The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Explosion of the Propeller Inkermann, at Browne's Wharf, Toronto, C. W., May 29, 1857 
Image  13 Jun 1857,   Woodcut engraving of the explosion of the steamboat Inkermann on the Toronto waterfront, on 29 May 1857. The sketch on which this engraving was based was made by William Armstrong. William Armstrong was both civil engineer, artist and photographer, being a member of one of Toronto's early...
Image  1969  M. S. CHIOS: One of the many ships owned by the Livanos Group of companies on charter to Federal inbound on the Fedsea Line from the Far East arriving Toronto.
IMPEROYAL and SARNOLITE in Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  1936  IMPEROYAL is inbound as SARNOLITE unloads at the Imperial dock in the Toronto Ship Channel about 1936.
Image  1967  MANCHESTER MERCHANT: Only one of her type, made quite a few trips into the Lakes before being sold. Illustration shows the "Merchant" leaving Toronto.
Image  1969  MANCHESTER COMMERCE: The first of the machinery aft type cargo vessels introduced by Manchester in 1963. The view shows the "Commerce" outbound from Toronto, headed for Chicago.
The Royal Canadian yacht Club ferry, HIAWATHA 
Image  Oct 1968  The Royal Canadian yacht Club ferry, HIAWATHA, is seen arriving at the Island Dock in October 1968
CORONA and DALHOUSIE CITY race for the Toronto Eastern Gap. 
Image  1912  The date is 1912, before smoke was considered pollution, as CORONA and DALHOUSIE CITY race for the Toronto Eastern Gap.
SIMON LANGELL outbound at the Toronto Eastern Gap 
Image  c1919-23  SIMON LANGELL, the lines of her stern showing her age, is outbound at the Toronto Eastern Gap during her Misener years
CLAREMONT at the Terminal Warehouse, Toronto 
Image  Nov 1929  On her last visit to Toronto, CLAREMONT unloads at the Terminal Warehouse, November 1929.
WILIAM SCHUPP in the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  Jul 1938  WILIAM SCHUPP laid up in the Toronto Ship Channel. July 1938.
GEO. B. DONOVAN bound to Toronto Elevators 
Image  Nov 1938  The next last trip of the season bring GEO. B. DONOVAN, Capt. A. E. Laking, Master, to Toronto Elevators. November 1938.
CITY OF TORONTO in Toronto Eastern Gap 
Image  Aug 1956  On a hot August evening in 1956, CITY OF TORONTO arrives at the Toronto Eastern Gap pierheads.
CITY OF OTTAWA unloading at Toronto's York Street Slip 
Image  c1922  CITY OF OTTAWA unloads at Toronto's York Street Slip c. 1922.
JOHN IRWIN unloads at the McColl Frontenac Toronto terminal 
Image  c1935  JOHN IRWIN unloads at the McColl Frontenac Toronto terminal c. 1935.
CYCLO-CHIEF heads down the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  c1930  Shortly after entering lake service, CYCLO-CHIEF heads down the Toronto Ship Channel.
WIARTON leaving Toronto under tow 
Image  8 Oct 1971  WIARTON leaves Toronto for the last time, October 8, 1971. Photo by the Editor.
CREEK TRANSPORT is seen outbound in Toronto's Eastern Gap 
Image  7 Jun 1969  Nearing the end of her career, CREEK TRANSPORT is seen outbound in Toronto's Eastern Gap, June 7, 1969
ROSEDALE leaving Yonge Street Dock 
Image  1898  This spirited photo by Wm. Traill shows ROSEDALE leaving Yonge Street Dock, in 1898. Note the sails on the fore and main.
MAPLEBRANCH entering the Toronto Ship Channel 
Image  1939  The final rebuild left MAPLEBRANCH looking like this. She is sesen entering the Toronto Ship Channel in this 1939 photo.
RENVOYLE enters Toronto Eastern Gap 
Image  Jul 1958  "The big, graceful, red-hulled RENVOYLE" enters Toronto Eastern Gap in July 1958.

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