The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Marine Accident 
NewspapersText  "Marine Accident," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 2 Oct 1854, p. 3 
Steamer Illinois 
NewspapersText  "Steamer Illinois," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 30 Sep 1857 
The Iron City 
NewspapersText  "The Iron City," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 13 Jun 1860, p. 4 
Arrival of Iron City from Lake Superior -- Accident 
NewspapersText  "Arrival of Iron City from Lake Superior -- Accident," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 18 Oct 1861, p. 3 
Vessels Lost 
NewspapersText  "Vessels Lost," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 5 Nov 1862 
Propeller Water Witch 
NewspapersText  "Propeller Water Witch," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 1 May 1862 
For La Point, Bayfield and Superior City 
NewspapersText  "For La Point, Bayfield and Superior City," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 6 May 1862, p. 3 
Detroit Line 
NewspapersText  "Detroit Line," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 6 Sep 1862, p. 3, column 1 
Line of Steamers 
NewspapersText  "Line of Steamers," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 5 Mar 1863 
Loss of a Steam Barge 
NewspapersText  "Loss of a Steam Barge," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 18 Sep 1868 
A Steamer Disabled 
NewspapersText  "A Steamer Disabled," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 22 May 1869 
More abut the Storm 
NewspapersText  "More abut the Storm," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 14 Nov 1877, p. 7 
Launch of the May Durr 
NewspapersText  "Launch of the May Durr," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 10 Apr 1888 
Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 18 Oct 1893 
TextNewspapers    Clark' Story Discredited Buffalo, NY Oct 17.--A special dispatch from Dunkirk this morning says the story told by the man Clark, who claims to be the sole survivor of the wrecked Dean Richmond, is wholly discredited here. The agents of the boat line said no such man shipped at Toledo. Clark's...
Minor Marine News 
NewspapersText  "Minor Marine News," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 12 Jun 1897, p. 6 
Pittsburg Boats will quit early 
NewspapersText  Callahan, George V., Pittsburg Boats will quit early, "Pittsburg Boats will quit early," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 8 Nov 1913, p. 12 
Many Boats Forced to Seek Shelter 
NewspapersText  Callahan, George V., Many Boats Forced to Seek Shelter, "Many Boats Forced to Seek Shelter," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 9 Nov 1913, p. 13, column 2 
One Dead in Storm; 4 Hurt at Statler as Skylight Falls 
NewspapersText  "One Dead in Storm; 4 Hurt at Statler as Skylight Falls," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 10 Nov 1913, 1-2 
Ship Sinks With 23 in Storm 
NewspapersText  Callahan, George V., Ship Sinks With 23 in Storm, "Ship Sinks With 23 in Storm," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 11 Nov 1913, p. 1 
Many Big Carriers Wait For Weather 
NewspapersText  Callahan, George V., Many Big Carriers Wait For Weather, "Many Big Carriers Wait For Weather," Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH), 11 Nov 1913, p. 9 

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