Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 21, no. 5 (February 1989), p. 13

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13. Ship of the Month - cont'd. Salvage operations were begun as soon as the weather moderated, but as a result of subsequent storms which pounded the CORT in her exposed position, lying alongside the breakwater, with a sharp list to starboard, the hull of the steamer broke into two separate sections on December 26, 1934. The bow section sank in shallow water. Further salvage attempts were, accord ingly, abandoned, for the age and condition of HENRY CORT made them futile. The hull eventually was cut up for scrap where it lay during 1935. LAY-UP LISTINGS - WINTER 1988-1989 With this issue, we begin our comprehensive lay-up report for the current winter. In our reports for the previous three years, we commented upon the unusual pattern of lay-ups which developed on the Canadian side of the la kes in that, primarily as a result of late-season grain rushes, an inordi nate number of ships wintered at St. Lawrence River ports, and particularly at Montreal. As a consequence of poor grain sales and the drought condi tions experienced recently, there was no grain rush in the autumn of 1988, and more traditional lay-up patterns have once more emerged this year. * * * The following major commercial vessels are laid up at TORONTO this winter: BAYSHELL ENERCHEM ASPHALT NIPIGON BAY CANADIAN HUNTER ENGLISH RIVER NORMAC (rebuilding) CANADIAN LEADER FUEL MARKETER (divingschool) STEPHEN B. ROMAN CANADIAN MARINER HOCHELAGA SEAWAY QUEEN CONGAR JADRAN (restaurant) SENNEVILLE SIR JAMES DUNN M cASPHALT 401 (tankbarge) S. M. T. B. NO. 7 ELMGLEN METIS (bunkers barge) SCOTT MISENER WHITEFISH BAY In addition, the following other vessels are in port, some laid up for the winter, whilst others are operating regularly or intermittently: ALGONQUIN QUEEN (Q.C.Y . C. ferry), ANGUS M. (tug), AURORA BOREALIS (excursion boat), BAGOTVILLE (tug), CAROLYN JO (tug), CHALLENGE (excursion sailing ship), COLINETTE (tug), DUCHESS V (tug), EMPIRE SANDY (excursion sailing ship), ERIE NO. 1 (tug hull), GLENMONT (tug), H. M. C. S. HAIDA (museum at Ontario Place), NED HANLAN II (tug), HIAWATHA (R.C.Y. C. ferry), WILLIAM INGLIS (Is land ferry), JAGUAR II (excursion boat), KENNETH A. (tug), KWASIND (R.C.Y. C. ferry), LAC ERIE (tug), LOIS T. (tug), WM. LYON MACKENZIE (firetug), MAPLE CITY (Island Airport ferry), MARIPOSA BELLE (excursion boat), SAM McBRIDE (Island ferry), MICHAEL D. MISNER (tug), NIAGARA (excursion boat), ONGIARA (Island ferry), ORIOLE (excursion boat), PIONEER PRINCESS (excursion boat), PROGRESS III (derrick barge), RACKER (tug), R. C. L. TUG 11 (tug), THOMAS RENNIE (Island ferry), WILLIAM REST (tug), STE. MARIE I (excursion boat), FRED SCANDRETT (tug), GLADYS M. SIMPSON (excursion boat), HARVEY H. SIMP SON (do. ), K. WAYNE SIMPSON (do. ), MISS KIM SIMPSON (do. ), MISS SHAWN SIMP SON (do. ), SOULANGES (tug), STORMONT (tug), TERRY S. (tug), T.H. C. 50 (der rick barge), TORONTONIAN (excursion boat), TRILLIUM (excursion/ferry steam er), VULCAN II (excursion boat), WESTPETE (tug/excursion boat), WINDMILL POINT (Island Airport ferry), YANKEE LADY (excursion boat). We have made no effort to list every one of the charter and tour boats now on Toronto Bay, and have named only the most prominent of them. So great_ has been the proliferation of charter boats in recent years that it is dif ficult to tell many of them from the hordes of private cruisers seen on the crowded waters of the harbour. As well, several small workboats, tenders, scows, etc., have been omitted from the list. The following historic hulls may be seen in Toronto Bay and environs: BLUEBELL - former ferry steamer, hull now lying derelict inside the tip of the Leslie Street Headland (Tommy Thompson Park). DOUGLASS HOUGHTON - breakwater at Ontario Place.

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