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Ice Hills on the Pier, Oswego, N. Y. 
Image  22 Mar 1856,   Woodcut engraving of the port of Oswego in the winter of 1856. From the linked article: "In this sketch, a part of Fort Ontario is seen in the distance. At the right hand is a monster store-house, capable of containing two hundred and fifty thousand bushels of wheat, besides twenty-five hundred...
Image  c1920s  This very rare photo, taken by a member of the Russell family shows JOSEPH L. RUSSELL at Oswego in the mid-Twenties. At left is the Erie Canal steam barge "M. G. PHELPS". Courtesy of Capt. John Leonard
[Oswego] Harbor from Upper Bridge 
Image  c1870  Stereoview of the Oswego harbour from the upper bridge. In the centre of the harbour is a two masted schooner. The sail of another schooner is hanging to dry beyond the railroad trestle. There are a number of barges along the far side of the harbour. E. H. T. Anthony & Co., 591 Broadway, New...
The steam barge D.R. VAN ALLEN 
Image  c 1873  Photograph of the steam barge D.R. VAN ALLEN probably at Oswego Used to illustrate Ivan S. Brookes, Hamilton Harbor, 1826-1901 .
Steamboat Dock, Oswego, N. Y. 
Image  c 1907  The small excursion steamboat ARUNDELL loading passengers at the wharf in Oswego around 1910. Divided back. Postmarked Oswego, NY, 4 July 1910, 10:30 a.m. "Steamboat Dock, Oswego, N. Y." Reverse: " The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, ME,. U.S.A. Made in German 3948"
Oswego Light-house and Harbor Entrance, Oswego, N.Y. 
Image  c.1903  A steamboat passes the Oswego lighthouse as it leaves the harbour. A coloured undivided back postcard. It is dated 2 April. "Oswego Light-house and Harbor Entrance, Oswego, N.Y." Reverse: "Published by The Rochester News Company, Rochester, N.Y. Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin."
Panorama of Oswego, N.Y. 
Image  1909  Panoramic photograph of the Oswego river extending out to the harbour mouth, the grain elevator and the lighthouse.
Outward Bound Vessel loaded with coal for Canada, Oswego, N.Y. 
Image  c1925  Coloured postcard of the three-masted schooner SAINT LOUIS being towed out of Oswego harbour with her sails set Divided back. Postmarked Oswego, NY, 23 Aug 1929. "Outward Bound Vessel loaded with coal for Canada, Oswego, N.Y." "9676" Reverse: " Pub. by Wm. Jubb Co., Inc., Syracuse, N.Y."
Oswego lighthouse 
ImageComments  5 Mar 2005  A colour photograph of the Oswego, NY lighthouse in winter
Image  5 Mar 2005  A colour photograph of the United States Army Tug LT-5 at the H. Lee White Maritime Museum in Oswego, NY
Breakwater and Lighthouse 
Image  c1870  Stereoview of the Oswego harbour from the level of the lake. It follows the line of the wooden breakwater out to the lighthouse. In the foreground are small rafts, one of which has men sitting and fishing. Several sailing vessels are tied up across the harbour along with piles of lumber. Behind...
Oswego Harbor, New York, 1943 
Image  12 Nov 1943  Survey of the Northern and Northwestern Lakes, Oswego Harbor, New York, corrected to 12 November 1943 "War Department, Corps of Engineers, Survey of the Northern and Northwestern Lakes, Oswego Harbor, New York, scale 1:10,000" "Published by U.S. Lake Survey Office, 649 Federal Building Detroit,...
Oswego grain elevators 
ImageMysteries  c 1865 -1880  Black and white stereoview of Oswego harbour featuring, from left to right, the Continental Elevator, C. Ames & Co.'s Reciprocity Elevator, and Howlett Gardner & Co.'s Lake Ontario Mills. Two unidentified two-masted schooners lie unloading into the elevators. The hull of a third vessel, possibly...
View of Oswego harbor 
Image  1890  Photograph of Oswego harbor from the bridge in 1890. A number of schooners can be seen lining the western (left) side of the harbour, along with a couple of tugs. Beside them can be seen the North-western Elevator and a building labelled Lehigh Valley Coal. Timber lines the wharves. In the...
View of Oswego Harbor 
ImageComments  c1870  Stereoview of Oswego harbor in the 1870s. At least five two masted schooners can be seen in port, their decks cluttered with a variety of gear. The adjacent wharves are piled wth lumber and what appear to be pipes. In the background on the left side of the image is one of Oswego's grain...
Syracuse Camera Club in Oswego Harbor 
Image  30 May 1889  Photograph of Syracuse Camera Club boat docked on west side of Oswego Harbor, May 30, 1889 before the start for home. Note sign, "Lake Seaman's Union" on stone building at left.
Schooner Cornelia leaving Oswego 
Image  c1890s  Photograph of tugboat CHARLEY FERRIS towing two-masted schooner CORNELIA out of Oswego harbor in the 1890s. Schooner CORNELIA built by Johnston at Clayton in 1880 (US #125865) 100 G.T., 86' x 21' x 8' Abandoned 1922
These typical sailing schooner in the East Cove awaiting loads of coal for Canadian ports 
Image  c1890-1914  Photograph of three schooners drying their sails in Oswego harbor
Two-masted sailing vessel at dock 
Image  c1870s  Stereoview of a two-masted schooner lying alongside the wharf with a stack of lumber. In the background is one of the Oswego grain elevators. Reverse: "Stereoscopic Views of Oswego and Vicinity, By F.W. Oliver, Oswego, N.Y."
Schooner "Horace Taber" 
Image  c1900  Black and white photograph of schooner "Horace Taber" at the Delaware & Hudson trestle on the east side of the Oswego River in Oswego in the 1900s.

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