The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), September 2, 1872, page 4 
TextNewspapers  Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), September 2, 1872, page 4page 4  Column 7
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), September 7, 1872, page 4 
TextNewspapers  Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), September 7, 1872, page 4page 4  Column 6
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 2 Nov, 1874 
TextNewspapers    CAPTAIN DROWNED. - Messrs. Scott & Brown, of this city, received a dispatch Saturday forenoon from Mackinaw Straits announcing the arrival of the schooner Wm. Sanderson, and that Capt. John Canfield, the master, was drowned, and two of the seamen were disabled. The Sanderson was laden with ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 3 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    MAKING INQUIRIES. - Messrs. Scott & Brown, owners of the schooner W. Sanderson, which is still missing, are making diligent inquiries and collecting all the information possible as to her whereabouts. It is their purpose to obtain the deposition of vessel masters who may have seen the ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 4 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    THE WM. SANDERSON LOST, WITH ALL HANDS. - The fate of the schooner Wm. Sanderson and that of her entire crew, which for some days past has been a mystery to her owners, has at length been solved by the discovery of the wreck broken up at Sleeping Bear, on the east shore of Lake Michigan, with...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 4 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    WRECK OF THE SANDERSON. - Relative to the wreck of the Wm. Sanderson, the Chicago Inter-Ocean of the 3rd says: Empire dock is at the foot of Lake Michigan between Sleeping Bear and Point Betsey. There is a steep sandy bluff extending for miles and lake masters say it is one of the most ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 4 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    GONE TO THE WRECK. - Captain H. L. Brown, of the firm of Scott & Brown, left this city Wednesday evening for Sleeping Bear to examine into the condition of the schooner W. Sanderson, and discover if possible the whereabouts of the crew and if any of the bodies have been cast upon the beach. ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 8 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    CAPT. BROWN RETURNED. - Capt. H. L. Brown, of Scott & Brown, who left here a few days since for Sleeping Bear to investigate concerning the loss of the schooner Wm. Sanderson, has just returned from that place. The vessel, broken up into fragments, was found strewn along the beach for quite ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 15 Oct, 1874 
TextNewspapers    A COINCIDENCE. - Speaking of the strange coincidence of vessels of the same name meeting with mishaps at the same time, we have noticed a remarkable one within the past week. Monday of last week the prop Lake Ontario went aground in Lake Erie; Tuesday the steamer Ontario went aground in the ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 3 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    *published New York City at least 1810 - 1944 Many statements in this article are highly general and shouldn't be taken as very accurate, though it has some interesting information, especially on the tugs themselves.
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 19 June 1874 
TextNewspapers    In mentioning the ONTARIO, the reported refers to the first American low-pressure engine or the first low pressure engine actually built on the lakes. The British/Canadian steamer FRONTENAC was actually launched some months earlier, though her engine was imported from England.
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 18 Sep, 1874 
TextNewspapers    LIGHTS ON GEORGIAN BAY. - For the guidance of shipping visiting the lumber sections in Georgian Bay there has been established by the Dominion Government no less than eleven lights, nine of which number are located on islands and can be seen from as far distant as any others on the lakes. At...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 5 Nov, 1874 
TextNewspapers    THE PAMLICO. - The Pamlico, which left this port about six months ago for a trip to England with a cargo of grain, left Southampton for her return trip more than two months ago, and nothing was heard from her until yesterday, when her owner, Capt. John Prindiville, received the following ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 4 Dec, 1874 
TextNewspapers    ABANDONED - Schooner Exchange, ashore at Kelley's Island, has been abandoned to the underwriters. Valued at $10,000, insured for $6,700. ...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 6 Nov, 1874 
TextNewspapers    The hulk of the SARGENT was found nearly 150 miles from where she was left at anchor in the fall of 1872. Heams, of Chicago, was a former owner, but not the owner of the vessel at the time of her loss, so likely would have had no motive for fabricating this story. You can, therefore, take this as...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), Dec. 9, 1874 
TextNewspapers    IN WINTER QUARTERS. - The following is a complete list of vessels of all descriptions laid up at Milwaukee for the winter: Steamers -- Revenue Cutter Angrew Johnson, Chicago, Saginaw, City of Toledo (being dismantled) - 4 Propellers -- Waverly, Lawrence, City of New York, City of Madison,...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), Mar. 20, 1874 
TextNewspapers    * This is a typographical error. She was 809.28 g.t. (tonnage) when built, giving her a capacity of around 1400 t. To give a hint of what a vessel of this size might cost today (Sep, 2001), grade 2 white oak purchased in volume now sells for about $2 per board foot. One of SAN DIEGO's keelsons...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 17 Apr, 1875 
TextNewspapers    PROFIT AND LOSS IN CARRYING GRAIN. - An estimate is made by a Chicago paper of the receipts and expenditures of a vessel of a carrying capacity of 25,000 bushels on a trip to Buffalo, with a cargo of wheat at 3 cents per bushel, and a return cargo of coal at 30 cents per ton, free in and out....
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 3 May, 1875 
TextNewspapers    THE SCHOONER PAMLICO. - The schooner Pamlico, which left Chicago last summer with a cargo of corn for Queenstown, Ireland, and which almost foundered while attempting a return trip last fall, has been rebuilt in England and is now on her way back to the lakes. Mr. Prindiville, her owner,...
Detroit Tribune (Detroit, MI), 7 May, 1875 
TextNewspapers    THE PAMLICO. - The schooner Pamlico is unquestionably in ill luck. This vessel left this port for England last June, and arrived at Queenstown in good order, having had a tolerably good voyage. Last fall she left European waters on her return trip, with a cargo of potash, but was nearly ...
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