The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), May 19, 1879 
TextNewspapers    The 30-year-old PORTLAND was lost north of False Presque Isle, Mich. Oct 10, 1877. The GARDNER, built in 1873 and still owned by Pridgeon, was lost about 25 miles south of the same spot Oct 14, 1883.
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Aug. 7, 1879 
TextNewspapers    No major accidents proved to be forthcoming and the PASSPORT (C112142, renamed CASPIAN in 1898) continued to operate as a passenger and freight steamer until reduced to a barge in 1921. Most records give her launch year as 1846 and her builder as McCausland, Kingston.
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), May 13, 1879 
TextNewspapers    I haven't the foggiest idea what boat this is, but it certainly sounds unusual. Two possibilities about which little appears to be known are the 1879 Detroit-built schooners BALD HEAD (US#3101, 12 t.) and MAUD BENITEAU (US# 91174, 6 t.).
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Nov 16, 1880 
TextNewspapers    The three-masted scow Mary Lydia, which capsized off Sandusky last season, was pumped out last week and towed to Amherstburg on Sunday by the Sandusky tug Mystic. She is owned by R. R. Canfield and will probably be overhauled this winter. She is in bad shape. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Nov 18, 1880 
TextNewspapers    The MARY LYDIA was thoroughly rebuilt as described and came out the following August as M. L. CANFIELD. Barely a month later, while bound Sandusky for Amherstburg, she foundered off Bar Point, a few miles from home.
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Nov 22, 1880 
TextNewspapers    The GEORGE L. DUNLAP (US#10347) sank to her decks at her dock. She was later raised, but never sailed again.
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Apr 11, 1881 
TextNewspapers    Frank Houghton, one of the proprietors of the Marine News and Record, published in Cleveland, was in the city Saturday on business connected with his paper. The Chicago Times says: It is said that a new weekly marine paper will soon be started in Detroit. The failures in this branch seem not to...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Apr. 22, 1881 
TextNewspapers    THE LAUNCH OF THE DAVID DOWS Special Dispatch to the Post and Tribune Toledo, O., April 21. - Fully 5,000 people witnessed the launching of the big schooner "David Dows" at Bailey's shipyard this afternoon, excursions coming in on several Michigan roads. The boat was handsomly decorated with...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), June 9, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The large barge John Gaskin has been chartered at Kingston to bring a cargo of oats in bags from Lancaster and Morrisburg, Canada, to Milwaukee. The Geneva will accompany her with a cargo of railroad iron. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), June 9, 1882 
TextNewspapers    In an item printed yesterday the yacht Mascotte was said to have sailed over Lake St. Clair with only a reefed topsail. It should have read close reefed foresail. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), June 17, 1882 
TextNewspapers    Superintendent Ellis has issued a notice that on and after Sunday night next, the 18th inst., at 12 o'clock, the new Welland Canal will be lighted up throughout for night navigation for the season. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), June 21, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The steamer Gazelle was at Wyandotte yesterday with her circus. She visits Toledo tomorrow, where her contract with the circus ends. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), June 28, 1882 
TextNewspapers    A new wheel was tested yesterday on the yacht Lillie. The wheel was made of brass and had a hole the same shape as the blade in each blade, leaving a rim about three inches broad to do the propelling. It was thought that the engine would turn up much faster with this contrivance, but on the ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Aug 30, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The COUCH (US#75598, later TASMANIA) was 979 tons gross, while the little J. A. CRAWFORD (US#12770) was only 43 tons.
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Aug 30, 1882 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Robert Rhynas of the propeller Arctic reports that on Sunday the Canadian steam barge Georgian was hard aground and badly listed on Round Island, Lake Superior. He reports the weather so thick at the lower end of the lake that a mouthful of it makes a good meal. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Aug. 31, 1882 
TextNewspapers    At Bay City the crews of the tugs A. J. Smith and P. L. Johnson had a game of base ball. At the end of the fourth inning the score stood at 25 to 22 in favor of the Smith's crew. ...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Oct 13, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The propeller HUNTER (US#11139) was built at Buffalo by Bidwell & Banta in 1859 and was sunk on the Detroit River in 1869 in collision with the propeller COMET. The vessel was raised and her engine was removed, as stated, and in the winter of 1870-71 was placed in the schooner-barge DETROIT...
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Sep. 2, 1882 
TextNewspapers    All three tugs were recovered.
Detroit Post & Tribune (Detroit, MI), Thur., Oct 19, 1882 
TextNewspapers    The tug Crusader, owned by Capt. John Pridgeon, takes the confectionery for big tows so far this season. She passed this port on Tuesday with the following schooners: Tons Tow Bill Michigan 1,029 $232 E. A. Nicholson 721 185 Marengo 618 173 L. L. Lamb 747 185 ...
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