Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 25, no. 6 (March 1993), p. 2

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Editor's N o t ebook - c o n t 'd . 2. Tickets for the dinner will be $29. 00 per person and guests will, as usual, be welcome. Please send your early remittance to the T . M . H . S. Chief Purser, Will i a m R. Wilson, 173 Glenrose Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4T 1K7. When remitting, it is important that you specify whether you would prefer a fish or chicken dinner, as either will be available. Tickets will be held at the door for all those who have reserved. Please N o t e : A l t hough this year we have reserved the JADRAN's Dubrovnik Room, which is more capacious than the space we were allotted last year, restaurant capacity is limited and we do have a deadline for confirming the number that will attend as well as their dinner choices. Reservations, accomp a n i e d by payment and dinner c h o i c e , must be received by Tuesday, May 4th. We regret that there can be no refunds after that date, and that tickets will not be sold at the door. Also, those w i s h i n g to attend Russ Brown's SEGWUN programme must also attend the dinner, for both will be held in the same room. Please reserve early so that there will be space available for you and your party. * * * * * MAR I N E NEWS The Canada Steamship Lines self-unloader ATLANTIC HURON, (a) PRAIRIE HARVEST (89), made an unex p e c t e d return to the Great Lakes from salt water during the summer of 1992, having been brought back under the Canadian flag for the ore trade into the Stelco plant at Hamilton. She r e t urned to the coast in the latter part of the season and, on December 25th, arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, for winter lay-up. We now have a report that ATLANTIC H U R O N has been flagged out again, and now is r e gistered at Nassau, Bahamas. It is said that she cleared Halifax on M arch 1st, having loaded a cargo of gypsum there. We w ould assume that this means that ATLANTIC H U R O N will not be seen in lake trade during the 1993 navig a t i o n season. Back in 1969, Port Weller Dry Docks c onstructed a large tug, named ATLANTIC (Hull 51), and two barges, BETSIAMITES and SAULT AU C O C H ON (Hulls 49 and 50, respectively) for A t l antic & Pacific Barge Transport Ltd., of Vancouver, British Columbia. The 110-foot tug and her 393-foot barges were chartered to the St. Charles T r a n s p o r t a t i o n Company for use in the pulpw o o d trade between Forestville and Quebec City. In 1975, ATLANTIC was renamed (b) LAVAL, and the trio received new ownership twice, although they remained in the same trade. The Reed Paper Com p a n y / R e i d Maritime assumed ownership in 1979, and in 1988 the vessels were acquired by Daishowa Maritime Inc. On November 5, 1992, LAVAL and SAULT AU COCHON cleared F orestville with 4 , 000 cords of wood, which was destined to be the last cargo of pulpwood to be moved by ship on the St. Lawrence River. LAVAL was s u b s e quently sold to Quebec Tugs Ltd., while the two barges have been acquired by Sablico Inc. and have been refitted to carry sand and aggregates on the St. Lawrence River. Readers m a y have noticed in our lay-up listings in the February issue that the sandsucker and former canaller CHARLES R. H U N T L E Y was shown as being laid up at Port Hawksbury, Nova Scotia, and not at Shelburne as in other recent winters. This is not an error, nor is it, unfortunately, a sign of any significant activity on the part of the HUNTLEY. In fact, she is still idle and is still listed for sale. Agent for the vessel is reported to be Verreault N a v i g a t i o n Inc., of Les Mechins, Quebec. The 1992 edition of the Canadian List of Ships still listed the 1926-built H U N T L E Y as being owned by Ale x a n d e r Hume Incorporated, of Etobicoke, Ontario. In our last issue, we r e p orted the sale of the McKeil Marine tug W. TWOLAN to owners down the St. Lawrence River, and her passage down Seaway on December 17, 1992. It was our u n d e r s t a n d i n g that the TW O L A N been sold to buyers in Cacouna, Quebec, but we now have a report that new owner is Con s t r u c t i o n A. Dufresne, of Montreal, w hich will use TWOLAN as a harbour tug at Cacouna. N. the had the the

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