Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 23, no. 5 (February 1991), p. 16

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Lay-up List - cont'd. INDIANA HARBOR, WALTER J. 16. M c C A R T H Y JR., MESABI Duluth: A RT HU R M. ANDERSON, MINER, EDGAR B. SPEER. Superior: A L P E N A (LEON FRASER), CHARLES M. BEEGHLY, JOHN J. BOLAND, IRVIN L. CLYMER, EL TON HOYT 2nd, HER B E R T C. JACKSON, J. L. MAUTHE, RESERVE, ST. CLAIR, JO HN SHERWIN. * * * We extend our most sincere thanks to the following members who assisted with the c o ll ec tion of data for this report: Jim Bartke, Neil Bauman, James Baumhofer, Rene Beauchamp, Duff Brace, Bill Breaker, David Bull, Don Dube, Glen Gardiner, Wes Harkins, Jim Hoffman, Gerald Hutton, Bob Ireland, Andy LaBorde, Buck Longhurst, Bob MacDonald, Mac Mackay, Mike Nicholls, Gerry Ouderkirk, Albert Schelling, Doug Schilz, Gordon Shaw, Albert Short, Ron Tackaberry, Fr. Pete Van der Linden, Fred Wagar, Duncan White and George Williams. We only appear to be m i s s i n g reports for C l e veland and Fairport. * * * * * A TUGB O A T A C C I D E N T The Mi d- S u m m e r 1990 issue featured as Ship of the M onth No. 184 the tug G. R. GRAY (II), (a) BISMARCK (84), (b) JUST I C E FIELD (91), (c) TR AVELER (21). We re cei ved some good comment from our members c o ncerning the tug, and we p a r t i c u l a r l y wi s h to thank Ken Thro and Ralph Roberts, both of whom had in fo rm a t i o n about the painting of BISMARCK (a p h otocopy of a print of which a cc om pa ni ed a fo llow-up item in the Oc tober issue). Member (and former p r e sident) Bruce Smith assisted by r e calling that George Gray, for who m the tug latter ly was named, was at one time president of the Abitibi Power & Paper Co mp an y Ltd., owner of the tug from 1920 onward. The "piece de resistance", however, came in the form of a letter from member C. Patric k Labadie, of Duluth, who sent us two photos of TRAVELER. They come from Pat's personal collection, and were given to him some years p r ev io us ly by W i l l i a m Loos, of Thunder Bay. They show TR AVELER in what is i d en ti fi ed as the drydock of the Port Arthur shipyard, and in them the tug is slewed ver y heavily to starboard. It is obvious that she somehow slipped off the blocks in the drydock, but we have no idea how this came about and wo uld be gr ate ful if any of our members (perhaps some of those from the Thunder Bay area) could assist. The date of the photo? Well, it was during the 1916-1920 period when T R A VELER was owned by Hugh Keefer, of Port Arthur. On the dock behind the tug is the package freighter GR A N V I L L E A. RICHARDSON; she is wear i n g the old Great Lakes Transit C o r p o r a t i o n logo on her bow, but the company's name has been pa int ed out, so this would indicate that the date was subsequent to the RI C H A R D S O N ' s a c q u i s i t i o n in 1917 by James Play fair's Great Lakes T r a n s por ta ti on Co mp a n y Ltd., Midland. The date must be prior to 1919, because in that year Playfa ir rec h r i s t e n e d the steamer (b) GLENCAIRN. So, co ns id e r i n g that the R I C H A R D S O N had not yet been compl e t e l y pa inted up in Playfair colours, one might well assume that the accident to TR AVELER oc cu rr ed sometime in 1917. Our sincere thanks to Pat Labadie for sharing these most in tere s t i n g ph o t o g r a p h s with our members. L ATE M A R I N E NEWS Mis ener Sh ipp ing has fina lized the sale of its ocean-lakers SELKIRK SETTLER and CA NAD A MA RQU IS to the Fedna v Group, w hich will rename them FE DERAL ST. LOUIS and FE DERAL RICHELIEU, respectively. Their s istership S A S K A T C H E W A N PIONEER will be time-ch a r t e r e d to Fednav by Pioneer Shipping. Me anwhile, press reports indicate that C . S . L., Misener and Pioneer will form a pool of their str aig ht- deckers, to be known as Great Lakes Bulk Carriers. * * * * *

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