The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), November 11, 1874 
TextNewspapers    A CAPTAIN UP A TREE. - The captain of the schooner Ben Franklin, at Oswego, discharged a gang of men he had hired to load his vessel; was sued for the amount of the contract, and resisted execution, ejecting the officer. On an attempt to arrest him for assault, he took refuge in the cross trees...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Nov. 25, 1874 
TextNewspapers    A CAPTAIN TOWED - During the gale of last Saturday night Capt. A. H. Watrous was bringing the scow Clara into the bay, and while rounding Sturgeon Point attempted to shift the boom, when a block gave way, the boom flew back, striking Capt. Watrous in the mouth and knocking him overboard. The ...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Nov. 22, 1874 
TextNewspapers    MUTINY - James Moran, a marine on the revenue cutter Johnson, is to be tried for mutiny at Milwaukee on the 28th. Not long ago, during one of his periodical rumpusses on board the cutter, he discharged a pistol, seriously wounding himself, fortunately. He no sooner got back to his post than...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), 15 Sep 1884 
TextNewspapers    *August 29, 1880 - up to 20 lives were lost **ignis fatuus - "A wide variety of spectral lights, whose alleged purpose is to herald death or play tricks on travelers at night. It literally mean "foolish fire" and is so named because anyone who follows such a light is foolish." (The Encyclopedia...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Dec. 9, 1884 
TextNewspapers    Kelley's Island is still the center of the range of the (now rare) Lake Erie Water Snake. The shipwreck may refer to the loss of the schooner PARROTT somewhere in western Lake Erie in 1835. She was lost with all hands and did have a deck cargo of hogs.
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), September 10, 1884 
TextNewspapers    THAT ANCIENT WRECK A Pentwater correspondent of the Marine Record says: "The tug Neilson, Capt. C. J. Heath, and the schooner Experiment have been wrecking what is supposed to be the schooner John B. Wright. They have taken 1,100 kegs of nails out and some coal. The oldest settlers claim that...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), October 29, 1884 
TextNewspapers    Taylor was deputy collector of customs at Detroit.
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Nov. 6, 1884 
TextNewspapers    But the GRUMMOND (US#85552) was not so easy to kill. The iron-hulled sidewheel steamer was actually built in 1856 by Merrick & Sons, Philadelphia, as the survey steamer JEFFERSON DAVIS, specifically for the survey of the Great Lakes. She was 138 feet overall, 21 feet, 6 inches beam and 8 feet 9...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Thur., August 7, 1884 
TextNewspapers    MARINE DRIFT Capt. Wm. Latriel is succeeded by Capt. Mears in command of the tug Shoo Fly. The schooner Willie Keeler has been engaged for coal from Cleveland to Detroit at 80 cents. The schooner Heather Belle, wrecked at Kincardine, Lake Huron, last fall, has been released. Barges at Bay...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Sat., Aug 9, 1884 
TextNewspapers    *Sunk in a collision with the schooner GEORGE MURRAY, Oct. 14, 1880.
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Nov. 21, 1884 
TextNewspapers    *Most likely Ghegheto Island and associated reefs, located about 25 miles north of Southampton, Ontario, off Howdenvale.
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Apr. 17, 1885 
TextNewspapers    READY FOR THE OPENING Preparations by Marine City Vessel Men - Appointments Special to the Detroit Post. MARINE CITY, April 16. - Vessels are preparing to resume business. During the winter considerable repairs have been made and they will start out in good condition and well painted. The...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Apr 17, 1885 
TextNewspapers    MASTER MARINERS ST. CLAIR CAPTAINS ASSIGNED TO THEIR COMMANDS The following assignments have been made for St. Clair captains during the season, the larger number of which are for steam craft: Capt. Wesley Brown will command the steamer Siberia, Capt. Donald Morrison going as first and P....
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Wed., May 27, 1885 
TextNewspapers    Photos of the MANISTEE: ...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Aug. 3, 1885 
TextNewspapers    A PIRATICAL CRAFT Yesterday the scow schooner Trader was tied up by an officer at Wyandotte on a charge of piracy. The Trader has been under suspicion for some time of appropriating the loose property of vessels lying in harbor at Detroit and neighboring ports. A few nights ago a topsail was ...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Tues., Sep. 15, 1885 
TextNewspapers    River pirates continue to victimize the craft lying along the docks. The latest victim is the schooner M. P. Barkalow. While lying at the wharf foot of Eighteenth Street Saturday night her supply box was relieved of its contents, valued at $18. ...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), April 2, 1885 
TextNewspapers    Captain Gillman lost track of the iron steamer MICHIGAN, sister of the WISCONSIN, because that vessel had sunk on the 20th - finally crushed after having been trapped in the ice since February 9. Capt. Gillman's boat was the 842gt wooden propeller CITY OF LUDINGTON (US#125873), built at...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Oct 21, 1885 
TextNewspapers    Though the charts show a light at this position (Cleveland pierhead), photos of the light there don't match this description. Anyone know if this light was replaced? I'd heard that one Cleveland light was replaced in 1895. The position of this light is marked "lighthouse" on the following map: ...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Sept. 15, 1885 
TextNewspapers    A NARROW ESCAPE Oscoda - Yesterday afternoon as the wrecking tug Winslow was dredging a cut to the barge Wyandotte, wrecked on the beach, the cable to which the line was goied (sic) broke. What might have been a serious accident was narrowly averted. John Delaney was caught by the four-inch ...
Detroit Post (Detroit, MI), Sat., October 10, 1885 
TextNewspapers    Capt. Thomas Henner, master of the steamship Iron Duke, complains that the light-keeper at Passage Island did not sound the fog signal on the night of the 19th while a heavy fog was prevailing. There is so little traffic in Chicago creek, it is said, that the bridge tenders have time to sleep...
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