The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Town of Mackinac, on Lake Huron, State of Michigan 
Image  20 Sep 1856,   Woodcut engraving of the town and harbour of Mackinac at the entrance to Lake Michigan. The artist has included a paddlewheel steamboat, a propeller, a couple of schooners, smaller saling craft and a canoe. Piles of cordwood can be seen on a wharf in the middle distance. Fort Mackinac can be seen...
Town and Harbor of Mackinac, Michigan 
Image  20 Sep 1856,   Woodcut engraving of the town and harbour of Mackinac at the entrance to Lake Michigan. The artist has included variety of sailing craft and what appears to be a sternwheel steamboat at the middle pier. "Town of Mackinac, on Lake Huron, State of Michigan"
Port of Genessee, on Lake Ontario, N.Y. 
Image  5 Jul 1856  Woodcut engraving of the Port of Genesse, on Lake Ontario, N.Y. from an ambrotype by E. T. Whitney of Rochester. The principal steamboats are, from left to right, the MAPLE LEAF, HIGHLANDER and ONTARIO. The original ambrotype is featured in Gerald T. Girvin, "The Maple Leaf Story Prior to the...
Steamship Eastland and Chicago River 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the EASTLAND steaming out of Chicago past two three-masted schooners and a wooden laker with a grain elevator in the background. Divided Back. Postmarked "Chicago, Ill., 20 Aug. 1907" "Steamship Eastland and Chicago River" Reverse: "The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers,...
River and Shipping, Chicago 
Image  c 1900  Stereoview of propeller and two tugboats, one towing a three-masted schooner, in the Chicago River about 1900. "River and Shipping, Chicago." "Stereoviews of New York City Central Park, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Cleveland,...
River View, Chicago 
Image  c 1900  Stereoview of propeller and two tugboats in the Chicago River about 1900. In the distance is a steamboat with a bishops arch. Another, probably earlier, variation on this view was published by "Gates Bros. Publishers, Chicago" and titled "27 Chicago River, east from La Salle-st." "River View,...
Propeller and Schooner in the canal at Sault Sainte Marie 
Image  c. 1876  Aging cabinet photograph of two vessels, one two-masted schooner and one propeller in the American locks at Sault Sainte Marie. The pilot house on the propeller features a winged bald eagle
Chicago River, Shipping &c. Chicago 
Image  c 1900  Stereoview of at least four tugboats and three schooners in the Chicago River about 1900. Across the river is a grain elevator and a steel swing bridge. "Chicago River, Shipping &c. Chicago" "Picturesque American Popular G Series"
Martello Tower, Kingston Harbor 
ImageComments  c 1890  Mounted black and white photograph of Kingston Harbour from the late nineteenth century. The picture predates the large grain elevators that were a feature of the waterfron by the turn of the century. The one steamboat appears in the company of several schooners moored at wharves to the...
Duluth in 1870 
Image  1870  Panoramic photograph of the Duluth, MN waterfront with a steamboat and schooner moored there.
Propeller Colorado Buffalo Harbor 
Image  c1870  Stereoview of at least six steamboats in the Buffalo, NY harbour including propeller COLORADO. A number of small boats can be seen in the foreground. A two masted schooner is in the background to the right and a mast with squared yards to the left (especially in the right panel.) In the...
View of Oswego harbor 
Image  1890  Photograph of Oswego harbor from the bridge in 1890. A number of schooners can be seen lining the western (left) side of the harbour, along with a couple of tugs. Beside them can be seen the North-western Elevator and a building labelled Lehigh Valley Coal. Timber lines the wharves. In the...
Schooner "Horace Taber" 
Image  c1900  Black and white photograph of schooner "Horace Taber" at the Delaware & Hudson trestle on the east side of the Oswego River in Oswego in the 1900s.
Chicago River 
ImageMysteries  c1870-75  Stereoview of a busy scene on the Chicago River. One of the swing bridges is open to allow the tug to tow the propeller driven steamboat up the river. Schooners line both sides of the river, some with their sails up drying. More masts can be seen in the background, along with the outlines of the...
Kincardine Harbor, Ont. 
ImageCommentsMysteries  c 1907  Black and white postcard of Kincardine harbour. Three schooners lie on the outer pier. A steamer sits inside the harbour while a tug crosses the open harbour. In its wake is a small boat with two occupants. Postmarked Kincardine, ON, 16 Feb 1907 "Kincardine Harbor, Ont." Reverse: "Published by...
Chicago River 
Image  c1871-1880  Stereoview of Chicago River with a wide array of shipping. A schooner is being towed towards the bridge which is beginning to swing open. To the right is the JAPAN and another steamer. American Views
Chicago River E. fr. Clark st. Bridge, open 
Image  c 1885-87  Stereoview of propeller and two tugboats, one towing a three-masted schooner, in the Chicago River about 1900. 485Chicago River E. fr. Clark st. Bridge, open Chicago and Vicinity, New Series Gates Bros. Publishers, Chicago.
Shipping, Chicago, Ill. 
Image  c1868-1880  Two three-masted schooners and a steamboat lie along the banks of the Chicago river. On the near side of the river are a smaller sailing vessel, a ship's boat and a small barge. "579 Shipping, Chicago, Ill." "Webster & Albee, Publishes, Rochester, N.Y. American Scenery."
Rapide Plat canal near Morrisburg 
ImageComments  c 1914,   Real postcard of Canada Starch Company steamboat RALPH T. HOLCOMB towing a two masted schooner, probably the FLORA CARVETH, in the Rapide Plat, with the Rapide Plat canal in the foreground and Morrisburg, ON in the background.
Among the Elevators 
Image  1885,   Engraving of the grain elevators at Buffalo, NY with a schooner under towand a steamboat and barge in the harbour at the entrance to the Erie Canal. Illustration from the article by Jane Meade Welch, "The City Of Buffalo," Harper's Monthly, July 1885, p. 197 Among the Elevators From a photograph...

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