Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Scanner, v. 38, no. 3 (January 2006), p. 2

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Editor's Logbook - cont'd. 2. January issue might be appropriate and would fill some otherwise idle hours. This way, the members will receive the number of issues for which they sub­ scribed this year. So we hope that you enjoy your January surprise. One thing we did miss with no December issue was the opportunity of doing our annual year-in-review article and extending best Christmas wishes to the members. However, we still have the opportunity of wishing to all our members a Very Happy New Year, and we hope that for all of us, the year 2006 will be a much better one than was 2005... * * * * * * * MARINE NEWS At long last, the refitting and repowering of VOYAGEUR INDEPENDENT at Hamilton was completed in November, and just before midnight on November 17, she entered the Welland Canal on her maiden voyage under her new ownership and management. The INDEPENDENT is wearing the same blue and white colours as MARITIME TRADER, the former TEAKGLEN, which also is under the same management, except that her enclosed quarterdeck is painted blue rather than white as is the TRADER's . The INDEPENDENT looks very snappy in her new co­ lours, although we personally think that both ships would look better with white forecastles. We understand that the TRADER will be wintering at Thun­ der Bay and the INDEPENDENT at Windsor. On December 4th, the Upper Lakes Towing Company tug OLIVE L. MOORE arrived at Erie, Pennsylvania, with the former Oglebay Norton steamer BUCKEYE (iii), (a) SPARROWS POINT (91), which she brought from Toledo. Over the winter, Erie Shipbuilding LLC, the new joint venture of Van Enkevort Tug & Barge and K. & K. Warehousing, will be converted to a barge to be operated in integra­ ted fashion with the MOORE. K. & K. acquired the BUCKEYE earlier in the au­ tumn. Her new registered owner is Buckeye Holdings LLC, a K. & K. affiliate. On December 28th, whilst announcing the sale of its O-N Minerals (St. Clair) Company to United States Lime & Minerals Inc., Oglebay Norton made it clear that while committed to its business of supplying limestone, lime and in­ dustrial sands, it did not find it necessary to own and operate its own lake vessels. The company stated that if it were able to arrange a long-term contract for the carriage of its products, then a transaction to dispose of its shipping interests likely would be completed. Accordingly, rumours con­ cerning the future of the various Oglebay Norton ships continue unabated. The Toronto Drydock Company, which operates a drydock facility in Toronto's Turning Basin using the former wood carrier MENIER CONSOL, has acquired the tug M. R. KANE from Urgence Marine Inc., Montreal. The wartime "Tanac" class tug (she reportedly was TANAC V-246 originally) was built in 1945 at Tren­ ton, Ontario, by the Central Bridge Co. Ltd. She is 60. 6 x 16. 5 x 6. 7, 50. 64 Gross Tons and 34. 44 Net. She carries Canadian official number 0179278. She made the voyage from Montreal to Toronto under her own power, despite the lateness of the season, but she did encounter heavy weather on Lake Ontario, and with some damage, was forced to take shelter at Cobourg. She finally arrived at Toronto on December 27th. Local marine contractors have taken on the major contract for constructing a new breakwater in Humber Bay, to the west of Toronto harbour. A large fleet of tugs and barges has been assembled for the project, including a number of the "Radium" barges that had been lying at Thunder Bay. Amongst the tugs being used on the job are OURS POLAIRE, W. B. INDOK (from Thorold), RADIUM YELLOWKNIFE (from Thunder Bay) and SALVAGE MONARCH (from Goderich). We would assume that these vessels are being used under charter, but exact details are not known. We are told that RADIUM YELLOWKNIFE was drydocked in the old Magee drydock at Ramey's Bend on her way to Toronto. She encountered very heavy ice during her transit of the Welland Canal.

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