The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Muster Table for the Royal Navy's Establishment on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 
Text  Malcomson, Tom, "Muster Table for the Royal Navy's Establishment on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Apr 1999, 41-67  In response to the pleas of Governor General George Prevost, in the spring of 1813 the Admiralty sent Commodore James Lucas Yeo and 447 men of the Royal Navy to the inland seas of North America. The war between Britain and the United States had entered its first full year with both sides cognizant...
The Mowat Boat and the Development of Small Watercraft on the Great Lakes 
Text  Ratcliffe, John E., "The Mowat Boat and the Development of Small Watercraft on the Great Lakes," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Apr 2009, 193-223  From 2003 to 2007, a team of volunteers at the Maritime Museum of the Great Lakes, Kingston, Ontario, renovated a 28-foot wooden boat that was once owned by Angus Mowat, father of author Farley Mowat. This article is based on a study of the history of the boat company to complete the restoration...
Maud (1871) 
Ships  1871,  
Caroline Ives (1841) 
Ships  1841,  
Cataraqui (1836) 
Ships  1836,  
City of Hamilton (1853) 
Ships  1853,  
Henry Gildersleeve (1839) 
Ships  1839,  
Iocoma (1912) 
Ships  1912,  
Island Queen (1845) 
Ships  1845,  
King Ben (1895) 
Ships  1895,  
Mohawk (1843) 
Ships  1843,  
St. Louis (1900) 
Ships  1900,  
Sophy (1895) 
Ships  1895,  
Watertown (1864) 
Ships  1864,  
Wolfe (1835) 
Ships  1835,  
HIBOU at Kingston 
Image  c1935  This is HIBOU as she looked prior to her tragic accident. The background would indicate that the photo was taken at Kingston in 1935.
WOLFE ISLANDER en route to Wolfe Island 
Image  between 1905-46  WOLFE ISLANDER is outbound from Kingston en route to Wolfe Island Courtesy of Nels Wilson
Text    QUEEN's BIRTHDAY EXCURSION TO CAPE VINCENT A BATTERY BAND STEAMER MAUD ON FRIDAY the 24th May, the Steamer Maud will leave the Ferry Wharf at 2 p.m. for Cape Vincent, returning at 7:30. Fare 25 cents. By the kind permission of Lt.-Col. Cotton and the Officers of A Battery, the fine Band of ...
Military College and City, Kingston 
Image  c1906  Stereoview looking from the walls of Fort Henry, across Navy Bay to the Royal Military College and beyond to Kingston. A pair of horses and a carriage stand in the foreground. "Military College and City, Kingston" "Herlich & Co." "Canadian Scenery" "Ocean to Ocean"
Kingston Gazette (Kingston, ON), Nov. 17, 1812, page 2 
TextNewspapers  Kingston Gazette (Kingston, ON), Nov. 17, 1812, page 2page 2  p.2 Early on Tuesday morning last information was conveyed to town that seven American vessels, full of men, were approaching. At day light the troops and militia were under arms, and detachments were immediately sent to occupy the different avenues to the town in order to give the enemy a proper...

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