The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Falcon (Motor Vessel), U253400, 1848 
TextNewspapers  1848  ex LCVP-C-45880,
Admiral (Motor Vessel), U256323, 1849 
TextNewspapers  1849  ex SC-421, PC431,
Teakglen (Motor vessel) 
TextNewspapers    ex MANTADOC
Mapleglen (Motor vessel), 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ex CAROL LAKE, ALGOCAPE
Annie Belle (Motor Vessel), U107604, 1903 
TextNewspapers  1903  ex ANNIE RUSSEL
Helen C. La Moore (Motor Vessel), U200885, 23 May 1904 
TextNewspapers  1904  launch, Holland, Mich.
Annie Belle (Motor Vessel), U107604, 1906 
TextNewspapers  1906  ex ANNIE RUSSELL
Nancy Alice (Motor Vessel), U81819, 1906 
TextNewspapers  1906  ex WEMCO 11., JUANITA
Josephine Dresden (Motor Vessel), U12756, aground, 27 Nov 1907 
TextNewspapers  1907  Reason: aground Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
North Star (Motor Vessel), U207011, 5 Apr 1910 
TextNewspapers  1910  first voyage
Dolphin (Motor Vessel), U155278, 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  ex sch. OAK LEAF
Evening Star (Motor Vessel), U201984, aground, 13 Nov 1911 
TextNewspapers  1911  Reason: aground Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
May Queen (Motor vessel), U203253, 1912 
TextNewspapers  1912  ex MABEL T.
Agnes (Motor Vessel), U203484, sunk, 7 Oct 1912 
TextNewspapers  1912  Reason: sunk Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
Carrie E. (Motor Vessel), U206454, sunk, 11 Oct 1912 
TextNewspapers  1912  Reason: sunk Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
A. M. p. (Motor Vessel), U208599, fire, 14 Aug 1912 
TextNewspapers  1912  Reason: fire Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
Two Brothers (Motor Vessel), U208773, burnt, 26 Jan 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  Reason: burnt Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
Carlotta (Motor Vessel), U105834, fire, 27 Aug 1913 
TextNewspapers  1913  Reason: fire Lives: nil Remarks: Total loss
B. P. I. (Motor Vessel), U204566, 1914 
TextNewspapers  1914  ex QUARANTINE
Breakers (Motor Vessel), U206678, 1914 
TextNewspapers  1914  ex PHILISTINE, LACY ANN
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30-W-80 (Motor Vessel) (1) A. L. Killaly (Motor Vessel) (1) A. M. p. (Motor Vessel) (1) Abby III (Motor Vessel) (1) Abraham Martin (Motor Vessel) (1) Ace (Motor Vessel) (1) Acid Test (Motor vessel) (1) Acorn Knot (Motor Vessel) (1) Ada II (Motor Vessel) (1) Adale (Motor Vessel) (1) Adco (Motor Vessel) (1) Admiral (Motor Vessel) (2) Admiral Moser (Motor Vessel) (1) Admiral Peary (Motor Vessel) (1) Adroit II (Motor Vessel) (1) Advertiser (Motor Vessel) (1) Agnes (Motor Vessel) (1) Agnes W. (Motor Vessel) (1) Aileen II (Motor Vessel) (1) Air Gannet (Motor Vessel) (1) Air Hawk (Motor Vessel) (1) Albatross (Motor Vessel) (2) Albert (Motor Vessel) (1) Alchawa (Motor Vessel) (1) Alcibiades (Motor Vessel) (1) Alcoma (Motor Vessel) (1) Alden Barnes Fiertz (Motor Vessel) (1) Alert (Motor Vessel) (1) Alew (Motor Vessel) (1) Alexis (Motor Vessel) (1) Alice B. (Motor Vessel) (1) Alice J. (Motor Vessel) (1) Alice L. (Motor Vessel) (2) Alice Pratt (Motor Vessel) (1) Aliis (Motor Vessel) (1) Alkaliner (Motor Vessel) (1) Allen (Motor vessel) (1) Allsports (Motor Vessel) (1) Alondra II (Motor Vessel) (1) Alquette (Motor Vessel) (1) Alta (Motor Vessel) (3) Althea II (Motor vessel) (1) Alton Zephyr (Motor Vessel) (1) Amata (Motor vessel) (1) American Edith II (Motor Vessel) (1) Ameriship (Motor Vessel) (1) Anabelle (Motor Vessel) (1) Andrew M. Barnes (Motor Vessel) (1) Andy N. (Motor Vessel) (1) Angela Mia (Motor Vessel) (1) Anna Mae (Motor Vessel) (2) Annie Belle (Motor Vessel) (2) Arabella (Motor Vessel) (2) B. H. Becker (Motor Vessel) (2) Badger State (Motor Vessel) (2) Belle II (Motor Vessel) (2) Brenton (Motor Vessel) (2) Britamette (Motor vessel) (2) Brown Derby (Motor Vessel) (2) Colonial (Motor Vessel) (2) Comet (Motor Vessel) (6) Cormorant (Motor Vessel) (2) Dolphin (Motor Vessel) (2) Donarvie II (Motor Vessel) (2) Donna Marie (Motor Vessel) (2) Eva (Motor Vessel) (2) Falcon (Motor Vessel) (4) Florence M. (Motor vessel) (2) Flying Dutchman (Motor Vessel) (2) Flying Fish (Motor Vessel) (2) Gail (Motor Vessel) (2) Helen B. (Motor vessel) (2) Hiawatha (Motor Vessel) (2) Hoosier State (Motor Vessel) (2) Idler (Motor Vessel) (2) Island Queen (Motor Vessel) (2) Jean (Motor Vessel) (2) Lake of Isles (Motor Vessel) (2) Leilani (Motor Vessel) (2) Liberty (Motor Vessel) (3) Lillian Dorn (Motor Vessel) (3) Mapleglen (Motor Vessel) (2) Marilyn (Motor Vessel) (2) Mohawk (Motor Vessel) (2) Motor Vessels (1097) Norman P. Clement (Motor Vessel) (2) Pathfinder (Motor Vessel) (2) Pioneer (Motor Vessel) (2) Sabalo (Motor Vessel) (2) Sagamore (Motor Vessel) (2) South Shore (Motor Vessel) (2) Sunbeam (Motor Vessel) (2) Teakglen (Motor Vessel) (2) Tom Helen (Motor Vessel) (2) Uncle Sam II (Motor Vessel) (2) Victory (Motor Vessel) (2) Voyageur (Motor Vessel) (2) William M. Hatch (Motor Vessel) (2) Wolverine (Motor Vessel) (2) Wood Island (Motor Vessel) (2)
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