The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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TextNewspapers  "Portage," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), June 21, 1809  PORTAGE. ______ Porter, Barton & Co. Having taken a lease from the state of New-York of the carrying place at the Falls of Niagara , and been at great pains and expense in forming and completing an establishment not only for the portage of goods around the falls, but for the ...
Democratic Foresight 
TextNewspapers  "Democratic Foresight," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Aug. 15, 1810  This was the brig Oneida
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Sept. 11, 1811 
TextNewspapers    The US brig was the Oneida
Action Upon Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Action Upon Lake Ontario," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), July 29, 1812  By Yesterday Afternoon's Mail. _______ Action Upon Lake Ontario - On Sunday the 19th ult. at 9 A. M. the Royal George , the Prince Regent and two brigs, entered Sacket's Harbor , came within one and a half mile of the town and commenced an attack-and continued the cannonade about one...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Oct. 7, 1812 
TextNewspapers    We are informed that on Friday morning last , about day break, the British ship of war, Royal George , came to anchor off the mouth of Genesee river , sent her boats in, and cut out the schooner Lady Murray , (lately forfeited to government for a breach of the non-importation law) and the ...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., Sept. 16, 1812 
TextNewspapers    On Wednesday last, we were greatly alarmed, by the arrival of an express, with information that the British were landing a large body of troops at the mouth of the Genesee River . The news reached this place about 7 o'clock in the morning. The militia were immediately ordered out in a body, and...
Action upon Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "Action upon Lake Ontario," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., July 29, 1812  By Yesterday Afternoon's Mail. _____ Action upon Lake Ontario. -- On Sunday the 19th inst. at 9 A.M. the Royal George, the Prince Regent and two brigs, entered Sackets Harbor, came within one and a half mile of the town and commenced an attack - and continued the cannonade about one hour, ...
A Plain Statement of Facts. 
TextNewspapers  "A Plain Statement of Facts.," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), 15 Jul 1812  (From the Manlius Times) A Plain Statement of Facts. The Subscribers, owners in part or whole of a number of merchant vessels lying at Ogdensburg on the river St Lawrence, immediately after receiving the news of a declaration of war with Great Britain, attempted to get them up the St. ...
Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's harbor, to his friend in this City 
TextNewspapers  "Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's harbor, to his friend in this City," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), May 5, 1813  Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Sacket's harbor , to his friend in this City , dated April 9, 1813 . A great number of our brave tars have died this winter with the lake fever, and a number are sick yet. Yesterday was launched the pilot boat built schooner The Lady of the Lake . ...
Pultneyville and Sodus Alarmed 
TextNewspapers  "Pultneyville and Sodus Alarmed," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), June 23, 1813  Pultneyville and Sodus Alarmed On Thursday last, the British fleet on Lake Ontario, made its appearance off Pultneyville , causing the Inhabitants much alarm; from whence without stopping, they shaped their course towards Sodus , where was stored about 1500 barrels Provisions, for the safety...
Attack on Oswego 
TextNewspapers  "Attack on Oswego," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), July 7, 1813  Attack on Oswego On the 19th June an attempt was made by the British to effect a landing at Oswego. Capt. Woolsey , with the Growler and Lady of the Lake , having a short time previous arrived there for the purpose of taking the military stores at that place to Sacket's harbor , was ...
Extract of a letter from an officer at Sacket's Harbor, to his friend in Waterford 
TextNewspapers  "Extract of a letter from an officer at Sacket's Harbor, to his friend in Waterford," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Dec. 30, 1813  Extract of a letter from an officer at Sacket's Harbor, to his friend in Waterford, dated Nov. 29. "Thursday the 26th, slipped off the stocks; the new U. States ship Madison , under the discharge of 18 guns from the brig Oneida , and the huzzas of thousands on board the fleet, and on the ...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., June 30, 1813 
TextNewspapers    Maj. Gen. Lewis and Suite arrived in this village on Thursday last, and left it again on Saturday for Sacket's Harbor . Col. Backus , of the U.S. Light Dragoons, who was wounded in the attack on Sacket's Harbor, died on the 13th ult. he was a brave and meritorious officer. On the 4th ...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., Aug. 11, 1813 
TextNewspapers    Extract of a letter from Maj. Gen. Lewis , to the Secretary of War, dated Sacket's harbor , July 20. "Our fleet has gone out of the inner harbor, and appearances are in favor of going to sea in 48 hours at farthest. "A little expedition of volunteers from the country, to which by the ...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., Aug. 18, 1813 
TextNewspapers    We learn from Niagara that a British fleet consisting of 6 sail of their largest vessels, made its appearance off Newark light-house Saturday morning the 7th inst. Com. Chauncey being at anchor at 4 mile creek, immediately got under weigh and stood for the enemy: both fleets maneuvered...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., Aug. 4, 1813 
TextNewspapers    The fleet under Com. Chauncey , consisting of about 15 sail, and having it is said nearly 3,000 troops on board, arrived at Niagara the 27th ult. and proceeded the next day with a detachment towards the head of the lake on an expedition. The state in last week's paper of the arrival of the ...
Attack on Sacket's Harbor 
TextNewspapers  "Attack on Sacket's Harbor," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), Wed., July 14, 1813  ATTACK ON SACKET'S HARBOR. Extract of a despatch from Brig. Gen. Brown, to the Secretary of War. dated Sacket's Harbor, June 1, 1813. "In the course of the morning of the 28th, Lt. Chauncey of the navy, came in from the Lake, firing guns of alarm. Those of the same character, intended to ...
Attack on Pultneyville 
TextNewspapers  "Attack on Pultneyville," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), May 25, 1814  Attack on Pultneyville. A gentleman has put us in possession of the following facts relative to the recent attack of the British on Pultneyville . On Saturday the 14th inst . the British fleet was discovered standing towards the place, of which expresses were sent out to call in the militia,...
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), May 25, 1814 
TextNewspapers    Canandaigua , May 17 . On Friday last , a British force of 7 sail, appeared off the mouth of Genesee River , where we have a small force under Gen. P. B. Porter . They sent in a flag to demand a surrender of all public stores, which was refused. The flag returned, & they then sent some ...
Affair at Sandy Creek 
TextNewspapers  "Affair at Sandy Creek," Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY), June 8, 1814  Affair at Sandy Creek Albany , June 3 . Extract of a letter from an officer, dated " Sacket's Harbor , May 30 . " "I have the pleasure to inform you, that Maj. Apling , of the rifle regiment, has this morning succeeded in capturing a part of the enemy at the mouth of Sandy Creek....

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