Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Image manipulation in the pre-Photoshop era
Day and Night
Montreal  Lachine Rapids
Montreal Lachine Rapids Details
One of the rivals to the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Company in running down the Lachine Rapids, was the Ottawa Navigation Company, whose operations stretched up the Ottawa River. Here is a dramatic image of the SOVEREIGN in the Lachine Rapids.
Lachine Rapids near Montreal
Lachine Rapids near Montreal Details

Moonlight cruises were a popular recreational "adventure" at the dawn of the twentieth-century. Postcards were frequently tinted to comemorate the experience. Dramatic clouds would partially cover a full moon (which appeared at every angle of the compass).

This image is purest fiction. No steamboat ever deliberately ran the Lachine Rapids after dark. No one in their right mind would have taken the trip, and no insurance policy would have covered it.

Port Hope from the Lighthouse
Port Hope from the Lighthouse Details
A rather unglamourous image of a dredge and scows working at the mouth of the Ganaraska River in Port Hope harbour. A scattered few folk wander the wooden pier.
Moonlight on the Harbour, Port Hope, Canada
Moonlight on the Harbour, Port Hope, Canada Details
How much more romantic (and saleable) as "Moonlight on the Harbour" with the warm glow of the lights from the visiting R & O steamer competing with the full moon on the northern horison.
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Details
A busy day at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club alongside the Burlington Bay Canal. A variety of craft show off the Club's fleet.
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club House, Hamilton Beach, Hamilton Ont.
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club House, Hamilton Beach, Hamilton Ont. Details
The image is much more powerful as a night view, with the powerful lighthouse beacon shining out, and the windows providing a warm welcoming glow.
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