Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Marine Record (Cleveland, OH), July 25, 1895, p. 11

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THE MARINE RECORD. nN WILLIAM L. BROWN, WALTER F. COBB, ue I. BABCOCK, Manager. President. Vice President and Treasurer. O. R. SINCLAIR, Secretary and Asst. Trens. Chicago Ship Building Go. - STEEL SHIPBUILDERS and DRY DOCK PROPRIETORS, DRY DOCK AND YARDS: LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONES: rorst Street and Calumet River, «s#7-anha ony nook onntot ois not OAe eek ew > a AO: Sy oe Mining, _ oe “aes” E,W. WHEELER & COMPANY., QUAVES Engines of any power,sugar cane transferring engines, transferring machines for depositing cane from car to carrier, with ™ my improved Patent Friction Drums, with y) or without Boilers. Any BUILDERS OF ALL KINDS OF IRON STEEL Aw WOODEN SHiva. FOR LAKE OR OCEAN SERVICE. West Bay City, Mich. F. W. WHEELER, Prest. E.T. CARRINGTION,V.-Prest C. W. STIVER, Secretary & Treasurer. amount of reference given. Established 1870. 4¢-Send for Catalogue. J.S. MUNDY, Newark, N. J. 744 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. 22 Light St., Baltimore, Md 117 Water St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 249 South Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill. 715 North Second St., St, Louis, Mo. 39° Magazine St., New Orleans, La. 34 Fremont St., San F rancisco, Cal. 85 Front St., Portland, Oregon. Fourth &Wakouta Sts.,St.Paul,Minn. 218 Congress St., Boston, Mass. PRON TIS Roce obueinatinot ioe MARINE AND INLAND INSURANCE. lnsurance Company of North America, © ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, SeanEEIREEEnE (ORGANIZED 1842.) Office, 61 Wall Street, NEW YORK. CAPITAL, Paid at _ cae “ p $2,000,000-00 Insures against Marine and Inland Transportation Risks and ~ issué ASSETS, < . ii ie ene 9,562,599 .92— Policies making Loss Payable in Eugland. CHARLES PLATT, President, WILLIAM A, PLATT, Vice-President, Assets over $10,000,000 for the Security of its Policies. EUGENE L. ELLISON, 2nd Vice-President. GREVILLE E. FRYER, Sec’y & Treas. The profits of the Company revert to the assured, and are divided annually upon the JOHN H. ATWOOD, Assistant Secretary. premiums terminated during the year; thereby reducing the-cost of insurance. For such diye idends, certificates are issued bearing interest until ordered to be redeemed, in accordance GEORGE L. McCURDY, Manager, Lake Marine Department. CHICAGO os Paine one” aa ee ne Boyer's Patent Sectional Water Tube Boilers | These rapid Steaming Boilers require less room, occupy less space in width, height and length; weigh sJ less than any other. Have short, perfect circulation, no dead ends, no joints in the fire, and any engineer can get at all parts of it. The Steam Yacht “Rex,” having 25 square feet grate surface and 1000 square feet heating surface, steamed 144 miles on 1000 lbs. of coal. Address : L. BOYER’S SONS, 90 Wall St., New York City. SSK FOR INTERNAL FOR EXTERNAL ee MARINE VALVE OlL tities RENOWN ENGINE LUBRICATION. Marine Valve, Eldorado Engine, Victor Signal, Mineral Seal, Aretic Cup Greases, —_ Renown Engine, Crank Case, Dark Lubricating, Head Light, and Lard Oils, —CARRIED IN STOCK AT THE— Standard Oil Company’s Marine Depot, A. A. RAVEN, 2nd Vice-Prest. J. H. CHAPMAN, Secy. Marine |ron Works, Clybourn & Southport Aves., CELLO Aca BUILDERS OF STEAM YACHTS, MARINE ENGINES, MARINE BOILERS. Write for List of Boats for Sale. I ‘% _ TELEPHONE 77. 123 River Street, CLEVELAND, O. MAIN OFFICE TELEPHONE 682. ALSO FOR SALE Chicago, Ill., No. 5 Wabash Ave. Marinette, Wis. Buffalo, N.Y. : BY Racine, Wis. Oshkosh, Wis. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. : “ann wl Milwaukee, Wis., Broadway & Mason. Duluth, Minn. West Bay City, Mich., M. C. Ry. & 10th St. aK “ig i> STAN D A R D Sheboygan, Wis. West Superior, Wis. Saginaw, Mich., Kighth & Sears Sts. y Sloe AS Manitowoc, Wis. Hancock, Mich. Detroit, Mich., 46 Jefferson. VetaNd S OIL CO., Green Bay, Wis. Marquette, Mich. Toledo, O., Summit & Monroe Sts. 16th Sts., Erie, Pa. Edward Brammall, Benton Harbor, Mich. A. H. McGonagil, South Chicago, Il. rated Refining ett al tor cee desi Baby & Dale, St. Olair, Mich. Marine Supply Co., Fairpogt, O. W. S Mckinnon, Ashtabula Harbor, O. N. C. Alten, ’ Lorain, O. F,. Kranz, Sandusky, O. Hall & Rand, A Bee O. A. BE. Harrington, Conneaut Harbor, O. The M. I. Wilcox Cordage & Supply Company, Toledo, O. ull ¢ 4,

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