Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Marine Record (Cleveland, OH), September 12, 1895, p. 13

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THE MARINE RECORD. 13 _ Wheeler Condenser & Engineering Co.., - WHE SURFACE CONDENTTY WHEELER SURFACE CONDENSER, Mounted on Combined Air and Circulating Pumps. P_M.CHURCH & CO. SAULT STE. MARIE, MICH., SHIP CHANDLERY, HARDWARE, PAINTS, O1LS nna, And all classes -of VESSEL SUPPLIES. Coppersmith Shop in connection. Corner Portage and Ashmun Sfs. OFFICE NO. 7. RESIDENCE NO. 4. TELEPHONES: a .&C. The Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav, Co. Daily for Detroit, Bay City, Saginaw, Grand _ Rapids, and all Michigan points, at 10:00 P. M. 5 For Mackinac, Alpena, Petoskey, Soo, and all way ports, 4 trips per week. ESS ee ee eae For Put-in Bay, Lakeside, Kelley’s Islands, Toledo, Sandusky, Etc., Daily at 8:30 A.M., from June 15th to September roth. Arrangements now made with societies, etc., or their annual outings. Te'ephone 576. A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A., DETROIT, MICH. D. C. McINTYRE, G. F & D. P.A, CLEVELAND, O. J. C. MENGENSDORF, C, P. A. ood now for THE MARINE SUDSGPIDG wrote Bt aS for six months, $2.00 for one year, including _all supplements. Home-Seekers’ Excursions during Sept, and Oct. Agents of the Nickel Plate Road will be pleased to furnish, upon application, complete. information relative to these excursions. Bear in mind the elegantly equipped solid through trains via the Land & Marine Engines & Steam Pumps, WHEELER’S IMPROVED SURFAC Mounted upon Combined Air and Circulating Pumps. Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers of the 39 & 41 CORTLANDT STREET. NEW YORK. E CONDENSERS WHEELER STANDARD SURFACE CONDENSER. WHEELER ADMIRALTY SURFACK CONDENSER. WHEELER LIGHT HALL SURFACE CONDENSER. VOLZ PATENT COMBINED SURFACE CONDENSER anp FEED-WATER HEATER. WHEELER FEED-WATER HEATER, AIR anp CIRCULATING SS) Sa SSAA * § PUMPS. EDMISTON PATENT FEED WATER FILTER. Send for Pamphlet, ‘*Machinery for Small Boats, etc,” River Macuine & BoitER Works MARINE AND STATIONARY ENGINES, BOILERS, » » AND... DECK HOISTING ENGINES. Starting, Stopping, Reversing and Lowering all done by working one Lever. M. THOMAS. SOLE AGENTS FOR — St. John’s Self Adjusting Cylinder Packing, CLEVELAND, O. 171 RIVER STREET, THE CHASE MACHINE COMPANY, MACHINISTS, ENGINEERS AND BLACKSMITHS, MANUFACTURERS OF SOLE OWNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF THE CHASE AUTOMATIC FOG WHISTLE MACHINE, IN USE ON NEARLY ALL LAKE STEAMERS. Agents for AsBestos Steam, Borter AND Pipe CovERING. Telephone 994, ({f Elm Street, CLEVELAND, G. DECK AND DOCK HOISTS Our Hoists will be found on the following boats: Tugs— Superior, Sumner, Sweepstakes, Winslow, J. K. Emmett, Acme, Mockingbird, Waldo Avery, Reliance, John Owen, Charlton, Howard, Duncan City, Chamberlain, Balize, Sampson, Westover, Gladiator, W. B. Castile, Home Rule, : Robert Weideman, Boscobel and Peter Smith; Propellers— 2 Ae et Metamora, Abercom, Penobscot, J. J. McWilliams, I. W. —_s——_ Stephenson, John W. Pauly; Barges—Jenness, Noquebay, Mantanee. Also in use by F. W. Wheeler & Co., W. B. City, Mich., Blood and Hart, Marine City, Mich., Michigan Salt Works, Marine City, Doty Bros,, Pile Drivers, Toronto, Canada. MABINE IRON CO, = coms Bay City, Mich. SR el as PATENT COMBINED SURFACE CONDENSER AND FEED-WATER HEATER. PROPOSALS. U. S. ENGINEER OFFICE, Newport, R. I. August 13, 1895. Sealed proposals, in triplicate, for the purchase from the United States of 1 tug, 1 dredge, 1 water boat, 3 dump-scows, and 1 sand-pump complete with boiler, will be received here until 12 o’clock, noon, September 19, 1895, and then opened. Full informa- tion furnished on application. W. W. Harts, 1st Lieut., Corps of Engineers, Wi SisA. 34-37 Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Company. $2 A CLEVELAND r] ae oO BUFFALO. Magnificent side-wheel steel steamers, VIA “*C. & B. LINE.” “State of Ohio’’ and ‘‘State of New York’’ DAILY TIME TABLE. SUNDAY INCLUDED. Ly. Cleveland, 6:00 p. m. Lv. Buffalo, 6:30 Ar. Buffalo, 7:30 a m. Ar. Cleveland; 7 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. Take the ““C & B. Line” steamers and enjoy a re- freshing night’s rest when enroute to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, New York, Boston, Albany, 100) Islands, or any Eastern or Canadian point, Cheap Excursions Weekly to Niagara Falls. Send 4 cents postage for tourist pamphlet. W. F. HERMAN, T. F. NEWMAN, Gen’! Pass. Agent. Gen’! Manager. CLEVELAND, O. Now under construction for this Company the largest side-wheel steamer on the Great Lakes, ‘unsurpassed for speed and elegance, will be ready to go into commission April, 1896. | pS RR COLES RO REMEMBER the Nickel Plate Road has authorized low rate home-seekers’ excur- sions to points in the West, North-west and South-west on September 10th and 24th. Enquire of agents for particulars. FRANKLIN HOUSE Corner Bates and Larned sts., only a block from Woodward and Jefferson aves, DETROIT, MICH. The house has been thoroughly renovated and is inthe heart of the city, convenient to all car lines, depots and boat landings. Per Day. $1.50. H. H. JAMES, Tue Nickel Plate Road offers a splendid opportunity for visiting the West, North- west and South-west, by authorizing ex- cursion rates to points in that territory, on Sept. 10th and 24th. Ask agents for further information. 385 Popular Route. Plain Finished JACKSON & CHURCH, BUILDER OF DUPLEX HOISTING AND DECK ENGINES. and Automatic Vertical, Horizontal, Marine and Locomotive SEND FOR OIRCULAR AND PRICES. SAGINAW, MICH, Nautical Waten Ohaln. Sheaves work, snatch block opens out and MORGAN A. ROBERTSON, | Send for Descriptive Crcrusas, | OOK OUT FOR . From Heavy Patterns ENGINES, at Moderate Prices. BOILERS Stty. ifitnest Fost, Foot of Twenty-first Street, SOLID GOLD. SHIP-SHAPE IN Widest. point on River. EVERY DETAIL. seizings are passed correctly. 26 John Street, New York. | TELEPHONE 2083. GRAHAM’S COAL DOCK, DETROIT. MICH. All modern facilities for quick dispatch. No interference from Car or Ferry Boats. JAMES GRAHAM, Detroit, Micu.

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