The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Steamer Lady Elgin 
Image  1899  Photograph of paddle steamboat LADY ELGIN in Chicago the day before she was wrecked in Lake Michigan Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great Lakes. Volume I, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1899. "Steamer Lady Elgin. Wrecked off Winnetka, September 8, 1860, by collision with...
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 5 Jun 1857 
TextNewspapers  1857  ice passage on
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 13 Nov 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  new vessel
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 10 May 1853 
TextNewspapers  1853  route
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 25 Mar 1859 
TextNewspapers  1859  route
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 8 Dec 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  court trial
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 1 Nov 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  new vessel
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 5 May 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  trouble with elephants ?
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), 2 May 1871 
TextNewspapers  1871  first through Sault 1859
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), collision, 18 May 1852 
TextNewspapers  1852  Reason: collision Lives: nil
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), broke machinery, 1 Oct 1855 
TextNewspapers  1855  Reason: broke machinery Remarks: Repaired
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), sunk, 30 Aug 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  Reason: sunk Lives: nil Freight: passengers, goods Remarks: Raised
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), aground, 24 Oct 1856 
TextNewspapers  1856  Reason: aground Lives: nil Hull damage: $1,300 Cargo: $2,000 Freight: cattle &c. Remarks: Got off
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), aground, 26 Jun 1858 
TextNewspapers  1858  Reason: aground Lives: nil Freight: cattle, goods, &c Remarks: Got off
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), aground, 1 Aug 1858 
TextNewspapers  1858  Reason: aground Lives: nil Remarks: Got off
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), sunk by collision, 8 Sep 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  Reason: sunk by collision Lives: 400 Hull damage: $33,000 Cargo: $8,000 Remarks: Total loss
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), broke machinery, 22 Nov 1859 
TextNewspapers  1859  Reason: broke machinery Lives: nil Remarks: Repaired
Lady Elgin (Steamboat), disabled machinery, 1 Oct 1859 
TextNewspapers  1859  Reason: disabled machinery Lives: nil Remarks: Repaired
Foul Air in a Steamboat's Hold 
TextNewspapers  B., S., Foul Air in a Steamboat's Hold, "Foul Air in a Steamboat's Hold," The Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review (New York, NY: Griffiths & Bates, 1855), November 1854, pp.90-92  For the Nautical Magazine. FOUL AIR IN A STEAMBOAT'S HOLD. Gentlemen : -- I take the liberty of sending you some account of a very remarkable experience which I have just had in the physiologcal eflects of foul air, ‚-- such as may be, and in the ease I shall cite was, engendered in ...

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