The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Muster Table for the Royal Navy's Establishment on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 
Text  Malcomson, Tom, "Muster Table for the Royal Navy's Establishment on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Apr 1999, 41-67  In response to the pleas of Governor General George Prevost, in the spring of 1813 the Admiralty sent Commodore James Lucas Yeo and 447 men of the Royal Navy to the inland seas of North America. The war between Britain and the United States had entered its first full year with both sides cognizant...
Sailors as Entrepreneurs in a Great Lakes Maritime Village 
Text  Neuschel, Fred, "Sailors as Entrepreneurs in a Great Lakes Maritime Village," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Jan 1998, 65-82  Those with an interest in the maritime history of the Great Lakes may well agree that while stories abound, historical writings are more scarce. Shipwrecks have been documented extensively, but the question of what sailors were doing when not caught up in catastrophes remains largely unanswered....
The Pilot of La Salle's Griffon 
Text  Calnan, Joe, "The Pilot of La Salle's Griffon," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Jul 2013, 213-238  The French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle (1643-1687) had a small rigged sailing coaster built in 1679 to travel between the Niagara River and Lake Michigan. La Salle hired a qualified and experienced pilot to conduct the vessel on these waters, but within nine months of starting on the...
Large Iron Ore Boat Coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Image  1923  Stereoview of laker WORRELL CLARKSON passing the Soo locks. Laker built in 1923 at Toledo, Ohio by Toledo Shipbuilding Company for Kinsman Transit Company. Later the ERNEST T. WEIR (1936) and GEORGE R. FINK(1952) 154-16731 Large Iron Ore Boat coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan ...
Loading the Great Whaleback Ship at the Famous Grain Elevators, Chicago 
Image  1895  Stereoview of the whaleback steamer An earlier version of this view exists that co-incides with the Columbian Exposition at Chicago and is copyright 1893. A later version of this view was published by Underwood and Underwood. "Loading the Great Whaleback Ship at the Famous Grain Elevators,...
Electric unloader lifting 5 tons of iron ore from vessel's hold to docks, Cleveland, Ohio 
Image  c1910  Stereoview of three crew watching the unloading of iron ore from the Pittsburgh Steamship Company laker WILLIAM R. LINN in Cleveland Ohio. Parts of the hatch covers lie on the deck between the hatch openings. The crew in this picture are the same as in another of Underwood & Underwood's...
Unloading iron ore from lake vessels -- old and new methods -- Cleveland, O. 
Image  c1910  Across the river the 436 foot long Pittsburgh Steamship Company steam barge MANILA is being unloaded by the "new" method. On the near side the 204 foot schooner ZAPOTEC is being unloaded by a small clamshell is being handled by a single man as the railway ore is being filled. A second schooner...
Unloading an ore-steamer at Cleveland, O. -- lowering a 5-ton electric clam into the hold 
ImageComments  c1910  Unloading Pittsburgh Steamship Company lake, WILLIAM R. LINN at Cleveland using a five ton clamshell. A number of sailors wait, by sitting on the hatch covers. "7963 (a) Unloading an ore-steamer at Cleveland, O. -- lowering a 5-ton electric clam into the hold. Copyright Underwood & Underwood...
Piles of iron-ore between docks of Lake steamers (right) and railways to mills, Conneaut, Ohio 
Image  c1910  Three or four vessels can be seen on one side of the harbour as the rail are manoeuvred under the loaders. "7962 Piles of iron-ore between docks of Lake steamers (right) and railways to mills, Conneaut, Ohio. Copyright Underwood & Underwood U-95935" "Underwood & Underwood, Publishers, New York,...
Vessel in Lock Erie Canal, Buffalo, N. Y. 
ImageComments  c1890  Stereoview of a two masted schooner and tugboat in Buffalo harbour and the western terminus of the Erie Canal. "331. Vessel in Lock, Erie Canal, Buffalo, N. Y." "Union View Co, Publishers, Rochester, N. Y." "Buffalo, N. Y."
ADMIRAL at "Gaspe Bay" 
Image  c1860  Photograph of the Canadian government steamboat ADMIRAL in Gaspé Bay. A series of flags can be seen both forward and aft. Sailors can be seen in both sets of rigging. A brigantine lies against the quay. ADMIRAL was built in 1842 at the Niagara Harbour and Dock Company and operated on Lake...
Crew of Dimmie John 
ImageCommentsMysteries  1925  Black and white photograph of the crew of the fishtug DIMMIE JOHN out of Port Dover around 1925
Niles Weekly Register, Sept. 26, 1812 
TextNewspapers    New-York, Sept. 22 We understand that Isaac Chauncey is appointed to the rank of commodore, and will leave this city on Wednesday for the lakes, with 600 as hearty tars as ever floated, who have volunteered their services in defence of their country. ...
Old Time Hotel is Being Razed 
TextNewspapers  "Old Time Hotel is Being Razed," Oswego Palladium-Times (Oswego, NY), 23 Oct 1941  Old Time Hotel is Being Razed ____ Empire On East First street Once Headquarters for Oswego Sailors. ____ The memories of Oswego oldsters watching workmen raze the Conde storehouse at 82 and 84 East First street are brought back ...
Pinedale crew (right side) 
Image  1973 
Pinedale crew (left side) 
Image  1973 
Pinedale crew (right side) 
Image  1973  Putting to use the lessons learned: View of part of Shipboard Personnel and set-up in connection with Fire and Damage Control Refresher Training.
Pinedale crew (left side) 
Image  1973 
SIR WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN in the Detroit River 
Image  Summer 1938  Kodak photograph of the SIR WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN running up the Detroit River in the summer of 1938. In the photograph are Captain A.C. McLean with his sons Dick (left) and Bill (right). The photographer was the wife of the FAIRBAIRN's captain, A. C. McLean. Dick was later captain of the REISS...
Captain Raoul Lalonde on the Britannic 
Image  1908-1930  Photograph of Captain Raoul Lalonde standing in front of the wheelhouse of the Montreal & Cornwall Navigation Company steamboat BRITANNIC. Two other crew can been seen inside the wheelhouse. Two passengers sit on chairs on the forward promenade deck.

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