The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), May 30, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Chart of Lake Ontario. - The following communication is upon a very important subject to that part of the community which navigate our lake, or do business upon its waters. The chart here alluded to, by every one who has examined it, is spoken of in the highest terms, and is afforded at so ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., July 25, 1838 
TextNewspapers    [From the Watertown Jeffersonian] Shipwreck. - The lives of but few persons furnish incidents as appalling as that given below. The account may be in some of the particulars incorrect, as it was penned in a hurried manner, from the lips of one of the sufferers. The new schooner, William L....
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., June 13, 1838 
TextNewspapers    To. Capt. Smith, Steamer Oneida: We the undersigned, Cabin passengers on board the Sir Robert Peel, Steamer, which was destroyed this morning by a band of Pirates (calling themselves Patriots) at Well's Island, within seven miles of French Creek, avail ourselves of the earliest opportunity of...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., Jan. 31,1838 
TextNewspapers    MOUTH OF SALMON RIVER - AND PULASKI Extracts from the report of the superintendent relative to the improvement of the harbor at the mouth of Salmon River, accompanying the report of the Secretary of War. "The importance of this point as a harbor to the maritime people of Lake Ontario, is ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), May 9, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Marine List CLEARED May 3 Schr. Indiana White May 3 Schr Robert Bruce Collins Long Point " " " Eliza Shaver Odgensburgh " " " Pilot Davis Chaumont " " " H. Farlin Chapman Odgensburgh " 4 " Lucinda Haskins Ogdensburgh " " " ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., April 25, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Marine List Port of Oswego ARRIVALS April 19 S B. U.States Van Cleve Lewiston Pass " " " Sir Robert Peel, Armstrong Kingston Ps. " " " William 4th Hilliard Toronto Pass " " Schr Moses&Elias Pierce South Bay Lumber " 20 S.B Oneida...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed. May 2, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Marine List Port of Oswego CLEARED April 25 SB Sir Robert Peel Armstrong Toronto " Sch Clyde Morgan Sackets " " " H. Farllin Chapman Morristown " " " Lewis Goler Brown Cleveland " " " Pilot Davis Chaumont " 26 " Toronto McBroom ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., May 16, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Marine List Port of Oswego Arrivals May 9 SB Great Britain Whitney Kingston " " " Sir Robert Peel Armstrong Kingston " " Sch Robert Bruce Collins South Bay " 10 " Morning Star Stanton South Bay " " SB Wm. 4th Jones Toronto " " SB U. ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., May 23, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Marine List Port of Oswego Arrived May 17 schr Sir George Dovy Bath " " Schr Robert Bruce Collins South Bay " " " Lord Wellington, Burns Credit " " " Pulaski Mathewston Sackets " " " Whig Davis Napone " " SB U. States Van Cleve ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wednesday, May 30, 1838 
TextNewspapers    Marine List Port of Oswego Arrivals May 23 Schr. Lucinda Haskins Sackets " " " Gen. Houston Vorce do " " " Indiana White Osgdensburgh " " " Robert Bruce Stanton Hallowell " " SB Great Britain Whitney Kingston " " " Sir Robt. Peel ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed. , May 30, 1838 
TextNewspapers    The arrivals and departures published in the Oswego County Whig at the time show that the Great Britain, (Whitney, master); Sir Robert Peel (Armstrong, master) and William IV (Jones, master) made regular stops at Oswego in 1838.
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Tues., May 7, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Distressing Casualty . - Early on the morning of Saturday last, a small schooner was noticed by our citizens, about two miles off, making for this harbor. - The wind was then and had been blowing with some violence during the preceding night, and as the lake was rough and boisterous, some ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., May 1, 1839 
TextNewspapers    It is with pleasure we give place to the following letter from Mr. R. P. Whitney, a passenger on board the Girard, and recently a citizen of this place; for while it acknowledges the insult offered to our flag, it shows also conclusively that every thing that could be done by the Canadian ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Tues., Aug. 13, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Accident on the Lake. - Last Friday morning about one o'clock, the steamers United States and Great Britain, the former on her passage up, the latter on her passage down the lake, while on their regular trips between this place and Lewiston, came in contact while passing near the mouth of the...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Tues., June 25, 1839 
TextNewspapers    The New Steam-Boat St. Lawrence. The following remarks are from the Ogdensburgh Republican. We cheerfully endorse all that is said of this beautiful boat and her experienced and gentlemanly commander; and while we do so, we should do injustice to our feelings, were we to omit a meed of praise...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Aug. 6, 1839 
TextNewspapers    The Oswego route is constantly gaining favor with the travelling public. It needs but to be known to be preferred for comfort, economy and speed. The following is taken from an article in the New York Express: Lake Ontario - The navigation of this Lake is as pleasing a sight to one who is ...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Wed., May 1, 1839 
TextNewspapers    * the article ends here. It is the bottom of the page. I feel as though there should be a final salutation or closing.
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), May 8th, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Another Outrage on the American Flag -Attack on an American Schooner in the Welland Canal. Capt. Hugunin, of the Schr. S. Girard, arrived this morning from the Welland Canal, has furnished us with the following statement and letters for publication. Capt. H. is one of our most respectable Lake...
Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), Tuesday May 24, 1839 
TextNewspapers    Correspondence. Toronto, Upper Canada May 2d. 1839 Sir- By command of His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor, and Major General Commanding the Forces in Upper Canada, I beg leave to acquaint you, that, as Lieutenant Pilgrim, who conveyed to you the letter of explanation from Colonel Baldwin,...
Marine List 
TextNewspapers  "Marine List," Oswego County Whig (Oswego, NY), 14 May 1839  MARINE LIST ___________ PORT OF OSWEGO __________ ARRIVED. MAY 9. Schr. Free Trader, Shattuck. Cape Vincent " " Willett, Goodwin, Rochester " S.B. United States, Whitney, Lewiston " S.B. Telegraph, ...

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