Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Marine Record (Cleveland, OH), June 27, 1895, p. 14

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THE MARINE RECORD. STEN toexplain his process. He boils his goods in oil. Send for Descriptive Catalogue and Samples, veevm Superior Graphite Paint NO BLISTERING, CRACKING OR SCALING. Made especially for Stacks, Decks, Sides, Hulls and Water Compartments. Strictly anfi-rust, and most durable and economical. DETROIT GRAPHITE MFG. CO. 542 River St., Detroit, Mich. ‘ THE CUDDY-MULLEN COAL COMPANY Docks at Government Pier, Whiskey ‘Island, and Adjoining DEALERS IN COAL. Globe Dry Dock. bl All fully equipped with Revolving Dercicks; also, Lighter Carrying Derrick, and One Hundrea ‘Iwo and One-Half Ton Buckets. Main Office, 81 Perkins Building, East Side of Main Street Bridge. Dock Office, 127 West River St., Cleveland, Ohio, Telephone No. 8. Boats Coaled Day and Night. Docks at Amherstburg and Sandwich, Ontario MULLEN-GATFIELD COAL Co. Dealers in the Celebrated MANSFIELD 4»27 YOUGHIOGHENY COALS. Docks at SANDWICH, ONTARIO, opposite the Fort at Detroit, with chutes for rapid Blevated docks and derrick at AMHERSTBURG, ONTARIO. fueling. 0). W. SHIPMAN ~~DOOKS. The “CINCINNATI” Automatic STEAM STEERING GEAR Simple, Powerful Machine. Noiseless and Sure. Send for Circular, CRAWLEY & JOHNSTON, 119, 121, 125 East Pearl Street, - = CINCINNATI, OHIO. AMERICAN STEEL BARGE CO. STEEL AND METAL SHIPS OF ALL CLASSES BUILT ON SHORTEST POSSIBLE NOTICE AT OUR YARDS AT WEST SUPERIOR, WIS., and also at EVERETT, WASH. PHOTOGRAPH OF 300 FT. BOAT IN DOCK, AMHERSTBURG, ONT. Four Chutes and Low Dock, Massillon and Main Office, 90 Griswold St., DETROIT. Youghiogheny HOCKINe i =e ee wee a TT CLES ee Plates and 1d 1 Best eee Quality ways on Y of Oak in Hand to ; Stock for Repair all kinds of popes Metal Wooden Ships in Vessels Shortest of all Time. Classes. esa a> ae ato SIZE OF DOCK ee WGCO OD, WELPCINE...2c cc. ciaseed. orsiensss 587 feet. Entrance, Top rae iNscceaa 55 feet 9 in. TREBRO UM DOP vxvcecssssosie yerisisecscesee 90 ‘“ 4in Entrance, BOMOWii tics uscitirss scteeecese DO." BTEAGU, BOUOI ..0ck cisecsedesteonsens OF WMG piOVEr SUS i cisaisssscsetvececlesses 18> LARGEST DRY DOCK ON THE LAKES. P E RICES FOR REPAIRS AND DOCKING SUPERIOR, WIS. SAME AS AT LOWER LAKE PORTS. A NUMBER OF PROPELLER WHEELS IN STOCK AT DRY DOCK. Not having been subjected to the injurious chemical action of boiling oil, outlas ‘ "3 oe placing other packings on Lake and Ocean Steamers, and can guarantee our goods for marine work. Ask the man offering ‘‘the same thing New York, 136 Liberty Street, Chicago, 5! $. Canal Street. SI Sa A a SENN aE EE I SR SE ER IR ea Se EE i a SE a as eee eS ~ CRANDALL’S PATENT PACKINGS, FOR STEAM, WATER AND AMMONIA. CRANDALL PACKING CO. , Main Offices and Works, PALMYRA, N. Y. THE SHIP OWNERS DRY DOCK CO. | : : Capacity with Two Docks Largest DOCK YARD on the GREAT Ships on LAKES. GENERAL REPAIR WORK PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Being equipped with Lucigen Lights we can do work at night as well as day. TELEPHONE 1635. Foot of Weddell St.. CLEVELAND, 0. Calvin Carr. G. C. Blair. | A. A. Parker. James W. Millen. John Mitchell. B. W. Parker. CARR & BLAIR} PARKER & MILLEN, VESSEL AND Insurance | Vessel & Insurance Agents. AGENTS, Iron Ore & Coal Cargoes a Specialty. ESTABLISHED 1857. THOMAS MARKS & C0., Merchants, Forwarders and Ship Owners. PORT ARTHUR, CANADA, N. B.—Special attention given Rooms 1 and 2. Tel. Main 869. | Rooms 3&4 15 Atwater St., West. ¢o chartering vessels. 12 Sherman St. CHICAGO. DETROIT, MICH. C, F. Palmer. H. W. Cook. | J. G. Keith. D. Sullivan. Capt. J. A. Calbick. Palmer, Gook & Calbick, Vessel Agents and Underwriters, 108 and 109 Royal Insurance Bldg. Chicago, Ill, Telephone, Harrison 698. JOHN PRINDIVILLE, VESSEL AnD INSURANCE AGENT, tz Sherman Street, CHICAGO. CGC. A, MADDON 2D = a GENERAL MARINE INSURANCE AGENTS. RIALTO BUILDING, CPICA GO, TEs J. G. KEITH & 60. VESSEL AND INSURANCE AGENTS, 140 and 141 Rialto Bldg, CuIcaGo. Telephone No. 3658. Telephone Main 129. THOS. WILSON, MANAGING OWNER WILSON’S TRANSIT LINE, General Forwarder, Freight and Vessel Agent. CLEVELAND, O. .VESSEL AGENTS... CR: JONES. & CO: FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE. Nos. 501, 502 and 503 Perry-Payne Bldg.. CLEVELAND, O. JOHN MITCHELL, JOHN F. WEDOW, ALFRED MITOHEL MITCHELL & CO., Vessel and Insurance Agents, iffice Telephone, 767. 508-509-510 Perry-Payne Building, Residence John Mitchell, 3506. CLEVELAND, O , Os BEESON’S DIRECTORY Smith & Swainson, Cleveland, O. PRICE $5.00; INCLUDING SUBSCRIPTION TO THE MARINE RECORD $6.00. for 1895 is now ready, Send orders to t all others, and never melt and gum. We are constantly dis. 2 Fae eee Pane EI ye

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