The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Image    Photograph of a fleet of small boats escorting the royal yacht BRITANNIA, with Queen Elizabeth on board.
One Million Bushel Grain Elevator, Windmill Point, Montreal 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of the industrial portion of Montreal near the bottom of the Lachine Canal featuring the Grand Trunk grain elevator, a long line of railway cars. Lumber is piled along the wharf below the lock. A number of barges, some filled with coal or dredgin spoil lie in the lower right of...
Lake View, Chicago 
Image  c1890  A small yacht in full sail off Chicago, with a few vessels on the horizon "Stereoscopic views"
View of River at Charlotte, Near Yacht Club, Rochester, N. Y. 
ImageComments  c 1905  Coloured postcard of the Yacht Club at the Charlotte, NY, at the mouth of the Genessee river below Rochester, NY. In the background the steamboat OTTAWA (ex. A. B. TAYLOR) leaves port. Another version of this view identifies part of the picture as the Naval Reserve Station. Postally unused....
A Storm on the Lake: Barcarolle for the Pianoforte, A Souvenir of Toronto 
Audio  1884  "A storm on the lake", piano music composed by Wm. Horatio Clarke with an engraving of the yacht ORIOLE on its cover. The piano music is available from the Sheet Music from Canada's Past collection in the Digital Library of Canada at the National Library of Canada "A Storm on the Lake: Barcarolle...
The Harbour Oakville, Ont 
Image  c.1930  A small yacht entering the harbour in Oakville, Ontario. The lighthouse can be seen at the end of the pier. A black and white postcard with an undivided back postmarked Oakville, ON, 1 Aug 1930. "The Harbour Oakville, Ont" Reverse: "Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Ottawa"
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Hamilton Ont. 
Image  c. 1907  The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club on Burlington Beach with the Burlington lighthouse in the background and the Burlington canal in the foreground. A coloured divided back postcard. It is postmarked 13 Oct. 1907 to Horton, Michigan "Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Hamilton Ont." Reverse: "I. 313. Canadian...
Arrival of Steamer from Toronto.  Port Dalhousie, Ont., Canada 
Image  c. 1910  A view of the steamboat LAKESIDE arriving at Port Dalhousie at the mouth of the Welland Canal from Toronto. Passengers line the wharf. A small yacht and row boats lie alongside the dock. A divided back post card. Postmarked "St. Catharines, Ont. 1 Sep 19 " Sent to Mrs. John Sheridan, Buffalo,...
Oakville Harbour Oakville, Ont 
ImageCommentsMysteries  c.1940  A real photo postcard of the harbour in Oakville, Ontario. The Canada Steamship Lines steamship COALHAVEN can be seen unloading coal on the east bank of Sixteen Mile Creek. A large steam yacht can be seen in the left foreground. Two masts of a larger sailing vessel can be seen in the right...
Bay Pier, Hamilton 
Image  c. 1906  Coloured postcard of one of the Hamilton Steamboat Company steamboats at the piers of the Burlington Bay canal. This has been coloured to reflect a moonlit cruise, but there are other examples of this as a daytime picture. Undivided back postcard. It is postmarked 1Hamilton, ON 13 Aug. 1906 to...
The Harbour, Cobourg, Ont. 
Image  c 1906  Coloured postcard of the Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte Navigation Company steamboat NORTH KING in Cobourg, Ont. about 1907. Teams of horses and carriages and wagons can be seen besides the wharf buildings. A small white hulled yacht lies inside the harbour immediately below the harbour lighthouse....
The Wreck of the Eastland 
Image  1915  Panoramic photograph of the aftermath of the wreck of the EASTLAND. A number of steam yachts and tugs lie alongside the wreck. This picture was copyrighted five days after the disaster on 24 July 1915 The Wreck of the Eastland
[1000 Islands] 
Image  1912  Panoramic photograph of the Thousand Island. A number of steam yachts can be seen to the left. A tug tows a barge down river.
Oakville Harbour 
Image  19 Jun 2004  The yacht club in Oakville, Ontario. In the 1960s the 1889 lighthouse was relocated from the end of the pier to the shade of the yacht club
Oakville Harbour 
Image  19 Jun 2004  The entrance to the harbour in Oakville, Ontario. In the 1960s an automated lighthouse was placed at the end of the pier, replacing a seventy year old wooden light.
Pier & Light House, Port Maitland, Ont. 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the pier and lighthouse at Port Maitland at the mouth of Ontario's Grand River. A small sailboat can be seen just off the pier. Divided back. Post marked 1907 "Pier & Light House, Port Maitland, Ont." Reverse: "A. L. Merrill, Toronto, Canada"
Port Dover Harbour, Canada 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the harbour at Port Dover. The Fisheries Protection cruiser VIGILANT lies just inside the pier lighthouse along with some yachts and fishing boats. The docks are lined with with piles of lumber. "Port Dover Harbour, Canada" "108282" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing...
The Lighthouse and harbour, Kincardine, ON 
Image  11 Apr 2005  Photograph of the Kincardine harbour and lighthouse with yachts and four fishing tugs at the pier.
The Lighthouse, Kincardine, ON 
Image  11 Apr 2005  Photograph of the Kincardine lighthouse.
Oakville Lighthouse 
ImageComments  20 Jun 2005  The 1889 lighthouse was relocated from the end of the pier to the shade of the yacht club.

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