Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 29, no. 5 (February 1997), p. 13

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13. LAY-UP LISTINGS - WINTER 1996-1997 We now present our comprehensive lay-up report for the current winter. We have covered as many ports as possible with the material submitted by our readers, and any additional listings or corrections will appear next issue. * * * The following major commercial vessels are laid up at TORONTO this winter: CANADIAN EXPLORER JADRAN (restaurant) TARANTAU CANADIAN LEADER MARINE COURIER TORONTO DRYDOCK CARTIERDOC STEPHEN B. ROMAN (ex MENIER CONSOL) CONGAR (scrapping) SAGUENAY WINDOC ENGLISH RIVER SEAWAY QUEEN The following other vessels are in port, most laid up for the winter, al­ though a few are operating, either regularly or intermittently: ALGONQUIN QUEEN (Q. C. Y. C. ferry), CHALLENGE (sail excursion), COLINETTE (tug), DEER LAKE (tug), DUCHESS V (tug), ELSIE D. (R. C. Y. C. tender), EMPIRE SANDY (sail excursion), EMPRESS OF CANADA (excursion), ESPERANZA IV (R. C. Y. C. tender), CAPT. MATTHEW FLINDERS (excursion), GALACTICA 001 (excursion), GLENBROOK (tug), GLENMONT (tug), H. M. C. S. HAIDA (Ontario Place museum), NED HANLAN II (tug), HIAWATHA (R. C. Y. C. ferry), WILLIAM INGLIS (Island ferry), I-WY-SEA (I. Y. C. ferry), JAGUAR II (excursion), JUBILEE QUEEN (excursion), KENNETH A. (tug), KLANCY II (excursion), KWASIND (R. C. Y. C. ferry). LAC ERIE (tug), ALISON LAKE (sail excursion, ex SAUK), WM. LYON MACKENZIE (firetug), MAPLE CITY (airport ferry), MARIPOSA BELLE (excursion), SAM McBRIDE (Island ferry), MISS KRISTY (ex fish boat), MISS TORONTO (excur­ sion), NELVANA (excursion), NORTHERN SPIRIT I (excursion), OBSESSION III (excursion), ONGIARA (Island ferry), ORIOLE (excursion), PIONEER PRINCESS (excursion), PIONEER QUEEN (excursion), P. & P. 1 (workboat), PRIMROSE (ex dredge), PROGRESS III (derrick barge), THOMAS RENNIE (Island ferry), WILLIAM REST (tug), HAROLD S. ROBBINS (Q. C. Y. C. tender). S. A. QUEEN (barge, ex tug), FRED SCANDRETT (tug), SHIPSANDS (excursion), SHOWBOAT ROYAL GRACE (excursion), KIM SIMPSON (excursion), STELLA BOREALIS (excursion), STILL WATCH (ex C. C. G. S. VILLE MARIE), T. H. C. 50 (derrick barge), TORONTONIAN (excursion), TRACY M. (tug), TRILLIUM (Island ferry & excursion steamer), TRUE NORTH (sail excursion), VERENDRYE (ex C. C. G. ten­ der), WAYWARD PRINCESS (excursion), DOC WILLINSKY (I. Y. C. ferry), WINDMILL POINT (airport ferry), YANKEE LADY (excursion), YANKEE LADY II (excursion), YANKEE LADY III (excursion, under construction). The following historic hulls may be seen in Toronto Harbour and environs: BLUEBELL - former ferry (older near-sister of TRILLIUM), broken hull lying derelict inside tip of Leslie Street Headland (Tommy Thompson Park). DOUGLASS HOUGHTON - freighter, now breakwater at Ontario Place. RAPIDS QUEEN - former passenger steamer, then barge, now breakwater at Queen City Yacht Club, Algonquin Island (near Ward's Island ferry dock). HOWARD L. SHAW - freighter, now breakwater at Ontario Place. VICTORIOUS - freighter, now breakwater at Ontario Place; pilothouse and tex­ as on lake shore east of Cherry Street, south of Unwin Avenue. * * * The following major commercial vessels are reported to be wintering at the various lake and river ports, which we list as closely as possible by area. We include ferries, tugs, large dredges, etc., only if they have been re­ ported to us and identified as such. We normally do not include scows, fish­ boats, derricks, small workboats, etc. In the case of some ports, particu­ larly those of the St. Lawrence River, ships come and go from lay-up during the winter; our listings are correct as of date of observation but may not be exact as of subsequent dates.

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