The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Monday, April 25, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Ship Building in Kingston Ship building, to a considerable extent, is going on at Kingston. At the Kingston Railway yard, says the News, "there are three vessels on the stocks in various stages towards completion, one three-masted schooner of 360 tons burthen, one two-masted schooner of 260 ...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), May 3, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Burning of the Ocean Wave - More full Particulars By an extra from the Ogdensburgh Sentinel office we have particulars, somewhat more in detail than we published in our telegraph yesterday morning. The Ocean Wave took fire from her furnaces, on her downward trip from Hamilton, when off "The ...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Aug. 30, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Yesterday was a fine day, and seldom has our harbor presented a more lively and animated aspect. There being 200,000 bushels of grain afloat, all the elevating power in the harbor was put into requisition. That great establishment, Carrington's "Ontario Grain Warehouse," was elevating at three...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Mon., April 13, 1852 
TextNewspapers    Launch. - The launch at the ship-yard of Miller & Co. on Saturday evening last was witnessed by a large number of citizens, and was a highly creditable affair to all concerned. The vessel glided into her future element with all the east and grace of a belle entering a ballroom. her decks ...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Mon., May 9, 1853 
TextNewspapers    Gale on Lake Ontario . (We take the following dispatch from the Transcript bulletin.) By the House Line Rochester , May 6. There was a tremendous gale last night from the north, on Lake Ontario. The schooner Vincennes , of Sandusky , bound down, went ashore just east of the mouth of...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Tues., Aug. 31, 1852 
TextNewspapers    Another Launch. - A beautiful new vessel was launched from the ship-yard of Alderman Weeks at 3 o'clock this P.M. A large gathering of our citizens, among which were scores of ladies, assembled on the West Pier to see the vessel launched. Precisely at forty minutes past three she left her ...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Monday, Oct. 18, 1852 
TextNewspapers    Launch of the Indiana . - This vessel was not launched as announced, but this morning she "slipped her cable," and glided into her natural element as supple as a duck. The Indian was built by G. S. Weeks , for H.M. Ames of this city, and is the largest vessel ever launched at this port,...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Sat., Oct. 23, 1852 
TextNewspapers    Quick Work. - The barque Indiana , launched last Monday from the ship-yard of G.S. Weeks , has been built in the short space of forty-five days, and is the largest and best constructed vessel ever built at this port, which, by the way, turns out some of the finest craft on the western lakes....
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Wed., April 14, 1852 
TextNewspapers    Miller & Co's Ship-Yard (Miller & Co., Proprietors) This extensive establishment is situated in the Cove on the East side.It possesses excellent facilities for ship-building, &c. It furnishes emplyment to about 70 hands on an average year round. A substantial and beautiful vessel, the ...
Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Monday, May 1, 1853 
TextNewspapers  Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), Monday, May 1, 1853,   Sunday Report. By the Morse Line. ________ DESTRUCTION OF THE OCEAN WAVE BY FIRE. ________ Twenty-eight Lives Lost. Ogdensburgh, Sunday, May 1st. The Ocean Wave, a Canadian steamer, in the employ of the Ogdensburgh Northern Railroad, was destroyed by fire about 2 o'clock on Saturday ...
What We Noticed Today in a Walk Through 
East First Street 
NewspapersText  "What We Noticed Today in a Walk Through East First Street," Oswego Daily Journal (Oswego, NY), 6 May 1852 
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