The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Excelsior (Schooner), 14 Apr 1847 
TextNewspapers  1847  launch, Milan
Excelsior (Schooner), aground, 1 Jul 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  Reason: aground Lives: nil
Excelsior (Schooner), leak, 1 Nov 1855 
TextNewspapers  1855  Reason: leak Lives: nil Hull damage: $300 Cargo: $700 Freight: wheat
Excelsior (Schooner), sunk, 5 Dec 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  Reason: sunk Lives: nil Freight: railroad iron Remarks: Raised
Excelsior (Schooner), sunk by collision, 23 May 1853 
TextNewspapers  1853  Reason: sunk by collision Lives: nil Hull damage: $3,000 Cargo: included Freight: coal Remarks: Raised
Excelsior (Schooner), aground, 1 May 1856 
TextNewspapers  1856  Reason: aground Lives: nil Hull damage: $100 Cargo: $100 Freight: wheat Remarks: Got off
Excelsior (Schooner), aground, 1 Nov 1862 
TextNewspapers  1862  Reason: aground Lives: nil Hull damage: $1,500 Remarks: Total loss
Excelsior (Schooner), broke jibboom, 1 Jun 1871 
TextNewspapers  1871  Reason: broke jibboom Lives: nil
Excelsior (Schooner), U7350, sunk, 15 Oct 1871 
TextNewspapers  1871  Reason: sunk Lives: 8 Freight: wheat Remarks: Total loss
Excelsior (Schooner), collision, 1 Apr 1869 
TextNewspapers  1869  Reason: collision
Excelsior (Schooner), collision, 1 May 1869 
TextNewspapers  1869  Reason: collision Remarks: Damaged
Excelsior (Schooner), aground, 1 Nov 1869 
TextNewspapers  1869  Reason: aground Freight: coal Remarks: Total loss
Excelsior (Schooner), freshet, 12 Mar 1849 
TextNewspapers  1849  Reason: freshet Hull damage: $1,500 Remarks: Repaired ?
Excelsior (Schooner), gale damage, 1 Nov 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  Reason: gale damage Lives: nil Freight: wheat Remarks: Repaired
Excelsior (Schooner), aground, 1 Nov 1861 
TextNewspapers  1861  Reason: aground Freight: lumber Remarks: Total loss
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