The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), April 21, 1856 
TextNewspapers    THE "GOLD HUNTER" - This fine vessel is just receiving her equipment for sea, (say the Cleveland Herald,) and is one of the finest craft ever built upon the lakes. She was built by Quayle & Martin for Mather & Co. , of Chicago, under the immediate superintendence of Capt. A. C. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), April 3, 1862 
TextNewspapers    The schooner NIGHTINGALE, at present laid up at this port, has been sold, we understand, by parties in Oswego, to E. W. Hudson, Esq., of this city. The price is stated to be $10,500. The NIGHTINGALE is a staunch built vessel of some 16,000 bushel capacity. We learn also, the schooner ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), May 7, 1862 
TextNewspapers    FOR CHICAGO. - The new Barque PARAMA, built the past winter at Cleveland, passed up yesterday, bound for Chicago. Also, a fore-and-aft schooner built at Oswego, called the GEORGE GOBLE, bound for the same port. - Detroit Free Press ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), May 8, 1862 
TextNewspapers    LAUNCH. - The Oswego Times says a new Barque of 400 tons burthen and 17,000bush. capacity, named the RUSSIAN, built at Miller's ship-yard for Messrs. Smith & Post was launched on Wednesday last. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), July 21, 1862 
TextNewspapers    A SPLENDID VESSEL. - The schooner RUSSIAN, of Oswego, made her first appearance in our harbor yesterday and took on board a cargo of 20,000 bush. wheat for Kingston. The RUSSIAN was built at Oswego last spring, and is owned by the well known firm of Smith & Post of that city. In ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), August 23, 1862 
TextNewspapers    GONE TO THE OCEAN. - The steamer MAPLE LEAF, which ran this season between Charlotte, Oswego, and Canadian ports, has been sold to Messrs. Long & Deland, of Boston, and by them chartered to the United States Government. She is now on her way to the ocean. Once down the rapids of the St. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), October 15, 1862 
TextNewspapers    A NEW VESSEL. - A very handsome little schooner, called the CIRCASSIAN, built by David Rogers of Alcott, N. Y. , for Smith & Post, of Oswego, arrived at this port on Saturday, from the Badger State Warehouse. The CIRCASSIAN is one of the best vessels, in point of build and outfit, that ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), March 25, 1863 
TextNewspapers    The Lytle - Holdcamper List gives the name as O. H. HASTINGS and place of build as Oswego.
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Wednesday, April 1, 1863 
TextNewspapers    THE BARQUE HUNGARIAN. - This fine vessel has undergone many repairs and is now nearly ready for sea. She has been repainted, and presents a beautiful appearance. The HUNGARIAN is an A 1 craft, and under the command of that energetic mariner, George Blair, will be ready to engage in business...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), October 19, 1863 
TextNewspapers    NEW PROPELLER. - A new propeller, called the NORMAN, hailing from Oswego, passed up yesterday, on her first trip to Chicago. She is about 500 tons burthen and belongs to the old Oswego Line. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), October 28, 1863 
TextNewspapers    The "JAMES PLATT " is the name of a new vessel, hailing from Oswego, of 44 tons. She was built by Geo. Goble, and is owned by M. Goble and D. G. Ford of Oswego. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), August 23, 1866 
TextNewspapers    LAUNCH. - The new vessel, GEORGE C. FINNEY, just completed at the shipyard of Geo. Goble, at the foot of West First Street, will be launched tomorrow morning. She belongs to Lyon & Finney. - Oswego Times. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), September 12, 1872, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), September 12, 1872, page 3page 3  Column 2
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), November 25, 1882, page 3 
TextNewspapers  Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), November 25, 1882, page 3page 3  Column 2
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), November 25, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The schr. GEO. M. CASE wheat laden from Chicago for Oswego, and the H. FOLGER, with coal from Black River for Toronto, could not enter the Welland Canal and were obliged to enter this port. The canvas of both was badly used up, and part of their bulwarks gone. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), 18 June 1847 
TextNewspapers    U. S. Steamer " MICHIGAN ." Erie , Penn., June 16, 1847 . Gentlemen :- We left port on the 11th inst., after hearing of the disaster which had befallen the schooner " ROUGH and READY ," laden with grain and flour, consigned to R.H. Heywood , Esq., of Buffalo , and after cruising...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Tuesday, November 24, 1846 
TextNewspapers    The Oswego Advertiser of Saturday says That on the morning previous, the wind blew with such terrific violence, as to drive two vessels from their moorings within the West Pier, on the rocks at the foot of Fort Ontario. The Canadian schooner GRAMPUS is the other vessel wrecked. She had...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Thursday, August 3, 1854 
TextNewspapers    The Propeller " BOSTON," was sunk in thirty fathoms of water, by collision with the bark PLYMOUTH, off Devil's Nose, on Lake Ontario, on the night of the 28th. inst., at twelve o'clock. Passengers and crew all saved in the small boats. Insured for $8,500: in the Northwestern $5,000 ; in...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Saturday, January 20, 1855 
TextNewspapers    Oswego, Jan. 19. - The propeller SAMUEL SCHUYLER which cleared from here a few days since, went ashore at Sodus, but it is thought she will be got off without much damage. ...
Buffalo Courier (Buffalo, NY), Wednesday, June 20, 1849 
TextNewspapers    New steamer, WYOMING, 128 feet long, 16 wide on deck, drawing 12 inches water, about a hundred tons burden, and driven by two engines of 40 horse power each, has just been finished at Tunkhannock, and now runs between that place and Owego, on the Susquehanna river. -- Havana Rep. ...

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