The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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CORINTHIAN in rapids of the Saint Lawrence River 
Image  ca 1875-1882  Stereoview of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat CORINTHIAN in the rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. Probably the Lachine Rapids. View predates 20 September 1892 when the CORINTHIAN burned in the Cedar Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. According to the Montreal...
The CHICORA on Lake Ontario 
Image  c 1895  Stereoview of the ex-Civil War blockade runner CHICORA which came to the Great Lakes in 1868. She operated on the upper lakes until being bought by the Niagara Navigation Company and returned to Lake Ontario for the opening of the 1878 season. The combination of Strohmey & Wyman with Underwood and...
Lachine Rapids 
Image  c 1870  A stereoview engraving of a steamboat running the Lachine Rapids above Montreal. It is probably intended to represent one of the Canadian Navigation Company steamboats that operated on the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario in that period. Chisholm's all round route and panoramic guide of the...
Steamer ST. LAWRENCE. Thousand Islands Series 
Image  ca 1900  Stereoview of the Thousand Island Steamboat Company's steamboat ST. LAWRENCE in the Thousand Islands Built in 1884 in Clayton, NY. Passed to Canadian registry in 1920. 1516. Steamer ST. LAWRENCE. Thousand Islands Series
The Wharves, Montreal, Canada 
Image  1915  Stereoview of Montreal Harbour 10625- The Wharves, Montreal Canada; Lat. 45 N; Long. 74 W; Montreal is the great commercial center of the Dominion of Canada. It is situated on the north side of the St. Lawrence River and is 625 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the leading port for the...
Large Iron Ore Boat Coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Image  1923  Stereoview of laker WORRELL CLARKSON passing the Soo locks. Laker built in 1923 at Toledo, Ohio by Toledo Shipbuilding Company for Kinsman Transit Company. Later the ERNEST T. WEIR (1936) and GEORGE R. FINK(1952) 154-16731 Large Iron Ore Boat coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan ...
Loading the Great Whaleback Ship at the Famous Grain Elevators, Chicago 
Image  1895  Stereoview of the whaleback steamer An earlier version of this view exists that co-incides with the Columbian Exposition at Chicago and is copyright 1893. A later version of this view was published by Underwood and Underwood. "Loading the Great Whaleback Ship at the Famous Grain Elevators,...
Propeller ATLANTIC and Barque at Duluth, MN 
Image  c 1874  A stereoview of the propeller ATLANTIC and an unidentified barque alongside a warehouse and the railroad station in Duluth Minnesota in the early 1870s. The Minneapolis Photo Collection of the Minneapolic Public Library features over one hundred William H. Illingworth photographs including this...
Main saloon of a steamboat 
Image  c 1874  A stereoview of the main saloon of a steamboat photographed by William H. Illingworth. He was active in the Minnesota area and left photographs of both Great Lakes vessels and Mississippi river steamboats. This could have been from either The Minneapolis Photo Collection of the Minneapolic...
General view of the Falls from the New Steel Bridge 
Image  1903  Stereoview of the American Falls with the Horseshoe Falls at the right of the picture. The rounder pilot house on the MAID OF THE MIST suggests that this is the MAID launched in 1885. "(1) General view of the Falls from the New Steel Bridge -- "Maid of the Mist," at landing -- Niagara, U.S.A....
Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara 
Image  c 1883  Stereoview of a paddle-wheeled MAID OF THE MIST in the Whirlpool rapids of the Niagara River with a train crossing John A. Roebling's Niagara Suspension Bridge, above the carriageway with three carriages. The stone pylons of the Suspension Bridge evident in this picture were replaced with steel...
Maid of the Mist and American Falls, Niagara 
Image  c1900  Stereoview of both the MAID OF THE MIST and MAID OF THE MIST no. 2 in the Niagara River below the American Falls. The steamboat in the foreground with the hexagonal pilot house was the older of the two MAIDs. "Maid of the Mist and American Falls, Niagara" "Copyrighted by M. E. Wright" "Excelsior...
Sweet Silver Light of the Moon, Thousand Islands 
Image  1898  Moonlight steamboat in the Thousand Islands in 1898. The steamboat's profile fits that of the NEW ISLAND WANDERER. "12790 Sweet Silver Light of the Moon, Thousand Islands" "James M. Davis, New York, St. Louis, Liverpool, Toronto, Sydney" "Copyright 1898, by B. W. Kilburn" Reverse: "Photographed...
Deck of the CHICORA on Lake Ontario 
Image  c 1890  Stereoview of a group of passengers on the promenade deck of the Niagara Navigation Company steamboat CHICORA. Publication of this view must have pre-dated the move of Underwood & Underwood's headquarters to New York in 1891. C. Bierstadt, Publisher, Niagara Falls, NY; Sold only by Underwood &...
Steamer Quebec 
Image  c 1874  A stereoview of the main saloon of the Richelieu Company steamboat QUEBEC. Off both levels are doors to the 150 staterooms on the QUEBEC. In the foreground hangs a large gaslight chandelier. The view was published between 1871 and 1875, the years Parks was located at 188 St. James St. This image...
Electric unloader lifting 5 tons of iron ore from vessel's hold to docks, Cleveland, Ohio 
Image  c1910  Stereoview of three crew watching the unloading of iron ore from the Pittsburgh Steamship Company laker WILLIAM R. LINN in Cleveland Ohio. Parts of the hatch covers lie on the deck between the hatch openings. The crew in this picture are the same as in another of Underwood & Underwood's...
Unloading iron ore from lake vessels -- old and new methods -- Cleveland, O. 
Image  c1910  Across the river the 436 foot long Pittsburgh Steamship Company steam barge MANILA is being unloaded by the "new" method. On the near side the 204 foot schooner ZAPOTEC is being unloaded by a small clamshell is being handled by a single man as the railway ore is being filled. A second schooner...
Unloading an ore-steamer at Cleveland, O. -- lowering a 5-ton electric clam into the hold 
ImageComments  c1910  Unloading Pittsburgh Steamship Company lake, WILLIAM R. LINN at Cleveland using a five ton clamshell. A number of sailors wait, by sitting on the hatch covers. "7963 (a) Unloading an ore-steamer at Cleveland, O. -- lowering a 5-ton electric clam into the hold. Copyright Underwood & Underwood...
Piles of iron-ore between docks of Lake steamers (right) and railways to mills, Conneaut, Ohio 
Image  c1910  Three or four vessels can be seen on one side of the harbour as the rail are manoeuvred under the loaders. "7962 Piles of iron-ore between docks of Lake steamers (right) and railways to mills, Conneaut, Ohio. Copyright Underwood & Underwood U-95935" "Underwood & Underwood, Publishers, New York,...
Wreck of the Steamer LOUIS RENAUD in the Lachine Rapids 
Image  1873  Stereoview of the shipwreck of the steamboat LOUIS RENAUD in the Lachine Rapids just above the Isle au Heron in the Saint Lawrence River. The LOUIS RENAUD was wrecked in the rapids on 12 May 1873 under the command of Captain John Rankin, with about 150 passengers on board. The government inquiry...

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