Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 37, no. 4 (February 2005), p. 11

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Lay-Up Listings - cont'd. boat), OKLAHOMA (tug), POB (dredge), SUSAN E. (tug), VALLEY CAMP (museum), WHITEFISH BAY (tug). Add to above: BIDE-A-WEE (exc. ). Sault Ste Marie, Ontario: LEWIS G. HARRIMAN, MICHIPICOTEN, MISSISSAGI, NORGOMA (museum), QUEDOC (remains), YANKCANUCK. (We regret list omits the numerous tugs and barges, etc. ) Nipigon: JIM DAN D., KWE (both fishtugs). Red Rock: SEAGULL III (cruiser, ex fishtug). Hurkett: DONNA 1st, F. T. JAMES, JIMMIE N. (all fishtugs), ROSSPORT (derelict fishtug). Pass Lake: IRONSIDES II (fishtug), KAREN H. (derelict fishtug), W. J. McKAY (fishtug). Thunder Bay: AGAWA CANYON, AGOMING (barge, ex Soo ferry), JOHN B. AIRD, ALGOMARINE, ATLAN­ TIC HURON, BABIKAN (fishtug), PAUL BECOTTE SR. (barge), BK-8380 (spud barge), BROMPTON BEAR (workboat), BROMPTON CARIBOU (ex logging tug), CANADIAN PROSPECTOR, GEORGE N. CARLETON (tug), C. C. G. S. CHALLION (rescue boat), COASTAL CRUISER (workboat), CSL TADOUSSAC, DANNY (fishtug), DONALD MAC (tug), DRYDEN 3 (derelict logging tug), ELLEN MARIE (cruiser, ex fish trawler), EVERET H. (M. N. R. fishtug), MARY FIRCHUK (tug), GLENADA (tug), HALIFAX, HAPPY DAYS (cruiser, ex fishtug), HULL 642 (derelict logging tug), IRENE H-10 (dump scow), F. A. JOHNSON (towboat), KEEWANIS (barge), KINGFISHER (tug), ANNIS LEE (tug), CARRIE LEE (tug), CLARA LEE (derelict fishtug), GENERAL LEVIS (barge), LOUIS M. II (barge), MARILYN GRACE (fishtug), MARION G. (fishtug), MARLENE ONE (fishtug), MELISSA (fishtug), MISEFORD (tug), NESCO II (tug), OGIMA (cruiser, ex logging supply boat), ONAMAN (tug), PENINSULA (tug), PIONEER II (exc. ), POINT VALOUR (tug), RADIUM 603, RADIUM 604, RADIUM 607, RADIUM 610, RADIUM 611, RADIUM 617, RADIUM 623, RADIUM 625, RADIUM 631 (all barges), RADIUM YELLOWKNIFE (tug), C. C. G. S. RELITTE II (workboat), ROBERT JOHN (tug), ROBERT W. (tug), ROSALEE D. (workboat), ROSALINE (fishtug), SANDRA B. NO. 1 (spud barge), JAMES WHALEN (tug/museum), WOLF RIVER. Two Harbors: EDNA G. (tug/museum). Duluth: AMERICAN MARINER, ROGER BLOUGH, JOHN J. BOLAND, WILLIAM A. IRVIN (museum), LAKE SU­ PERIOR (tug/museum), PRESQUE ISLE (barge and tug), ST. CLAIR, EDGAR B. SPEER, SUNDEW (U. S. C. G. /museum). Superior: AMERICAN SPIRIT, ARTHUR M. ANDERSON, JAMES R. BARKER, J. B. FORD, METEOR (museum) JOHN G. MUNSON, RESERVE, JOHN SHERWIN. t i t Thus endeth the first instalment of this winter's lay-up report. If there are any errors or omissions, it is because we did not receive a current list from that area. Additions and corrections will appear in the March issue. Meanwhile, for their help in putting together this report, we extend our most sincere thanks to: Terry Beahen, Rene Beauchamp, Tom Brewer, Ken Davis, Rob Farrow, Skip Gillham, Gerry Hutton, Alvon Jackson, Andy LaBorde, George Lee, Gerry Ouderkirk, Carmen Paris, Greg Rudnick, Jimmy Sprunt and David Swain. * * * * * JAMES E. MORRIS We regret to advise that longtime member Jim Morris, of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, passed away suddenly on January 22 at age 49. He carried mem­ bership number 215. He grew up travelling often with his father aboard the Bob-Lo boats, and also on the annual M. H. S. D. trips on ASSINIBOIA. He enjoyed going to the Soo, to the Welland Canal and to launch sites. Latterly, he served as news editor for "Telescope", published by the Great Lakes Maritime Institute. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family. * * * ALBERT A. SCHELLING Albert Schelling, of Thunder Bay, T. M. H. S. member number 245, passed away on December 28th, and funeral services were held on January 3. A1 had been a contributor to "Scanner" for many years and will be missed. At one time, he served aboard the steamer VICTORIOUS.

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