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Canadian Progress, following the CCGS Samuel Risley. 
CORINTHIAN in rapids of the Saint Lawrence River 
Image  ca 1875-1882  Stereoview of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat CORINTHIAN in the rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. Probably the Lachine Rapids. View predates 20 September 1892 when the CORINTHIAN burned in the Cedar Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. According to the Montreal...
The CHICORA on Lake Ontario 
Image  c 1895  Stereoview of the ex-Civil War blockade runner CHICORA which came to the Great Lakes in 1868. She operated on the upper lakes until being bought by the Niagara Navigation Company and returned to Lake Ontario for the opening of the 1878 season. The combination of Strohmey & Wyman with Underwood and...
Lachine Rapids 
Image  c 1870  A stereoview engraving of a steamboat running the Lachine Rapids above Montreal. It is probably intended to represent one of the Canadian Navigation Company steamboats that operated on the Saint Lawrence River and Lake Ontario in that period. Chisholm's all round route and panoramic guide of the...
Steamer ST. LAWRENCE. Thousand Islands Series 
Image  ca 1900  Stereoview of the Thousand Island Steamboat Company's steamboat ST. LAWRENCE in the Thousand Islands Built in 1884 in Clayton, NY. Passed to Canadian registry in 1920. 1516. Steamer ST. LAWRENCE. Thousand Islands Series
The Wharves, Montreal, Canada 
Image  1915  Stereoview of Montreal Harbour 10625- The Wharves, Montreal Canada; Lat. 45 N; Long. 74 W; Montreal is the great commercial center of the Dominion of Canada. It is situated on the north side of the St. Lawrence River and is 625 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the leading port for the...
Large Iron Ore Boat Coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. 
Image  1923  Stereoview of laker WORRELL CLARKSON passing the Soo locks. Laker built in 1923 at Toledo, Ohio by Toledo Shipbuilding Company for Kinsman Transit Company. Later the ERNEST T. WEIR (1936) and GEORGE R. FINK(1952) 154-16731 Large Iron Ore Boat coming into Sabin Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan ...
Steamer ALGERIAN Running Long Sault Rapids, St. Lawrence River 
Image  c1900  Coloured postcard of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat ALGERIAN in the Long Sault Rapids. One of a series of four Notman photographs of this passage. The ALGERIAN was a rebuilt in 1874 of the BAVARIAN (1873), in turn a rebuild of the KINGSTON (1855). She was renamed CORNWALL...
ALGERIAN Running the Lachine Rapids on the St. Lawrence River 
ImageComments  c 1900  Coloured postcard of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat ALGERIAN in the Lachine Rapids, flying company pennant from the foremast and Stars and Stripes from the stern. Undivided back for address Published by the American News Company, New York, Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden;...
Lachine Rapids 
Image  c1900  Coloured postcard of unnamed steamboat running the Lachine Rapids. The name on the paddlewheels is missing. It is derived from an earlier picture of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat PASSPORT taken by Notman. The absence of the steamboat's name from the paddlebox is probably...
Approaching Cedar Rapids, St. Lawrence River, Canada 
Image  c 1920  Coloured postcard of the crowds on the foredeck of either the Canada Steamship Lines steamboats RAPIDS KING or RAPIDS PRINCE in the rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. Divided back "Approaching Cedar Rapids; Everyone on deck anxious to get the first glimpse of Cedar Rapids which boasts the fastest...
Shooting Lachine Rapids, Montreal 
Image  c1904  Coloured postcard of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat CORSICAN shooting the Lachine Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River Divided back "Shooting Lachine Rapids, Montreal" Reverse: I 483 W. G. MacFarlane, Publ., Toronto and Buffalo, Printed in Germany" "Private Post Card"
Montreal. RAPIDS KING in Lachine Rapids 
Image  c 1911  A coloured postcard misidentified as the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat RAPIDS KING (the paddlebox has "WHIRLPOOL" written on it. See the links for variations on this picture which was originally taken with the CORSICAN Mailed to Wanda Jarvis, Gordon Bay, ON from Father, 9 Aug....
Montreal. Steamer in Lachine Rapids 
Image  c 1910  Coloured postcard of unnamed Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat in the Lachine Rapids. See links for other pictures related to this one. The original photograph is of the CORSICAN. Divided back "Montreal. Steamer in Lachine Rapids" Reverse: "Novelty Manufacturing and Art Printing...
Steamer "Brockville" in the Long Sault Rapids, Canada 
Image  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat BROCKVILLE in theLong Sault Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. This BROCKVILLE was launched as the COLUMBIAN in Chester, PA, 1892. She was renamed BROCKVILLE in 1904 and rebuilt and renamed RAPIDS QUEEN in 1909. Divided...
The CHICORA on Lake Ontario 
Image  1913  A Century of Sail and Steam on the Niagara River by Barlow Cumberland
Niagara Navigation Coy.'s Steamer "Chicora" 
ImageComments  c 1907  Coloured postcard of the Niagara Navigation Company steamboat CHICORA on Lake Ontario "Niagara Navigation Coy.'s Steamer "Chicora" Reverse: "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto; Printed in Great Britain" PostMarked "Toronto, Ont., 1:30 PM, 24 Jul 1908"
Niagara Navigation Co.'s Steamers, Lewiston to Toronto 
Image  c1908  Coloured postcard featuring the Niagara Navigation Company vessels CHICORA, CORONA, CHIPPEWA and CAYUGA "Niagara Navigation Co.'s Steamers, Lewiston to Toronto" Reverse: "22722" Postmarked: "Attica, NY, 27 Feb 1913, 5 PM"
[PRESCOTT] Running Lachine Rapids, St. Lawrence River 
Image  c 1905  Coloured postcard of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company steamboat PRESCOTT running the Lachine Rapids. Formerly the BOHEMIAN. Renamed PRESCOTT for the 1905 season. Burned 27 Aug 1909 in Montreal. Undivided back. Postmarked Montreal Que, 23 Jun 1909 5 am "Running Lachine Rapids, St....
[PRESCOTT] In Lachine Rapids near Montreal 
Image    Tinted postcard of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company Steamboat PRESCOTT in the Lachine Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River This is, in fact, an altered copy of a Notman photograph of the PASSPORT from the 1880s or 1890s. See the linked photograph in Ivan Brookes, History of Hamilton...

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