The Maritime History of the Great Lakes
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"A Revolution in Travelling": The Steamboat Letters of the Torrance family, 1831-1848 
Text  Fisher, Rob, ""A Revolution in Travelling": The Steamboat Letters of the Torrance family, 1831-1848," The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord (St. John's, NL), Oct 2011, 359-376  The Torrance family's correspondence in the collection of papers by Robert M. Powell and his family at Library and Archives Canada must be recognized for his discussion of the steamboats of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes in the 1830s and 1840s. This recently discovered cache of letters...
History of Steam navigation on Lake Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "History of Steam navigation on Lake Ontario," Onondaga Standard (Syracuse, NY), Sep. 29, 1847  From the Oswego Commercial Times History of Steam navigation on Lake Ontario _______ The rapid increase and general improvement in the commercial marine of the Lakes, impart a high degree of interest to every thing relating to the early history and progress of our steam navigation. We have ...
The Steam Boat Ontario 
TextNewspapers  "The Steam Boat Ontario," Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY), Tues., Aug. 9, 1817  Oswego, August 7. The Steam Boat Ontario, Capt. Mallaby, touched here this morning from Niagara on her way to Sackets harbor, Ogdensburgh, &c. She was so much crowded with passengers that the captain was under the necessity of leaving a number of applicants at Niagara, for want of more ...
Admiral (Steamboat), 105541, 1875 
TextNewspapers  1875  ex S.P. CHASE
Search (Steamboat), U75987, 1845 
TextNewspapers  1845  ex ABERT, SURVEYOR, JULIA,
Algoma (Steamboat), C46235, 1863 
TextNewspapers  1863  ex CITY OF TORONTO, RACINE
Coaster (Steamboat), U4353, 1860 
TextNewspapers  1860  ex COMET,
Transit (Steamboat), 1835 
TextNewspapers  1835  ex CONSTITUTION
Champlain (Steamboat), 1838 
TextNewspapers  1838  ex ADELAIDE, ECLIPSE
Ella Ross (Steamboat), C77589, 1887 
TextNewspapers  1887  ex GIPSEY
Colonial (Steamboat), U157173, 1906 
TextNewspapers  1906  ex DARIUS COLE, HURON
Bruce (Steamboat), 1862 
TextNewspapers  1862  ex ISLANDER
State of Ohio (Steamboat), U125808, 1894 
TextNewspapers  1894  ex CITY OF CLEVELAND, CITY OF ALPENA
Tecumseh (Steamboat), 1849 
TextNewspapers  1849  ex FAIRPORT
Detroit (Steamboat), 1844 
TextNewspapers  1844  ex VERMILLION
Flora (Steamboat), U120210, 1905 
TextNewspapers  1905  ex URANIA, FLORA
Georgiana (Steamboat), C71137, 1879 
TextNewspapers  1879  ex DOVER
Western (Steamboat), 1839 
TextNewspapers  1839  ex ROB ROY, CYNTHIA
Bouquet (Steamboat), C33516, 1882 
TextNewspapers  1882  ex St. JEAN BAPTISTE
Columbian (Steamboat), C51695, 1870 
TextNewspapers  1870  ex CATARACT

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