The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Boat, Charles O Ermatinger, Master's Oath, 20 Jul 1816 
Canoe, Clearance, 13 Aug 1816 
Canoe, Clearance, 14 Aug 1816 
Text    Charles Ermatinger
Invoice, 27 Aug 1816: George Ermatinger 
Text    George Ermatinger
Invoice, 2 Sep 1816: George Ermatinger: various cloths 
Text    George Ermatinger: various cloths
Invoice, 2 Sep 1816: George Ermatinger: various cloths 
Text    George Ermatinger: various cloths
Canoe, T. A. Warren, Manifest, 20 June 1820 
Canoe, George Johnston, Declaration, 21 June 1820 
Boat, Lyman M. Warren, Manifest, 28 June 1820 
Boat, Lyman M. Warren, Declaration, 19 July 1820 
Boat, Lyman M. Warren, Manifest, 29 July 1820 
Text    and canoe
Boat, William A. Aitkens, Manifest, 29 July 1820 
Text    and canoe
Boat, T A Warren, Manifest, 24 July 1821 
Text    3 Boats; barrels of fish
Propeller Manhatten, Report, 5 Jun 1852 
Text    loose filing notes for Manhatten - no other information
Prohibition and the Smuggling of Intoxicating Liquors between the Two Saults 
Text  Lefebvre, Andrew, "Prohibition and the Smuggling of Intoxicating Liquors between the Two Saults," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Jul 2001, 33-40  Prohibition brought with it opportunities for many people to make easy money in the rum- running business. One ofthe largest problems with enforcing prohibition was that Ontario and the United States enacted similar, but distinct, acts governing the sale, consumption, and manufacture of...
BERMUDA in the lower harbour at Sault Ste. Marie 
Image  1908  James Davidson's BERMUDA is downbound in the lower harbour at Sault Ste. Marie in this Young photo dated 1908.
Image    Photograph of IOCOMA above the Soo locks.
Comanche under tow by Chippewa 
Image    Photograph of the burnt-out COMANCHE being towed out by the CHIPPEWA
Howard L. Shaw 
Image    Photograph of HOWARD L. SHAW at Sault Ste. Marie after being stripped by the towline of the steamer CORALIA and barge MAIA.
Main saloon of a steamboat 
Image  c 1880  A stereoview of the main saloon of a steamboat probably on the Lake Erie to Lake Superior run as it is part of the "Lake Superior and Minnesota" series published by Union View of Rochester "Union View Co., Publishers, Rochester, N. Y." "Lake Superior & Minnesota"

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