Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Marine Record (Cleveland, OH), August 8, 1895, p. 12

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12 ee ee THE MARINE RECORD. _MARINE ENGINEERING (Also Stationary and Locomotive); Me- Panay chanics; Mechanical Drawing; Electric: § tty; Archit cture; Iron Work; Railroad, £ Bridge and Munici: al Engineering; Plumb-¢¢ ing; Heating; Mining, Prospecting; Eng ishZa Branches. CANDIDATES PREPARED TO OB-/39 TAIN LICENSES. Courses begin with Arith- (oy oRol 2 metic. Send for Free Circular, stating sub-AxcZZ78hy ject you wish to study. LI The International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa, Walter H. Oades’ Shipyard, MARINE RAILWAY AND SHEERS, Ship Carpenters, Calkers & Joiners. <RACT TRADE WARK REGisTE&cO Working on reasonable terms. Yard: Foot of Dubois Street, DETROIT. Telephone 1670, 3 rings. ABRAM SMITH. ANGUS H. SMITH. ABRAM SMITH & SON, SHIP-BUILDERS, ALGONAGC, MICH. Wooden Ships of any description built, rebuilt, or repaired. Send for specifications, prices, etc. Goods slips for laying up boats. A, GILMORE & SONS ToLepbo Dry Dock. Telephone No. 157, TOLEDO, OHIO. Vessels Docked and Repaired at Reasonable Rates. At Sandusky, 0., the State Convention of Knights of Pythias will be held Aug. 6th to 12th, and excursion rates will be authorized on the Nickel Plate Road. 202-32 PATENTS, CAVEATS, TRADE- MARKS, DESIGN PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, Etc. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. John A, Saul, Atlantic Building, “ oe Washington, D. C. 4 ROBERT E: HILLS, STEAM FITTING and HEATING Wrought Iron Pipe and Fittings, Engin- eers’ Supplies; General Jobbing Work Done Promptly. Aiso Proprietor of Noth Side !ron Works, 57 & 59 North Wells St. CHICAGO, ILL. now for THE MAring SIDSGPIDG econ. $1.00 win pay for six months, $2.00 for one year, including a\]_supplements. WILSON'S PATENT STUMP A eS A i? ie i ne Sex . MANUFACTURED AND FOR SALE BY The Montague lron Works Co., MONTAGUE, MICH. Wor. Per, A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE STUMP PULLER. The tripod frame of this stump puller has two of itslegs provided with wheels, to facilitate moving it about, and to the third leg is swiveled a shoe, the head block at the top being preferably of metal, and having a conical open- ing, a half round washer resting on the block above the opening. The improvement has been patented by Mr. James D, Wilson, of Montague, Mich. Secured in any suitable way to the stump is a lifting shaft at whose up per end is a cap, the shaft having an exterior thread, preferably of two and a quarter inch pitch, and an adjustable Clutch on the shaft, below the head block, is adapted for locking engagement with the lower end of a hollow shaft through which the lifting shaft passes. The interior of the hollow shaft has a thread engaging that of the aad shaft, and the hollow shaft has a flange at its upper end and an exterior thread, preferably of four and a half inc pitch, the hollow and the lifting shafts being shown in their normal position in Fig. 1, A nut resting on the washer receives the exterior thread of the hollow shaft, the shape of the washer and of the head block permitting the lifting shaft to be somewhat inclined without becoming cramped. Arms projecting from the nut are secured to a lever or sweep to which a draught animal is attached, the lifting shaft moving up at a speed corresponding to.the pitch of Ps screw thread, as the sweep is carried around, but when the clutch on the lifting shaft engages with the hollow - shaft the latter is also carried up with the main sha‘t, at a correspondingly greater speed, owing to its coarser pitch, the stump then being raised four and one half inches at each revolution of the sweep. In Fig. 2the lifting shaft is shown drawn up toa connection with the auxiliary shaft, and in Fig, 3 the two shafts are showa elevated together. As will be seen, the stump is first started and slowly drawn up by the main shaft, and is afterward raised more rapid- ly by the coarser thread on the auxiliary shaft.—Screntific American. Will pull the largest stumps without digging or chopping. The price of all iron-work, including chains, is $125.00 delivere‘ on car or boat, Montague, Muskegon Co., Mich., and we furnish a blue print from which to make the wood work. ‘This machine has all of the advantages of the old screw power besides the advantage of the quick hoist for lifting the stump out of the hole, and will accomplish twenty-five per cent. more work than the ordinary stump machine. Main screw of steel’3%4 inches in diameter, 16:feet long, auxiliary or quick hoist screw 544 inches In diam- eter, 5 feet long. Chains 1 inch or 11% inche§ in diameter by 8 feet long. Iron work for machine complete weighs 1,400'‘pounds. The timber required for frame is 10 by 12 inches Norway pine, or 8 by 12 inches hardwood, and tapered to 8 by 8 inches at the ends. ; FRANK MORRISON, COMPASS ADJUSTER —AND MANUFACTURER OF NAUTICAL INSTRUMENTS. COMPASSES. BAROMETERS, PATENT LOGS, BINNACLES, STEAM GAUGES, MARINE GLASSES, ENGINE INDICATORS. All Nautical Instruments Carefully Repaired. Office with Upson, Walton & Co., 464 River St., Cleveland, 0. J. H. OWEN, DPrent Chicago. F. H. VAN CLEVE, Sec’y, Escanaba. Capt. GEO. BARTLEY, Supt., Escanaba ESCANABA TOWING & WRECKING CO., Escanaba, Mich. Tugs, Lighters, Steam Pumps, Hawsers, Hydraulic Jacks and Diving Appliances always ready. | TUG MONARGH—Engine Compound, Cylinder 16 & 30 in. diameter, 30 in. Stroke, Steam Pressure allowed, 1265 lbs. TUG DELTA—Cylinder 20 by 22, Steam Pressure allowed, 105 Ibs. TUG OWEN—Cylinder 20 by 20, Steam Pressure allowed, 104 lbs. CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS. SEVEN AND FOURTEEN INCH SUCTION. TREGURTHA SAFETY WATER-TUBE BO/ILERS Single, Compound and Triple Expansioh Engines. STEAM ‘YACHTS AND’ LAUNCHES. New and Second-Hand Launches in Stock. MURRAY & TREGURTHA, ‘West First Street, foot of F Street, SOUTH BOSTON, MASS. Send three 2c. stamps for Catalogue. Nalitioal Waten Ghain. SOLID GOLD. SHIP-SHAPE IN EVERY DETAIL. Sheaves work, snatch block opens out and seizings are passed correctly. MORGAN A. ROBERTSON, 26 John Street, New York. Send tor Descriptive Cicrular, PULLER, | MARINE ENGINES 4 SINGLE mE: AND COMPOUND. 5 TO 200 HORSE- POWER. These en- gines are high-class in workmanship and material and moderate in price. Send for cuts, des- cription and prices Centrifugal Pumps For raising coal, sand, &e. For dredging, wrecking and circulating. Write for cata- logue. —=— = MORRIS MACHINE WORKS, Baldwinsville, N. Y. ENION & HUBBELL, Agents, 61-69 North Jefferson St., Chicago, Ill. Baker's Quadruple Grip Anchor _ PATENTED. AGENTS WANTED. Watertown Brass & Mfg. 6o., WATERTOWN, N. Y. Send Stamp for Catalo- gute. Mfrs. Yacht, Boat and Canoe Hardware Rag, Special Work a Specialty. Shed Boat Rails, Stanchions, Etc. MENTION THIS PAPER. Katzenstein Self-Acting Metal Packing for Piston Rods, Valve Stems, itc., of every description, for Steam Engines, Pumps, Ete. Adopted and in use by the principal Iron Works, Steamship Companies, Mills and Engine Builders, Hlec- tric Light and Power Plants within the last twelve Pike: in this and foreign Coun- Also FLEXIBLE vjPACKING for Slip-Joints [i[t] on Steam Pipes and for Hy- eed = draulic Pressure. Also ETAL GASKETS for all sizes and shapes of flanges. Double-Acting Balanced Water-tight Bulk- head Doors for Steamers. Also Agents for the McColl-Cumming Patent Liquid Rudder Brake. | L. KATZENSTEIN & CO., General Machinists, Brass Finishers and Engineers’ Supplies, 357 West Street, N ewYork, N.Y. Zi i IZ oN Tm eS The Pennsylvania Brass Works, ERIE, PA. Automatic Piston or Mocking Bird Whis- . tles. Special Whistles made to. order. Penna. Steam Flue Cleaner. Water Gages, Penna. Gage Cocks, Air Cocks, Oil Cups, Brass and Bronze Castings a Specialty. E.G. ASHLEY, CHOICE FAMILY GROGERIES, ALSO ALL KINDS OF Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats. Vessel orders attended to day and night. Goods delivered by Steam Yacht ‘‘ Maggie D.”’ . 36 & 88 Summit Street, TOLEDO, 0 Linwood Park, Vermillion, 0. A delightful summer resort located on th south shore of Lake Erie. Excursion tickets ¥ the Nickel Plate Road offered during the enti summer. 295-36

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