The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), [No Date] 
TextNewspapers    Pioneer Steamboats on the Great Lakes Dr. W. K. Burr in the Picton Times The first steamboat! Look; see how it moves on the water- the first steamboat on the Great Lakes. What a wold of thought is expressed in that one sentence the first steamboat. The revival- the wonderful revival-of ...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Dec. 6, 1860 
TextNewspapers    Disasters On The Lakes Almost every year, just previous to the close of navigation, there is more or less loss of life and property on our Great Lakes. This year the disasters have been rather more numerous than usual, though probably not more so then they would be every year with two days of...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Nov. 29, 1860 
TextNewspapers  Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Nov. 29, 1860,   The storm of Saturday and Sunday was a most terrible one on the Lakes, and we hear of disasters in all quarters. The Revolving Light, of Henderson, loaded with wheat, and the Minnehaha, of Detroit, bound for Ogdensburgh, loaded with corn, went ashore at Cape Vincent, with others, names unknown....
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Mon., June 8, 1870 
TextNewspapers    Three Mile Bay. - Wilcox, Putnam & Co., are building one of the largest vessels ever built at this place. Its dimensions are as follows: Length of kee 136 feet, bresdth of beam, 26 1/2 feet, depth of hold, 11 1/2 feet. It is to be a three masted vessel, with a capacity of 375 tons. Thi is ...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Tuesday, May 27, 1873 
TextNewspapers    The Launch At Sacket's Harbor on Monday afternoon was a brilliant affair. Hundreds of people gathered from all the neighboring villages to witness it, and the handsome schooner was borne into the water amid the cheers of the throng. She is named the "Wm. B. Phelps" in honor of the...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Tuesday, Sept. 16, 1873 
TextNewspapers    The steamer "Kelly" ran aground on the rocks at Alexandria Bay, a few rods from the Thousand Island House, as she was concluding her down-trip on Saturday evening. Passengers and baggage were removed by small boats. One of them contained several trunks, and Mr. Staples was overturned, and there...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Thursday, Sept. 18, 1873 
TextNewspapers    Propeller Burned At 8:20 Wednesday evening, the propeller "Akron" of the Vermont Central Line of steamers plying between Ogdensburg and Chicago, caught fire at Collins' Dock about five miles above Alexandria Bay and was totally consumed. She was taking wood at the time and was heavily laden ...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), April 11, 1876 
TextNewspapers    Mr. C. M Clark of the well known fish jobbing house of Sackets Harbor , has associated with him W. G. Robbins , who has for a number of years carried on the prioduce business at the same place . The firm hereafter will be Clark & Robbins , and, with their united efforts, it is predicted ...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Thursday June 8, 1876 
TextNewspapers    Fishing at Dexter A glowing description by a New Yorker The Forest and Stream of New York one of the foremost among newspapers which confines its attentions to matters of this kind and kindred subjects, furnishes the following from a New York city correspondent who no doubts know of what he ...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Tuesday Nov. 30, 1880 
TextNewspapers    The Cortez Wreck. Statement of several citizens of Ellisburgh who were present To the Editor of the Times & Reformer Seeing in your paper some statements regarding the life-saving crew as connected with the wreck of the Cortez that seem to be somewhat exaggerated, we desire to set the public...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Thursday, September 21, 1882 
TextNewspapers    An Old Captain - The Man who Helped to Build the First Propeller on the Lakes The Rochester Post-Express says: The trial of the case of Albert Quonoce, and others, against the insurance company of the state of Pennsylvania, involving the amount of $10,000 insurance on the schooner COMANCHE,...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Feb. 9, 1884 
TextNewspapers    KILLED AT SACKETS. ____ The Old Ship New Orleans Falls and Kills John Oats - Others Seriously Hurt - Horribly Mutilated. ____ Special to the Times. Sackets Harbor, Feb. 9. The old ship New Orleans, which was built in 1815, and which was purchased last summer of the government by Alfred...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Tuesday Nov. 17,1885 
TextNewspapers    The Wreck of the Algoma A survivor of the steamship Algoma, wrecked with such terrible loss of life on Lake Superior, says that when the shock was felt he ran down to the purser's room. He then pushed forward amid the stifling steam and aroused the steward and other employees, as well as the ...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Jan 20, 1888 
TextNewspapers    THE OLD HISTORIC VILLAGE AWAKENING Live men rebuilding the Town-Will make it a Manufacturing town and a Summer Resort Mineral Spring a Chance for Capital-- Advantages Offered- A City Site the Present and Future of the Place Jumping to the Front. The historic village of Sackets Harbor has...
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), 7 Dec 1897 
TextNewspapers    Saturday morning the steamer Rosedale went aground on Charity Shoal about eight miles out in Lake Ontario. During Saturday night and all day Sunday the wind blew a gale from the west which did considerable damage to the steamer. Yesterday steam pumps were put to work throwing the wheat overboard....
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Dec. 11, 1910 
TextNewspapers    WRECKED SAILORS LEAVE FOR HOME CREW OF JOHN SHARPLESS HAD TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE STRIKES ROCKS OFF GALLOUPS For 32 Hours Crew and Wife of Mate Are in Cabin with Only Heat Supplied from Oil Lamp-Are Finally Rescued by Passing Steamer Special to the Times Oswego, Dec. 10, The crew of the ...
Lightship and Crew of Six Probably Lost 
NewspapersText  "Lightship and Crew of Six Probably Lost," Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), 11 Nov 1913, p. 1 
Old Lake Sailor And Blue Jacket 
NewspapersText  "Old Lake Sailor And Blue Jacket," Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), 7 Sep 1917 
Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), Feb. 8, 1919 
TextNewspapers    Sackets Harbor, Feb. 8. -- Memories of Sackets Harbor of the days of the middle of the nineteenth century, when side-wheeled vessels plied the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario and this village was considerable of trade and passenger center, were recalled today by Manuel Jeffrey, 82 years old, who...
Wreck of Coal Steamer Menace to Navigation 
TextNewspapers  "Wreck of Coal Steamer Menace to Navigation," Watertown Times (Watertown, NY), 11 Dec 1920  WRECK OF COAL STEAMER MENACE TO Navigation PROJECTS ABOUT TEN FEET ABOVE WATER AND IS UNLIGHTED AT NIGHT Ogdensburg, Dec 18.--The hydrographic office of the navy gives notice to mariners that the wreck of the steamer James H. Shrigley, coal laden, lies sunk about one and three quarters miles...

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