The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), June 9, 1843 
TextNewspapers    On Saturday afternoon we, with a number of our citizens, received an invitation to take an excursion on board the prop. EMIGRANT, it being her experimental trip. On account of a leakage in one of her steam chambers she did not get out until 10:00 in the evening, and owing to the lateness of...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, November 24, 1846 
TextNewspapers    The Oswego Advertiser of Saturday says That on the morning previous, the wind blew with such terrific violence, as to drive two vessels from their moorings within the West Pier, on the rocks at the foot of Fort Ontario. The Canadian schooner GRAMPUS is the other vessel wrecked. She had...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 18 June 1847 
TextNewspapers    U. S. Steamer " MICHIGAN ." Erie , Penn., June 16, 1847 . Gentlemen :- We left port on the 11th inst., after hearing of the disaster which had befallen the schooner " ROUGH and READY ," laden with grain and flour, consigned to R.H. Heywood , Esq., of Buffalo , and after cruising...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Saturday, July 17, 1847 
TextNewspapers    SAIL CRAFT ON LAKE SUPERIOR (From the Detroit Free Press) We notice in some of our exchange papers, various accounts of the number of vessels on Lake Superior, which are very imperfect. Many seem to be under the impression that until a few years past, there were no vessels of any considerable...
On Board Steamer Baltic, Number III 
NewspapersText  "On Board Steamer Baltic, Number III," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 5 Jul 1847, p. 2  One of a series of letters from the Courier's editor while on a trip from Buffalo to Chicago to attend the Harbor and River Improvements convention there.
The Fourth 
NewspapersText  "The Fourth," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 5 Jul 1847, p. 2 
The Fourth 
NewspapersText  "The Fourth," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 7 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Steamboat puffing 
NewspapersText  "Steamboat puffing," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 9 Jul 1847, p. 2 
On Board Steamer "Baltic" 
NewspapersText  "On Board Steamer "Baltic"," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 14 Jul 1847, p. 2 
NewspapersText  "Cataract," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 5 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Anecdote of the Capt'n of the Steamer "Illinois" 
NewspapersText  "Anecdote of the Capt'n of the Steamer "Illinois"," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 7 Jul 1847, p. 2 
On Board Seamer Baltic, Number V 
NewspapersText  "On Board Seamer Baltic, Number V," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 8 Jul 1847, p. 2 
On Board Steamer "Baltic", Number VII 
NewspapersText  "On Board Steamer "Baltic", Number VII," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 9 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Tonnage of Buffalo 
NewspapersText  "Tonnage of Buffalo," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 15 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Brig Mohegan 
NewspapersText  "Brig Mohegan," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 17 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Sail Craft on Lake Superior 
NewspapersText  "Sail Craft on Lake Superior," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 17 Jul 1847, p. 3 
Copper From Lake Superior 
NewspapersText  "Copper From Lake Superior," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 19 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Rail Roads and Steam Boat 
NewspapersText  "Rail Roads and Steam Boat," Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 19 Jul 1847, p. 2 
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Wednesday, June 20, 1849 
TextNewspapers    New steamer, WYOMING, 128 feet long, 16 wide on deck, drawing 12 inches water, about a hundred tons burden, and driven by two engines of 40 horse power each, has just been finished at Tunkhannock, and now runs between that place and Owego, on the Susquehanna river. -- Havana Rep. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Thursday, August 3, 1854 
TextNewspapers    The Propeller " BOSTON," was sunk in thirty fathoms of water, by collision with the bark PLYMOUTH, off Devil's Nose, on Lake Ontario, on the night of the 28th. inst., at twelve o'clock. Passengers and crew all saved in the small boats. Insured for $8,500: in the Northwestern $5,000 ; in...

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