The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Ice Hills on the Pier, Oswego, N. Y. 
Image  22 Mar 1856,   Woodcut engraving of the port of Oswego in the winter of 1856. From the linked article: "In this sketch, a part of Fort Ontario is seen in the distance. At the right hand is a monster store-house, capable of containing two hundred and fifty thousand bushels of wheat, besides twenty-five hundred...
ROBERT P. DURHAM at Toronto Elevators 
Image  c1936  ROBERT P. DURHAM is seen at Toronto Elevators about 1936.
SILVERBAY at Victory Soya Mills, Toronto 
Image  1 Apr 1975  While unloading at Victory Soya Mills, SILVERBAY became JUDITH M. PIERSON, April 1st, 1975.
ALGOMA at the C.P.R. elevator, Owen Sound 
Image  1883-85  This rare Esson photo shows ALGOMA at the C.P.R. elevator, Owen Sound, and illustrates the original appearance of the ship and her two sisters. courtesy R. T. McCannell
INDIA unloads grain at Montreal 
Image  1921  INDIA unloads grain at a Montreal elevator. The date would be about 1921.
C. S. BAND in Goderich harbour 
Image  1 Nov 1962  C. S. BAND is shown in Goderich harbour, canted to starboard for work on her bottom, in this November 1, 1962 photo
W. D. Mathews 
Image    Photograph of the W. D. MATTHEWS unloading at the Town House elevator in Midland, ON
Image  c1907-1910  Postcard of the old Grand Trunk Railway grain elevator at Port Colborne, ON with ROSEDALE alongside. "Grand Trunk Elevator, Port Colborne, Ont."
W. C. Franz at Toronto Elevators 
Image    Photograph of W. C. FRANZ unloading at Toronto Elevators just over two months before her loss.
W. C. Franz at Toronto Elevators 
Image    Photograph of W. C. FRANZ unloading at Toronto Elevators just over two months before her loss taken from the elevator.
Edward E. Loomis in lay up 
Image    Photograph of EDWARD E. LOOMIS laid up in the Buffalo City Ship Canal showing damage from her collision with the W. C. FRANZ.
Image  early 1930s  Photograph of BENMAPLE unloading at Toronto Elevators.
Ralph Budd at Toronto Elevators 
Image    Photograph of RALPH BUDD in Upper Lakes & St. Lawrence colours at Toronto Elevators.
In the Harbor, Collingwood, Canada 
ImageCommentsMysteries    Coloured postcard of Collingwood harbour with four steamboats in port Divided back. Postmarked "Port Arthur, 22 Sep 1911 10:30 pm" "In the Harbor, Collingwood, Canada" Reverse: " Published by Stedman Bros., Brantford, Canada. Made in Germany 655"
Largest passenger steamber in Canada, "Hamonic" built at Collingwood, Ont. 
Image  1908  Coloured postcard of the launch of the Northern Navigation Company steamboat HAMONIC, launched 26 Nov. 1908 at Collingwood Shipyards Limited in Collingwood, Ontario. The Collingwood grain elevator is at the end of the pier. Divided Back; Postally unused "Largest passenger steamber in Canada,...
Kingston City, Modern Elevator in foreground 
Image  c 1907  Black and white postcard of the Kingston waterfront featuring a concrete grain elevator. Clustered around the elevator and the neighbouring wharf are schooners, barges, tugs and a larger freighter. At the head of the wharf a barge is either under construction or being repaired. A barge is being...
One Million Bushel Grain Elevator, Windmill Point, Montreal 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of the industrial portion of Montreal near the bottom of the Lachine Canal featuring the Grand Trunk grain elevator, a long line of railway cars. Lumber is piled along the wharf below the lock. A number of barges, some filled with coal or dredgin spoil lie in the lower right of...
Grain Elevator (Steamer Discharging), Montreal 
Image    Coloured postcard of a steamboat belonging to the Montreal and Lake Superior Line discharging at the Harbour Commissioners No. 1 Grain Elevator in Montreal harbour. Divided Back. Postmarked "Montreal, QUE Sta R., 7 Mar 1912" "Grain Elevator (Steamer Discharging), Montreal" "102,771" Reverse: "The...
Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, N.Y. 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of a busy harbour scene in Buffalo, New York in the early 1890s. The postcard probably dates from a decade later. In the foreground on the left hand side is the WILLIAM H. BARNUM of Buffalo which sank off Mackinaw City in the spring of 1894. At least eight other vessels are in...
The Great Western Railway yards and shops, showng the grain elevator built in 1862 
Image    A photograph of the Hamilton waterfront by the Great Western Railway yards, featuring the grain elevator. To the left of the picture a schooner lies alongside the wharf. Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .

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