The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Dear Passage 
NewspapersText  "Dear Passage," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 18 Apr 1849, p. 2 
Broke Down 
NewspapersText  "Broke Down," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 23 Nov 1853, p. 2, column 2 
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 28 Jun 1856 
TextNewspapers    FIRST VESSEL FOR LIVERPOOL DIRECT -The fine new schooner Dean Richmond is chartered to take wheat to Liverpool direct, without transshipment, via the St. Lawrence, at 30c per bushel. This is but the commencement of direct shipments to Europe from this port. The advantage gained by rapid and ...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 18 Jul 1856 
TextNewspapers    CHICAGO AND LIVERPOOL - Yesterday evening witnessed the first departure of a Chicago vessel from this port direct to Europe. The vessel is the schooner Dean Richmond, owned by Charles Y. Richmond of this city, and her captain, D. Columbus Pierce. She takes a cargo of 16,000 bushels of wheat,...
Appalling Calamity 
NewspapersText  "Appalling Calamity," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 9 Nov 1860, p. 1 
The Catastrophe of the Globe 
NewspapersText  "The Catastrophe of the Globe," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 10 Nov 1860, p. 1 
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 16 July 1861 (Tuesday) 
TextNewspapers    For some days past great anxiety has prevailed concerning the safety of the propeller L. B. Britton , Capt. Adams , which left St. Joseph , Michigan, for this port on Monday of last week, nothing having since been heard of her up to last evening. She took a cargo of railroad ties from St....
Lake Disasters 
NewspapersText  "Lake Disasters," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 22 Mar 1861, p. 1 
The Wreck of the Propeller Globe -- Another Body Found 
NewspapersText  "The Wreck of the Propeller Globe -- Another Body Found," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 18 Mar 1861, p. 1 
Marine Intelligence 
NewspapersText  "Marine Intelligence," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 25 Apr 1863, p. 4 
The Fatal Fight on the Peshtigo 
NewspapersText  "The Fatal Fight on the Peshtigo," Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), 21 Jul 1866 
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Monday, September 7, 1868 
TextNewspapers    THE NEW VESSEL. -- The new schooner FLORIDA launched from Goble and Macfarlane's shipyard a few days ago, is now completely rigged and ready to start out her life as a 'Voyageur.' Her dimensions are 142 feet overall, 26 foot beam, carrying capacity, 18,500 bushels through the canal. No...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Wednesday, September 2, 1868 
TextNewspapers    THE 'SCUD' -- The SCUD is the name of a rather finely constructed fore-and-after, that made our harbor for the first time yesterday. She was loaded with 192 tons of coal from Oswego. A new schooner named the PHEONIX, hailing from Henderson, N. Y., is also here on her maiden voyage. ...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Monday, September 14, 1868 
TextNewspapers    The new scow PHOENIX, Capt. George W. Reed, made this port on Sunday, with lumber from Menominee. She measures 125 feet over-all, 26 foot beam and 8 foot 6 inches in depth, in the lowest place, and 211.78 tons burden. She cost in the neighborhood of $16,000 and is the property of Reed, Mixer...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Thursday, October 8, 1868 
TextNewspapers    PROPELLER 'PERSEVERANCE' -- The propeller PERSEVERANCE, which was destroyed by fire off Pultneyville, on the morning of the 6th. inst., the particulars of which was given in the Tribune of yesterday morning, was a craft of 652 tons burden, old style, being built in 1864 at St. Catharines by L....
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Tuesday, September 22, 1868 
TextNewspapers    SCHOONER 'RESOLUTE' LOST. -- A special from Oswego yesterday afternoon says: -- "The schooner RESOLUTE, from Belleville for this port, with barley in attempting to enter the harbor last night, struck the West pier and is going to pieces. The crew were saved." The schooner RESOLUTE is a...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Friday, November 6, 1868 
TextNewspapers    SCHOONER BURLINGTON WRECKED. - The Canadian schooner BURLINGTON, laden with 5,500 bushels of wheat, from Hamilton, Ontario for Buffalo, went ashore and sun on Lake Ontario, during the gale of Saturday. Vessel and cargo a total loss. The BURLINGTON was built at Cleveland in 1843 of 114 tons...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Friday, November 20, 1868 
TextNewspapers    SCHOONER 'BURLINGTON' -- No attempt has been made to raise the schooner BURLINGTON, sunk about three miles west of Grimsby, Lake Ontario, loaded with wheat. ...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Tuesday, December 1, 1868 
TextNewspapers    The schooner WILLIAM DORAN, a small vessel left Rochester for Cobourg with salt, and has not been heard of since. ...
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL), Monday, July 27, 1868 
TextNewspapers    WRECKS IN LAKE ERIE: -The Detroit Post, of Saturday, remarks, "There are at different points in Lake Erie wrecks which, though many years since they were deposited, are yet in an excellent state of preservation. From Captain Hackett, of Malden, who has just arrived at this port from a...
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