The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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The steamboat Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "The steamboat Ontario," Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), Tues., Aug. 18, 1818  The Steamboat Ontario, in going up the lake, encountered a severe gale on Wednesday night and Thursday last: when within three miles of the Niagara river, she was driven back as far as Sodus, but without receiving any damage. A few days previous, a small vessel, which plies as sort of a tender to...
The Storm Last Evening 
TextNewspapers  "The Storm Last Evening," Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), 20 Jun 1850  The Lake Erie Disaster. _____ Further of the Loss of the Griffith _____ Loss of 250 Lives! Buffalo, June 18 - 4 P.M. The number of passengers on board the Griffith when she took fire, is thus stated: - Steerage - 256 Cabin - 45 ...
Great Gale on Lake Erie 
TextNewspapers  "Great Gale on Lake Erie," Syracuse Daily Star (Syracuse, NY), 13 Sep 1851  Great Gale on Lake Erie. _____ Loss of Dan Rice's Circus. _____ Mr. Frost, of the Burnet House, Cincinnati, who arrived here on the Express train, yesterday, from Buffalo, informs us that on Saturday night there was a terrific gale on Lake Erie. The Buckeye State, on which he ...
Storm-tides on the Lakes 
TextNewspapers  "Storm-tides on the Lakes," The Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review (New York, NY: Griffiths & Bates, 1855), Aug 1855, pp. 457-58  STORM-TIDES ON THE LAKES. The tidal phenomena on the Lakes have attracted considerable attention during the present season. It is well known that there are no regular tides in our great Lakes ; but it is equally true that storm-tides, such as mentioned below, do frequently occur. One of ...
TextNewspapers  "Marine," Oswego Times & Journal (Oswego, NY), 2 Apr 1855  Owing to the severity of the storm, there are no public transactions today. Marine. - A number of vessels took clearances for Canadian ports on Saturday. Among those which went out Saturday night, the propeller St. Nicholas and the schooner Western which encountered the storm on Sunday ...
Terrific Gale 
TextNewspapers  "Terrific Gale," Oswego Times & Journal (Oswego, NY), 19 Sep 1856  Terrific Gale. - The wind commenced blowing yesterday afternoon from the south, and veered into the northwest at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and increased in violence till it blew a perfect gale. The brig "E.W. Cross"," Capt. Moore, with a cargo of corn from Chicago for S.J. Holley, of this...
Serious Disaster to the Schooner Sunbury 
NewspapersText  "Serious Disaster to the Schooner Sunbury," Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), 6 Sep 1862, p. 4 
The Storm Last Evening 
TextNewspapers  "The Storm Last Evening," Oswego Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), 12 Aug 1863  The Storm Last Evening. - Shortly after seven o'clock last evening masses of clouds rolled up from the north, west and south-west, bringing with them a gale of wind, which for a few moments whirled the dust through our streets in blinding eddies. The clouds quickly overspread the whole horizon....
The Weather 
NewspapersText  "The Weather," Evening News (Sault Sainte Marie, MI), 7 Nov 1913, p. 1 
Pittsburg Boats will quit early 
NewspapersText  Callahan, George V., Pittsburg Boats will quit early, "Pittsburg Boats will quit early," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 8 Nov 1913, p. 12 
Snow Hinders Lake Traffic 
NewspapersText  "Snow Hinders Lake Traffic," Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH), 8 Nov 1913, p. 11 
Many Boats Forced to Seek Shelter 
NewspapersText  Callahan, George V., Many Boats Forced to Seek Shelter, "Many Boats Forced to Seek Shelter," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 9 Nov 1913, p. 13, column 2 
Steamer Louisiana Goes on Rock, Burns 
NewspapersText  "Steamer Louisiana Goes on Rock, Burns," Duluth News Tribune (Duluth, MN), 9 Nov 1913, p. 8 
Cleveland Ship Burns on Beach 
NewspapersText  "Cleveland Ship Burns on Beach," Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH), 9 Nov 1913, 3B 
Terrible Storm Sweeps Superior 
NewspapersText  "Terrible Storm Sweeps Superior," Evening News (Sault Sainte Marie, MI), 10 Nov 1913, p. 1 
Reaches Port 34 hrs. Overdue 
NewspapersText  "Reaches Port 34 hrs. Overdue," Duluth News Tribune (Duluth, MN), 11 Nov 1913, p. 4 
Lower Lakes Swept by Snow and Wind 
NewspapersText  "Lower Lakes Swept by Snow and Wind," Duluth News Tribune (Duluth, MN), 10 Nov 1913, p. 5 
25 to 40 Lives Probably Lost 
NewspapersText  "25 to 40 Lives Probably Lost," Watertown Daily Times (Watertown, NY), 11 Nov 1913, p. 1 
Lightship and Crew of Six Probably Lost 
NewspapersText  "Lightship and Crew of Six Probably Lost," Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), 11 Nov 1913, p. 1 
Steamer Waldo Is Total Wreck 
NewspapersText  "Steamer Waldo Is Total Wreck," Sault Evening News (Sault Sainte Marie, MI), 11 Nov 1913, p. 1 

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