The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Steamboat Monopoly on Lake Ontario 
NewspapersText  "Steamboat Monopoly on Lake Ontario," Globe (Toronto, ON), 19 Aug 1845, p. 2 
Globe (Toronto, ON), 2 Sep 1845, p. 3 
Globe (Toronto, ON), Dec. 16, 1846 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), Dec. 16, 1846,   p.2 The navigation has entirely closed, and winter may be said to have fairly set in. The frost of the three last days has been pretty intense, so much so as to have given a strong coat of ice to the water of the bay below the bridge, and to cover the harbor above with a thin sheet. The ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), Jan. 6, 1846 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), Jan. 6, 1846,   1846 BRITISH WHIG (articles copied from Whig by other newspapers, and a few originals - sources noted) (copied from Whig by The Globe, Toronto, Jan. 6, 1846) p.3 The Weather - ...The ice bridge across to Long Island has at length been formed, but not that from Long Island to Yankee land....
Globe (Toronto, ON), Jan. 13, 1846 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), Jan. 13, 1846,   (copied from Whig by The Globe, Toronto, Jan. 13, 1846) p.3 The Weather - ...The crossing to Long Island still remains precarious, for although the ice has made, it is not strong enough to bear loaded teams. The American Channel is open...[Whig] ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), Dec. 16, 1846 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), Dec. 16, 1846,   (copied from the Whig by The Globe, Dec. 16, 1846) p.2 More Last Words - The breach in the Welland Canal having been repaired, a fleet of a dozen vessels laden with flour from Lake Erie made their somewhat unexpected appearance in Kingston harbour on Tuesday and Wednesday. The arrival of so...
Globe (Toronto, ON), November 22, 1849 
TextNewspapers    DISTURBANCES AT THE LAKE SUPERIOR MINES Intelligence has been received by Government from Capt. Anderson, Indian Agent, that some disturbance has occurred in the mining districts on lake Superior. The difficulty has arisen from a claim made by the Indians to the land granted, by License of the...
Globe (Toronto, ON), December 4, 1849 
TextNewspapers    LAKE SIMCOE This summer too some one or two knowing speculators went round the country bordering on lake Simcoe, and having bought all the eggs butter, cheese and such like small notiens they could obtain, conveyed them by means of the steamer Gore from Sturgeon Bay to the Mines and having ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), December 8, 1849 
TextNewspapers    THE GORE -- We trust that the fears entertained for the safety of this vessel will prove entirely unfounded. Accounts have been received of her safe arrival at Sault St Marie, which is within 45 miles from the Bruce Mines. ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), December 11, 1849 
TextNewspapers    THE INDIAN DISTURBANCES Authentic intelligence reached town last evening from the scene of disturbance at the mines of Lake Superior, and we are rejoiced to say that all fears as to the safety and comfort of the troops are entirely removed. The Gore reached Sault St Marie in perfect safety,...
Globe (Toronto, ON), April 23, 1850 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), April 23, 1850,   (supposed to be original at Queen's University - Special Collections) [couldn't find April 1989] p.3 On Wednesday, Captain Patterson launched his schooner Dundee from the Marine Railway Shipyard. The Dundee was built in this yard a year or two ago as a first-class barge for the river trade, and...
Globe (Toronto, ON), Sept. 30, 1851 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), Sept. 30, 1851,   p.2 STEAMBOAT ACCIDENT. On Saturday night, about 9 o'clock, as the Ottawa freight steamer, Capt. Wells, owned by Messrs. Torrance & Co., was leaving Kingston for Montreal, she was met by the Reindeer coming in. The pilot of the Reindeer saw the lights of the Ottawa and reversed the engine; ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), 18 Nov 1851, p. 2 
Globe (Toronto, ON), May 27, 1852 
TextNewspapers    WRECK OF THE STEAMER BELLE From the Owen Sound Comet We regret to have to announce the wreck of the steamer Belle on Sunday night last, the 16th instant on Cape Croker in Georgian Bay, when en route to Owen Sound, and about thirty miles out. We are informed by Capt. McGregor, master of the...
Globe (Toronto, ON), May 11, 1854 
TextNewspapers    Two of the vessels in the dry dock all winter, the Louis Shickluna and Welland, are now nearly ready for sea - in fact the former passed up the canal last evening. The steamer Britannia is also on the stocks repairing, but we are informed, will be floated off the latter part of the present week....
Globe (Toronto, ON), Aug. 15, 1854 
TextNewspapers  Globe (Toronto, ON), Aug. 15, 1854,   Propeller BOSTON sunk in Lake Ontario, 15 to 20 miles off Oak Orchard, and 50 miles from Rochester, in collision with a three masted vessel. The BOSTON was 6 years old 259 tons burden, and owned by Crawford & Co. of Ogdensburg. ...
Globe (Toronto, ON), Thurs. June 5, 1855 
TextNewspapers    BURNING OF THE STEAMER "PORCUPINE" We regret to state that on Sunday evening last, about half past seven o'clock, whilst the Tug steamer PORCUPINE, with an empty barge in tow, was coming down to this point, and when nearly opposite the residence of Rev. Mr. Blakey, a fire broke out on board,...
Accident to the "Victoria" 
NewspapersText  "Accident to the "Victoria"," Globe (Toronto, ON), 5 Aug 1857, p. 2 
Collision--Supposed Loss of Life 
NewspapersText  "Collision--Supposed Loss of Life," Globe (Toronto, ON), 1 Aug 1857, p. 2 
Toronto Assizes 
NewspapersText  "Toronto Assizes," Globe (Toronto, ON), 1 Jun 1857, p. 3 

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