The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 28 August 1869 
TextNewspapers    The schooner Wm. Tell belonging to Capt. N. Robbins of Benton Harbor on her way from Milwaukee to this place loaded with 50 bbls. of Salt and 150 bbls. of lime on Friday the 20th inst. at 7 A.M. when about 20 miles from this place was discovered to be on fire by the fire bursting through...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 25 July 1874 
TextNewspapers    This is an extract from a longer letter dated 22 July 1874, written by one January Toms and printed in the St. Joseph Herald. Nelson W. Napier was lost on the steamer Alpena when she foundered in 1880.
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 1 May 1875 
TextNewspapers    Frank Granke's last name was spelled Groenke. Joseph Klamfoot's name is usually spelled Clamfoot or Clamfort.
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 7 October 1876 
TextNewspapers    The three-masted schooner, Grace Greenwood , F. O. Berryson , Captain, bound from Escanaba to Michigan City with 511 tons of iron ore, in attempting to secure shelter in our harbor from the storm on Thursday afternoon, went ashore north of the pier. It is feared that she will be a...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 30 April 1870 
TextNewspapers    Capt. N. W. Napier was Nelson W. Napier of St. Joseph, who was lost in the sinking of the Alpena in 1880. Clerk James R. Clark went down on the Chicora in 1895.
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 25 June 1870 
TextNewspapers    Although the above clipping states that Langley died in Chicago, his death record states that he died while on Lake Michigan.
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 23 March 1878 
TextNewspapers    The Goodrich Transportation Company. The arrangements of the Goodrich Company for season of 1878 are as follows: Steamer Chicago (side-wheel), West Shore Route, Chicago to Ahnapee - B. Sweeney, commander; Edson W. Dorsey, first officer; Cowen, engineer; Henry Pates, clerk; Gavin Watson, ...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Saturday, 21 September 1878 
TextNewspapers    The Loss of the Schooner Mary. The following account of the loss of the schooner Mary, off New Buffalo, is given in the Chicago Inter-Ocean of Monday: New Buffalo, Mich., Sept. 13. - As you have already announced, the schooner Mary was lost on the night of Sept. 9. Additional authentic ...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 6 November 1869 (Saturday) 
TextNewspapers    Capt. John Boyne has sold the Petrel and bought the Lizzie Doak, bran [sic] new schooner with a carrying capacity of 60,000 feet of hardwood lumber. The Lizzie Doak has wire standing rigging, patent wheel and windlass, and one of the stoutest vessels of her size on the Lakes. She was built in...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Saturday, 5 November 1870 
TextNewspapers    A separate brief article in the same edition of the paper reported that the tug Daisy Lee went out and pulled the wreck to pieces so as to clear the harbor.
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Sat., 12 Sept. 1868 
TextNewspapers    Terrible Disaster! The Propeller Hippocampus Lost! Great Loss of Life! The news of the calamity which has fallen upon this community by the loss of the Hippocampus and the consquent loss of life is already wide-spread throughout the country. On Monday night the scene on the Benton Harbor...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Sat., 3 Nov. 1877 
TextNewspapers    The schooner City of Tawas, in trying to make this harbor early Tuesday morning, struck the bar and sprung a leak, when she became unmanageable and drifted on to the beach about eighty rods south of the lighthouse pier. She has a cargo of about 500 tons of ore for the Bangor Furnace. She has ...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), 7 May 1881 
TextNewspapers    We took a look through the St. Joseph Light-House, the other day, and were much pleased to find things in such a neat and comfortable shape. Capt. Curtis Boughton, the new keeper, and his worthy lady, though an old couple, seem to be the right persons in the right place. They have painted, ...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Sat., 1 Aug. 1868 
TextNewspapers    Vessels off. - The schooner Thompson which went ashore just above the South pier during the gale of the 23rd, ult., was got off by the assistance of the tug Daisy Lee, and on Monday evening last was towed to Chicago by the Hippocampus. The schooners Josephine Dresden, and Magnet which went...
St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Sat., 16 May 1868 
TextNewspapers  St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, MI), Sat., 16 May 1868,   A Schooner Capsized. - Capt. John Boyne of the schooner Petrel, as he left the port of St. Joseph, on Friday the 8th inst., and had got within about 15 miles of Chicago, discovered a vessel lying on her beams' end, filled with water. Upon approaching the wreck it proved to be the schooner...
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