The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Friday, Sept. 5, 1848 
TextNewspapers    The Schr. J.M. Hughs, of Cleveland, while on her passage from the Welland Canal to this place, discovered during the gale of yesterday, about midway between the Eighteen Mile Creek and the Canada shore, a signal of distress flying at a distance; Capt. Glazier, of the Hughs, at once manfully ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Thurs., Sept. 1 14, 1848 
TextNewspapers    Communication. Mr. Editor: - Sir, I esteem it a duty I owe to the traveling community to speak of the kind attention of Capt. Gardener, of the Canal packet "Herkimer," plying between this place and Syracuse, and can freely state that for energy of character, and such as required immediate ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Mon., Nov. 27, 1848 
TextNewspapers    St. Charles Saloon. - This establishment in the stone building on the corner of Water and Cayuga streets, has been fitted up in a style more expansive and superior to any other eating house in the city, by Mr. Washington Rowley, the popular Steward of the steamer Ontario, who knows how to...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Sat., July 8, 1848 
TextNewspapers    The Ontario. The new steamer Ontario took her place in the line in which she is to run on Thursday. to speak of this Boat as she deserves would be to employ terms which might, perhaps, appear somewhat extravagant. It is but moderate praise to say she ranks fully equal to any craft afloat on...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Friday April 13,1849. 
TextNewspapers    Marine List Arrived--- April 13 Str. Niagara Childs Lewiston " Ontario Throop Ogdens 1 box 2bbl tallow 1 iron heater 1bbl port 2 cases furniture 1 horse 7 bags seeds M. Davis & Co. Schr. Portland Van Patten Sacketts " Minerva Jennings, Dexter 4300 bags oats...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), June 5, 1850 
TextNewspapers    Life in a Canal Boat People who have commodious houses and the comforts of life, are often distressed, perchance, because their rooms are small and their houses contracted. They should see how some tidy house-wives live in canal boats, and how they manage to get along, "keep moving" in their...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Monday, April 21, 1851 
TextNewspapers    Tow Boat Howard - This new steam boat, built for towing vessels out and into the harbor, is nearly finished, and made her first trial trip on Saturday afternoon. She worked admirably with her two engines, which are entirely new and before untried, and runs with remarkable speed for a boat of...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Jan. 6, 1851 
TextNewspapers    Loss of the Maid of the Mist . - The little steamer, so aptly named, The Maid of the Mist, and which has played a gallant part in showing up the Falls , to thousands of visitors here, has disappeared. She was the first steam vessel to tempt the storm and wave, in the very "hell of waters"...
Steam Grain Elevator 
TextNewspapers  "Steam Grain Elevator," Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), 20 Aug 1852  Steam Grain Elevator. - Messrs. Goddard and Hovey have just completed a Floating Elevator for the purpose of unloading and loading grain. Heretofore the vast amount of grain received at and despatched from Albany has been loaded and reloaded by hand. The elevator is so arranged that it will not ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), March 24, 1853 
TextNewspapers    "Strikes" appear just now to be the general order of the day, not only among laborers on public works, but among mechanics generally. The house carpenters of New York and Brooklyn, the ship carpenters of Buffalo, and the barbers and coopers of Rochester, are all demanding an advance of wages. ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), March 24, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Attention Mariners. - Messrs. Ford & Brother have just received at their Jewelry Store, East end of the Bridge, an extensive assortment of Mariners' Compasses, Barometers, Spy Glasses, Marine Clocks, nautical Instruments, &c, which they offer for sale at uncommonly low prices. The long ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Tues., Oct. 25, 1853 
TextNewspapers    A Gale and Marine Disaster. - The wind has been blowing strongly from the northwest for the past 24 hours, and fear is entertained for the safety of vessels out. The schooner E. K. Bruce, which cleared from this port last night for Toledo with railroad iron, had her mainmast and jib split...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Wed. , Oct. 26, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Marine. - The wind lulled early this morning, and but a light breeze has been blowing from the south during the forenoon. The schooner E. K. Bruce which was in a perilous situation yesterday, proves to be a total wreck. She now lies close to the shore, and men were busily engaged this morning...
Grain Elevators 
TextNewspapers  "Grain Elevators," Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), 7 Jul 1853  Grain Elevators In view of he decreased facilities by the destruction in the late fire, of the Elevators owned by J.L. Hall & Co. and Messrs. Ames & Brother, we take pleasure in notifying those interested that our townsman, Mr. W. Lewis has supplied himself with a floating elevator, capable of...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Friday, April 13, 1860 
TextNewspapers    The Launch Yesterday. - A large concourse of our citizens assembled yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of the ship yard of George Goble to witness the launch of the new vessel then on the stocks. Everything being in readiness, the vessel, gaily decorated with flags, the word was given, and...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), May 3, 1860 
TextNewspapers    Vessel Building and Repairing. - We should have sooner noticed the transfer of the Marine Railway Ship Yard, to the possession of Mr. George Goble. There is no yard possessing superior advantaged to this, and we are glad that Mr. Goble is the possessor, for his long experience and untiring ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Friday, Jan. 12, 1860 
TextNewspapers    Supposed Wreck. - The Rochester Union reports that fifty-five barrels of flour were picked up on the beach of Lake Ontario, in the town of Union, last week, by parties residing there. The barrels have the brand of some Canadian Mill, but what the Union's informant does not state. The point...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Sat., Jan.  14, 1860 
TextNewspapers    The Flour on the Lake Shore in Union. - The Rochester American has heard what seems to be a reasonable explanation of the discovery of fifty-five barrels of flour on the lake shore in the town of Union. It seems that one evening about the middle of December, the freight steamer ...
Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), Thurs., March 22, 1860 
TextNewspapers    Return of the Schooner Ontonagon. - At about 9 o'clock this morning, the schooner Ontonagon, Capt. Pappa, returned from Toronto, whither she had been with a load of coal. She left Toronto at 12 o'clock yesterday, without freight, except a few sheep skins, and experienced the heavy gale of last...
Elevating Extraordinary 
TextNewspapers  "Elevating Extraordinary," Oswego Daily Commercial Times (Oswego, NY), 22 May 1862  Elevating Extraordinary. - Yesterday afternoon the Commercial (floating) Elevator accomplished a feat in elevating, we are informed, has never been equalled in this city. In one hour and fourteen minutes 7,100 bushels of corn were elevated from the schooner Sylph, and at the same time spouted...

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