The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Northerner (Steamboat), 11 Oct 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  getting new type of wheel
Northerner (Steamboat), 1 Feb 1849 
TextNewspapers  1849  launch
Northerner (Steamboat), 15 Mar 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  launch
Northerner (Steamboat), 1853 
TextNewspapers  1853  portaged to lake Superior
Northerner (Steamboat), collision, 1 May 1855 
TextNewspapers  1855  Reason: collision Lives: nil Remarks: damage slight
Northerner (Steamboat), collision, 7 May 1852 
TextNewspapers  1852  Reason: collision Lives: nil
Northerner (Steamboat), collision, 9 May 1852 
TextNewspapers  1852  Reason: collision Lives: nil
Northerner (Steamboat), broke machinery, 1 Aug 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  Reason: broke machinery Lives: nil
Northerner (Steamboat), collision, 25 Nov 1854 
TextNewspapers  1854  Reason: collision Lives: nil Hull damage: $200 Remarks: Repaired
Northerner (Steamboat), sunk by collision, 21 Apr 1856 
TextNewspapers  1856  Reason: sunk by collision Lives: 1 Hull damage: $20,00 Cargo: $3,000 Remarks: Total loss
Northerner (Steamboat), overboard, 3 Nov 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  Reason: overboard Lives: 1
Northerner (Steamboat), collision, 19 May 1851 
TextNewspapers  1851  Reason: collision Remarks: Repaired
Northerner (Steamboat), broke shaft, 29 Aug 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  Reason: broke shaft Lives: nil Remarks: Repaired
Oswego, N. Y. 
Image  c1855,   Hand coloured Bird's eye view of Oswego, New York showing the mouth of the Oswego River at Lake Ontario. Oswego, N.Y. Published by Smith Brothers & Co., 225 Fulton St. N.Y. Lewis Bradley Del On stone by D. W. Moody
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