The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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William Peck (1854) 
Ships  1854,  
Schooner Erie, Manifest, 19 Jun 1820 
Text    Salt, Plan & Board
Schooner Huron, Manifest, 2 July 1820 
Text    via Erie, Grand River and Cleaveland; landed goods at Portland and Detroit
Schooner Huron, Manifest, 8 Sept 1821 
Schooner General Washington, Memorandum, 30 Sep 1821 
Text    Commitment to pay duty on box from London if not already paid
HERBERT K. OAKES in Buffalo Dry Dock 
Image  c1918  HERBERT K. OAKES, in the colours of the Beaver Steamship Company, has some bow plates replaced in Buffalo Dry Dock about 1918.
SARNOR in drydock at Buffalo 
Image  1 Jun 1917  This is SARNOR as she appeared in drydock at Buffalo on June 1st, 1917, a scant two months before the eruption of the legal battle over her ownership. "Bflo Dry Dock Co. June 1 1917 Plate #107"
MARISKA cut apart at Buffalo 
Image  September 23, 1918  The rebuilt MARISKA, in Bassett Steamship Co. colours, is cut apart at Buffalo for the passage to the coast. Photo dated September 23, 1918.
Manchester in Buffalo Dry Dock 
Image    Photograph taken for the Buffalo Dry Dock Company of the MANCHESTER in drydock. In the background is the NORTH STAR.
Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, N.Y. 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of a busy harbour scene in Buffalo, New York in the early 1890s. The postcard probably dates from a decade later. In the foreground on the left hand side is the WILLIAM H. BARNUM of Buffalo which sank off Mackinaw City in the spring of 1894. At least eight other vessels are in...
Mouth of the Erie Canal, Buffalo, New York 
Image  c 1916  Stereoview of Buffalo harbour and the western terminus of the Erie Canal. A wide array of barrels is various conditions dominates the foreground. Wooden and steel lakers stand by the grain elevators. A boom loads barrels into an Erie canal barge. 48 6835 -- Mouth of Erie Canal, Buffalo, N....
Vessel in Lock Erie Canal, Buffalo, N. Y. 
ImageComments  c1890  Stereoview of a two masted schooner and tugboat in Buffalo harbour and the western terminus of the Erie Canal. "331. Vessel in Lock, Erie Canal, Buffalo, N. Y." "Union View Co, Publishers, Rochester, N. Y." "Buffalo, N. Y."
Propeller in the Ice, off Buffalo Light 
Image  c 1875  "402 - Propeller in the Ice, off Buffalo Light" "Instantaneous Marine Views Lake, River & Harbor." "Photographed by C. L. Pond, Buffalo, N.Y."
Concrete - central elevators, total capacity 4,500,000 bushels, Eastern Grain, Mill & Elevator Corporation, Buffalo, N.Y. 
ImageComments  1919  Panoramic photograph of a laker unloading a one of the major new concrete grain elevators on the Buffalo waterfront.
[Buffalo & Erie basin] 
Image  1911  Panoramic photograph of the I. WATSON STEPHENSON unloading onto a barge at the lumber yards on the Buffalo waterfront. To the right are a number of almost deserted wharves including an abandonned hull half sunk in the water. In the right background are some of the older Buffalo grain elevators.
Buffalo Harbor 
Image  1925  Panoramic photograph of the Buffalo waterfront. Two passenger vessels are in the center slip. A laker unloads to the right.
Pass Street boat docks, passenger boats and docks, Buffalo, New York 
Image  1909  Panoramic photograph of the passenger wharfs on the Buffalo waterfront. The paddlewheeler WESTERN STATES lies to the left while the AMERICANA has a number of passengers on board to the right. The Wilkeson Elevator is in the background to the right.
Modern Steel Grain Elevator at Buffalo 
Image  1899  A whaleback unloads at one of the steel grain elevators at Buffalo, NY Illustration from J. B. Mansfield, ed., History of the Great Lakes. Volume I, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1899.
Buffalo lighthouse 
Image  9 Aug 2004  The main Buffalo light from the south.
Harbor Entrance, Buffalo, N.Y. 
ImageMysteries  c1907  Black and white postcard of the main entrance to Buffalo harbour featuring two lights, a small steam launch, two boys in a rowboat and a variety of commercial shipping. Pedestrians promenade on the pier. There is also a coloured version of this view. "Harbor Entrance, Buffalo, N.Y."

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