Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 26, no. 9 (Mid-Summer 1994), p. 12

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Ship of the Month - cont'd. 12. partial cargoes of scrap metal before being towed out of the lakes on their last voyages. Looking much the worse for her years of idleness, POWERAUX CHRIS passed down the Welland Canal on August 27th and 28th , 1964, in tow of the Canadian tugs FOUNDATION VALIANT and FOUNDATION VIBERT. The FOUNDATION VALIANT eventually took POWERAUX CHRIS all the way across the North Atlantic, and the tow arrived safely at Hamburg on November 9th, 1964. POWERAUX CHRIS was dis mantled there during 1965, far from her home waters of the Great Lakes where she had served her two owners so faithfully. * * * * * NEEBING REVISITED Our readers will, we are sure, recall that in the April issue, we featured as our Ship of the Month No. 211 the steamer NEEBING (II), which was built in 1892 as Hull 52 of the Craig shipyard at Toledo. She first served as JOHN B. KETCHAM 2d., with the name later being altered to JOHN B. KETCHUM 2d. and still later to JOHN B. KETCHUM 2nd. She may have run briefly as GREENLAND in 1922 (we still have no proof of this), and in 1926 she carried the name COALHURST. From 1927 until her tragic loss in September of 1937, she ran as NEEBING (II). Along with our article, we published a number of good photos of the steamer, including ones which showed her as JOHN B. KETCHAM 2d., JOHN B. KETCHUM 2d. and NEEBING, but we had no photographs to illustrate her service under any other names. Fortunately, one of our stalwart members, Vern Sweeting, of Midland, has come to our rescue and has provided us with a most rare and valuable photo graph, so excellent in quality that we felt we should devote one entire side of our Mid-Summer photopage to it. The view clearly shows JOHN B. KETCHUM 2nd., downbound with a huge load of coal, and it was taken sometime in the period from 1918 until 1926, when she was operating in Hall colours. Sharp-eyed readers will recognize the lighthouse visible in the background of the photo, and from that will correctly ascertain that the picture was taken at the foot of the Cascades Locks, where the old Soulanges Canal emptied into Lake St. Louis. From this point, the KETCHUM would proceed across Lake St. Louis to the head of the Lachine Canal, the last in the steps down the old St. Lawrence canal system above Montreal. The photo originally came from the collection of Capt. Cecil Clark, longtime master of the steamer ALTADOC (II), and it was copied from a hand-coloured print. On the back of the original appeared the date 1922, but we have no way of verifying whether that was when the picture was taken, although we suspect that it was. We now hope that one of our readers will discover a photo of COALHURST. We suspect that it is a forlorn hope that we ever will receive documentation of the operation of the KETCHUM under the name GREENLAND, but who knows? Per haps the Rochester port records for 1922, if such exist, might resolve this quandary for us, even if not satisfying our photographic appetite. * * * * * RENEWALS, PLEASE Just to finish off this issue, may we once again remind you that we are anxiously awaiting receipt of your membership renewals for the 1994-1995 T. M. H . S. year. Just use the handy renewal form enclosed with this issue, and send it off to our Chief Purser with your remittance. Thank you. * * * * *

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