats is heavily lit up on the outside of the pier. A tugboat and barge (possibly carrying coal or dredge spoil is inside the pier. A third vessel is the government dredge NIPISSING. The original...
A View of Duluth, Minnesota; looking landward; taken December, 1870 
Image  1870  Panoramic photograph of the Duluth, MN waterfront with a schooner and what appears to be a dredge. A map of the head of Lake Superior
Steel Barge No. 103 
Image  1899  Photograph of the American Steel Barge Company whaleback barge no. 103 Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great Lakes. Volume I, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1899 Later the JOHN SCOTT RUSSELL (1896 - 1905) and BERKSHIRE (1905 - 1909) Steel Barge No. 103
The Inner Harbor Collingwood 
ImageComments  c1910  Lithographed black and white postcard of the Collingwood, ON harbour. In the foreground is a dredge with a sign "Dalton McCarthy" on its side. Its scow lies just of the stern. Against the pier is a two masted schooner and ahead of it a wooden-hulled freighter. The pier appears to be heaped with...
Midland Elevators 
ImageMysteries  c1890  Black and white photograph of the harbour in Midland, ON featuring the grain elevator. Several railroad cars sit at the base of the elevator. Another set of railroad cars lies along the main wharf behind stacks of lumber. The Midland elevator was built in 1881 and burned on 24 April 1904...
Harbor, Pt Burwell, Ont. 
Image  c1906-18  Real photo postcard of Port Burwell harbour with a fair amount of activity. A number of fish nets are drying along Otter Creek, and fishing shacks and a tug. A second tug lies alongside a dredge. Beyond that the coal ferry ASHTABULA is unloading railroad cars
Shipyard, Chautier de Sorel, Que 
Image  c1910  Real photo postcard of the shipyard in Sorel, QU complete with dredges and tugs. In the middle distance is one of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation steamboats in winter quarters (or there for repair) "Shipyard, Chautier de Sorel, Que"
Algonac (Dredge), U116025, 1914 
TextNewspapers  1914  ex SYRACUSE, LAKEWOOD, K.V. SCHWARTZ,
Manley & Co. No. 1 (Dredge), C137967, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex Dredge No. 4
P. W. D. No. 109 (Dredge), C131123, 1912 
TextNewspapers  1912  ex INDUSTRY
P. W. D. No. 117 (Dredge), C112186, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex SIR WILFRED
Sydenham (Dredge), C126052, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex THE MAIN
Dredge No. 1 (Dredge), C107369, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex DANIEL LAMB,
Dredge No. 2 (Dredge), C122214, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex CITY DREDGE No. 2.
Dredge No. 3 (Dredge), C125978, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex CITY DREDGE No. 3
Wingfield (Dredge), C122552, 1920 
TextNewspapers  1920  ex Dredge No. 1
Dredge No. 109 (Dredge), C131123, 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  ex INDUSTRY
David L. Gillespie (Dredge), U163381, 1915 
TextNewspapers  1915  ex ZANCLE

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