The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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The Wharves, Montreal, Canada 
Image  1915  Stereoview of Montreal Harbour 10625- The Wharves, Montreal Canada; Lat. 45 N; Long. 74 W; Montreal is the great commercial center of the Dominion of Canada. It is situated on the north side of the St. Lawrence River and is 625 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the leading port for the...
Montreal Harbor looking East, Montreal, Can. 
Image    Coloured postcard showing a crowded Montreal harbour. Two ocean-going vessels, probably of the Allan Line lie on the further side of the basin. Four or five steamboats and unpowered barges are tied up abreast. One is the CONDOR. Coloured postcard. Divided back "Montreal Harbor looking East,...
The barkentine ETOWAH at anchor off MacKay's Wharf on her first visit to Hamilton 
Image    The barkentine ETOWAH at anchor off MacKay's Wharf on her first visit to Hamilton. Built in Cleveland the previous year, ETOWAH was newly arrived from Liverpool with a cargo of goods for Montreal, Hamilton, Cleveland and Detroit. She was then going to carry copper from Bruce Mines back to...
Zealand's Wharf, Hamilton 
Image  c 1873  View of Zealand's Wharf, taken from the top of the high bank. At the lower left, a vessel is under construction in A. M. Robertson's Shipyard. Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Perry's Victory 
Image  c1910  Coloured postcard of a reproduction of a painting of Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie Divided back. Postmarked Put-In-Bay, OH "Perry's Victory "We have met the enemy and they are ours" "16922" "Com. Perry transfering his flag. Sept 10, 1813, On Lake Erie. Put-in-Bay, O." Reverse: "Made in Germany....
MV FAIRLANE in Welland Canal 
Image  17 Apr 2005  Photograph of the Dutch Jumboship motor vessel FAIRLINE downbound in the Welland canal approaching Lock 3.
MV CUYAHOGA in Welland Canal 
Image  17 Apr 2005  Photograph of the motor vessel CUYAHOGA downbound in the Welland Canal entering Lock 4 at the bottom of the flight locks
MV ALGOCAPE in the Welland Canal 
Image  17 Apr 2005  The Algoma Central Railway motor vessel ALCOCAPE upbound on the Welland Canal above Lock 7.
MV ALGOCAPE passing the MV NANTICOKE in the Welland Canal 
Image  17 Apr 2005  The Algoma Central Railway motor vessel ALCOCAPE upbound pass the downbound Canada Steamship Lines freighter NANTICOKE on the Welland Canal above Lock 7.
The MV NANTICOKE in the Welland Canal 
Image  17 Apr 2005  The downbound Canada Steamship Lines freighter NANTICOKE on the Welland Canal above Lock 7.
CSL TADOUSSAC in the Welland Canal 
Image  17 Apr 2005  The downbound Canada Steamship Lines freighter TADOUSSAC on the Welland Canal in Lock 8.
OSTKAP entering the Saint Lawrence River 
Image  27 Jun 2005  Digital photograph of the Krey Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG general cargo carrier OSTKAP approaching the Cape Vincent pilot station at the upper entrance to the Saint Lawrence River.
Quebec from Middle of River 
Image  c1860  Stereoview of the former Royal Mail Line steamboat MAGNET lying alongside a second steamboat on the waterfront of Quebec City. The Citadel is visible on the top of the heights. A full-rigged ship lies on her bow. "No. 500 Quebec from Middle of River With the Saguenay Steamer "Magnet."-- Captain...
St. Lawrence River 
ImageMysteries  c1935  Coloured magic lantern slide of a canaller running up the Cornwall canal beside the Long Sault Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. Handwritten: "St. Lawrence River" "Willmot London, Ont."
The 80 Gun Ship New Orleans 
Image  1870s  Stereoview of the aging hull of the USS NEW ORLEANS, built at Sackets Harbor, NY in 1814 but never launched because of the end of the War of 1812. The hull of the NEW ORLEANS finally collapsed in Feb. 1884. Reverse: "The 80 Gun Ship New Orleans Built in 1814, in 27 days at Sackets Harbor,...
Ste. Marie Ship Canal (Instant) 
Image  c1870  Stereoview of three ships in the original Soo lock. A three masted schooner is on the near side. Two chimneys of a steamboat can be seen behind the bowsprit. "No 110 Ste. Marie Ship Canal (Instant)" Photographed by B. F. Childs Gems of Lake Superior Scenery Brubaker & Whitesides, Marquette,...
Superior (Ship), 1838 
TextNewspapers  1838  ex. Steamboat SUPERIOR
Niagara (Ship) 
TextNewspapers    ex ROYAL GEORGE,
Alligator (Ship), 1839 
TextNewspapers  1839  ex Stmr. OSWEGO
New Orleans (Ship), 13 Dec 1886 
TextNewspapers  1886  reminiscene

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