The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Dock Scene, Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands, N. Y. 
ImageMysteries  circa 1907  Postcard showing a series of steamboats and yachts in Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands. A steam yacht lies in the foreground with a set of boxes stacked on the dock next to it. A Sign on the building next to the dock reads "Office of 1000 Island Steamboat [Company] in connection with New...
Victoria Park, Belleville 
Image  c1906  Stereoview of Belleville harbor and the mouth of the Moira River. A steam yacht crosses the harbor while a number of schooners and sailing yachts lie along the wharf on the left side of the image. "Victoria Park, Belleville" "Herlich & Co." "Canadian Scenery" "Ocean to Ocean"
Eugene A. Galvin (Steam yacht), 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ex NINA & EDNA
El Aguila (Steam yacht), U126888, 1898 
TextNewspapers  1898  ex COMANCHE, FROLIC
Lake Survey No. 2. (Steam yacht), Govt., 1903 
TextNewspapers  1903  ex FANNY H.
Surveyor (Steam yacht), U141155, 1903 
TextNewspapers  1903  ex LORAIN L.
Calumet (Steam yacht), U140642, 1884 
TextNewspapers  1884  ex LANCET
Caprice (Steam yacht), U95861, 1892 
TextNewspapers  1892  ex HENRY DOUGLAS
Edith (Steam yacht), U75725, 1886 
TextNewspapers  1886  ex JAKE MILLER, A.T. KERR
Otsego (Steam yacht), U110684, 1889 
TextNewspapers  1889  ex ROCKLAND
Kwasind (Steam yacht), U201153, 1914 
TextNewspapers  1914  ex EDITH, MANZANITA
Cora Bell (Steam yacht), U95779, 1891 
TextNewspapers  1891  ex HOMER E. REEVES
Gossoon (Steam yacht), U3402, 1891 
TextNewspapers  1891  ex BERTIE
Going (Steam yacht), C126919, 1908 
TextNewspapers  1908  ex MAY LILY, GRACE,
Aeolius (Steam yacht), U120730, 1894 
TextNewspapers  1894  ex FLOSS
Argo (Steam yacht), U140328, 1895 
TextNewspapers  1895  ex LEILA
Gryphon (Steam yacht), U130494, 1894 
TextNewspapers  1894  ex No. 12,
Waneka (Steam yacht), U141000, 1894 
TextNewspapers  1894  ex LAURA
Wayward (Steam yacht), U80910, 1894 
TextNewspapers  1894  ex WINIFRED
Fannie H. (Steam yacht), U90777, 1895 
TextNewspapers  1895  ex MAMIE, MAGNA

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A. J. Tymon (Steam yacht) (1) A. J. Wright (Steam yacht) (2) Aburg (Steam yacht) (1) Aeolius (Steam yacht) (1) Aida (Steam yacht) (2) Albert J. Wright (Steam yacht) (6) Alert (Steam yacht) (2) Alex H. Sloan (Steam yacht) (2) Alex Sloan (Steam yacht) (1) Allenton (Steam yacht) (3) Alondra (Steam yacht) (1) Althea (Steam yacht) (1) Alvin (Steam yacht) (1) Amelia (Steam yacht) (1) Angelique (Steam yacht) (1) Anna L. Sloan (Steam yacht) (1) Anna Sloan (Steam yacht) (1) Antelope (Steam yacht) (1) Arcady (Steam yacht) (1) Argo (Steam yacht) (1) Athenia (Steam yacht) (1) Athinai (Steam yacht) (1) Baby (Steam yacht) (1) Bethalama (Steam yacht) (1) Boat & ship industry (1) C. L. Whiting (Steam yacht) (1) Calumet (Steam yacht) (1) Capitola (Steam yacht) (1) Caprice (Steam yacht) (2) Caroline (Steam yacht) (1) Catharine (Steam yacht) (1) Centennial (Steam yacht) (1) Chinook (Steam yacht) (1) Clara A. McIntyre (Steam yacht) (1) Clover (Steam yacht) (1) Colonia (Steam yacht) (1) Condor (Steam yacht) (1) Cora Bell (Steam yacht) (1) Coral (Steam yacht) (1) Cornelia (Steam yacht) (1) Corsair (Steam yacht) (1) Cygnet (Steam yacht) (1) Cynthia (Steam yacht) (1) Daisy (Steam yacht) (1) Daisy Day (Steam yacht) (1) Dallas (Steam yacht) (1) Dime (Steam yacht) (2) Dixie (Steam yacht) (1) Dolphin (Steam yacht) (1) Doris (Steam yacht) (2) E. Sutton (Steam yacht) (1) E. W. Rattray (Steam yacht) (1) Edith (Steam yacht) (2) El Aguila (Steam yacht) (1) Eldorado (Steam yacht) (4) Elva (Steam yacht) (1) Empress (Steam yacht) (1) Enquirer (Steam yacht) (5) Eugene A. Galvin (Steam yacht) (2) Eugene Galvin (Steam yacht) (1) Falcon (Steam yacht) (5) Fannie H. (Steam yacht) (1) Fannie White (Steam yacht) (1) Florence (Steam yacht) (3) Fullerton (Steam yacht) (1) Genesee (Steam yacht) (1) George Jerome (Steam yacht) (1) George Stauber (Steam yacht) (2) Glance (Steam yacht) (3) Going (Steam yacht) (1) Gossoon (Steam yacht) (1) Gov. Morton (Steam yacht) (1) Grace (Steam yacht) (1) Green Bay Transit Company (1) Grey Fox (Steam yacht) (1) Gryphon (Steam yacht) (1) Harbors (1) Hattie T. Brown (Steam yacht) (1) Highland (Steam yacht) (1) Huntress (Steam yacht) (13) Ida (Steam yacht) (1) Ideal (Steam yacht) (1) John R. Fero (Steam yacht) (3) Kittie Ditzel (Steam yacht) (2) Kwasind (Steam yacht) (2) Lizzie Sutton (Steam yacht) (2) Lorelei (Steam yacht) (3) Mary Alice (Steam yacht) (2) Matt Wagner (Steam yacht) (3) Minnie Harris (Steam yacht) (2) Ophir (Steam yacht) (3) Orizaba (Steam yacht) (2) Otsego (Steam yacht) (2) Piers & wharves (2) Rosaline (Steam yacht) (2) Silver King (Steam yacht) (4) Silver Spray (Steam yacht) (2) Steam yachts (262) Trilby (Steam yacht) (2) Wissoe (Steam yacht) (2)
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